Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC) “Meet Zoey” Promo HD – Jane Levy musical drama series


30 thoughts on “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (NBC) “Meet Zoey” Promo HD – Jane Levy musical drama series”

  1. 091696g says:

    Jeremy Sisto needs to be her dad again and play r kelly – Bump & Grind. his cover is AMAZING! and it suits this show theme

  2. Faustina Odili says:

    Crazy ex-girlfriend vibes, I like it

  3. Zachary Vargas says:

    Yes! Love Jane Levy since Suburgatory

  4. Oliver Chadley says:

    Definitely gonna be a binge worthy show on Hulu

  5. Dove Onew says:

    This wasn't a very good promo whoever was editing this thing with choppy as hell

  6. GrandiaKnight says:

    Ooh it's like Eli Stone

  7. Mehmet Telc says:

    Such an amazing idea and I think it will be great omg.

  8. xboxboy360ful says:

    I see Alex Newell I’m here for it

  9. The King Of The Clouds says:

    it's looks good 💕

  10. ecclecticsoul93 says:

    Glee vibes!

  11. Leticia Liva says:

    this could have been a movie

  12. wael says:

    OMG 😍 😍 I feel like this is gonna be my fave show. Plus I've loved the actress ever since Suburgatory (fuck I miss Jeremy Sisto too)

  13. MsTalkingmovies says:

    This look soo much fun.

  14. Andres Medrano says:

    JajJaj la espero con ansias

  15. John says:

    this what happens when you spend too much time on tiktok

  16. Michael Gumbo says:

    New Greg from crazy ex girlfriend

  17. Ash1999 says:

    cringefest vibes

  18. TheGSTVReviewer says:

    Unless we are counting guest spots, I take it this is Janes ‘s return to network TV since Suburgatory ended in 2014?

  19. TheChillindude44 says:

    So Crazy ex girl friend but without the original songs?
    I'll still check it out though

  20. Ilahmae Cunanan says:

    Jane Levy 😊😊😊

  21. harun karali says:

    Good to see creativity isn't dead.

  22. Kevin Carvalho says:

    Ok, I will watch this. Like… this promo was enough to convince me.

  23. Priestofbabylon says:

    She smokes irl. Let them know we won't tolerate smokers being on our screens.

  24. Julio Valle says:

    Omggggg skyler Austin singing yessssss.

  25. Duc Nguyen says:

    Well the show looks like Ally McBeal and Glee combined.

  26. Tochi Chikwendu says:

    That s the guy from crazy ex girlfriend and that's the girl from what if

  27. Nelson Caballero says:


  28. hugs for drugs says:

    omg Brittany Snow would be perfect for this! why nobody called her! Missed opportunity NBC! Imagine her and Skylar singing, add both Anna C and K and we have Pitch Perfect mini reunion

  29. sapphiredark says:

    She looks so different from her character Mandy in season 1 shameless

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