YouTube Rewind 2019: The Musical


Watch. Real. Close— See what was on your mind… Show you the hots; And show you the nots. Let’s take a look behind… Ladies and Gentlemen,
and Gender-nonconformists! Hope you had a magical 2019. Watch!
Subscribe! It’s time to see which signals
rose above the noise. 2019 Rewind! ♪ (musical build up) ♪ 5,6,7,8! Did’ya see the biggest
stunts in the Vlogosphere? The wilder the stunt,
the better the year. For a brand-new car,
make friends with David Dobrik. Safiya shares a kiss with
an enormous lipstick; Tana ‘marries’ Jake in the City of Sin, while Jake promotes
gambling to, yes, children… Marques gets interviews with Elon and Bill; and we celebrated coming out with Dan and Phil. How could anyone forget the
pride of Eugene Yang? Or Keith in a van taping
a taco mukbang. We rewind to remind you of all the good and the bad We rewind and it’s all designed to steal you away from your day,
while you watch some corporate short ad. ♪ (musical build up) ♪ We rewind to remind us of where we went off track… but most of all, we rewind to pat ourselves on the back. EXTRA! EXTRA! #1 on Trending! Shane Dawson just released
an 18-part conspiracy series! we haven’t even talked about Area 51 yet! Or the USC scandal! Or Old Town Road!
-Or how weird Sonic looked! (speaking all at once) (power surge) ♪ (spooky music) ♪ It’s brilliant! Or is it insane? This theory– from the bright mind of Shane. And did you ever think why a pizza might turn out malformed? Might I suggest, that Charles E. Cheese’s, takes out old pieces, and delivers them to you… rewarmed! I’m just asking questions. He’s just asking questions. Feeling bamboozled
by the beauty industry? Would you prefer a pallette
from Jeffree and me? He’s just asking questions. UGH that shade is SICK. I’m just asking questions. See you believe me,
the mouse is a rat! I swear to god that
I did not f*** my cat! He swears to God he did not f*** his cat! ♪ (ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oooohhh) ♪ (sad Naruto run) Sup ya beautiful bastards!
Hope you’re having a fantastic rewind! Let’s just jump back into it! And the next thing we’re
going to talk about is how the corporate Indian
YouTube channel known as T-Series has officially passed PewDiePie as the number one creator on the platform. Does this finally take the “You” out of “YouTube?” Well, one thing we know for sure… Felix, you didn’t stand a chance. Foolish foe,
Crazy bro, Dukin’ it out with an entire corporation. Just one guy?
Are you high? Our subscriber base is the
entire Indian nation. How did you think you
would ever keep up? But I was number one…. Yeah, well, we’re a subcontinent. Foolish foe, crazy bro… Ahhhh…. ♪ (Les Mis rip-off) ♪ 9-year olds, they beat me to 100 mill, so I’m off to The Ranch with Dr. Phil. 9-year olds, swear to me you won’t take it hard. Go play some Minecraft
in your virtual yard. 9-year olds, I swear to you that I will rise again, with you beside me
and Jöergen and Sven. And even though they won this climb…. my Meme Review will win next time! Watch more fights.
Watch more feuds. And subscribe to PewDiePie! ♪ (somber piano) ♪ For some,
the drama might be a riot. For some,
there may be something to gain. But rewinding from a different side of it, Yeah, looking back may
mean facing some pain. We rewind to remember. We rewind to say I’m sorry. We rewind to forgive and to forget. Hoping that next year may
be our best year yet… Why not fight for a new number? Why not fight for things that matter? Why not fight though it
might not be a breeze? Who needs 20 million views? Let’s fight for 20 million trees. Here we go! 20 MILLION TREES! FOR THE 2020’s! 20 MILLION TREES! FOR THE 2020’s! Changing the world!
-One tree at a time! Fixin’ the planet!
-One tree at a time! Rise to the challenge—- One tree at a time. 20 MILLION TREES!
FOR THE 2020’s! Donate now!
-Dreams to the front! Join up with the mission!
-Horses in the back! Link in the description below!
-Til we’re back on track. We rewind to remember. We rewind to see our story. We rewind to forgive and to forget. We rewind to move on
forward to the best year yet. Our best year yet! Our best year— Though our mistakes have been plenty, when we rewind, our hindsight is… 2020. Our best year yet!

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100 thoughts on “YouTube Rewind 2019: The Musical”

  1. Michelle Khare says:

    Hi friends! We need your help! We want as many creators featured in this to see this so we can bring awareness and generate as much traffic to the fundraiser as possible!! Be sure to tag any creator you see featured or mentioned in this on Twitter and Instagram so we can get everyone excited about this!! 20 MILLION TREES!!

  2. iSaac_oWens says:

    This is iconic

  3. MARAMARA says:

    I would be so happy if this was the official rewind

  4. Knights fan4507 says:

    Still just like the original not enough pewds and minecraft too much t gay and fortnite

  5. Violet Rose says:


  6. Evie Batson says:

    I feel like this is going to end up the most disliked video.

  7. tally man bring me banana says:

    How do you make a top 10 list into a musical

  8. Benedict says:

    Imagine disliking a fundraiser video, some people were just born to go to hell

  9. vitor hugo says:

    You tube not is a tv show

  10. Rama BAKHOUM says:

    It's when it ended that I realized this isn't Youtube's own Youtube rewind what the hell???

  11. samantha says:

    "Im off to the ranch with Dr. Phil"

  12. Julianna Gepes says:

    you were the ad for this video and I didn't skip, ily.

  13. sun flower says:

    And I swear to god I did not fuck my cat?

  14. Tori Kenton says:


  15. Animation Freak says:

    I’m just sad that the YouTube’s you mentioned aren’t actually in it

  16. Mike T says:

    Wow so far everyone but YouTube has put more effort into their rewinds

  17. Ashutosh Singh says:

    Phenomenal !!!

  18. Rahat Rahman says:

    I cant find the proper words to express how amazing this video is! OMG! GREAT JOB! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ?

  19. Better Than Breathing says:

    brilliant creator. wholesome content.

  20. Dong Bui says:

    They bought the f#cking chair

  21. Mae Mitchum says:

    3:29 He nailed being Shane especially in that moment with how he walked

  22. SomeDae says:

    Y did pewdiepies song touch me lol

  23. Virza Farabi says:

    This is so cool and the best rewind i have ever seen

  24. Irvin 541 pro says:

    Que es esto coñoooo

  25. Xenthi says:

    People disliked because they thought it was the original. Now this is guaranteed to be better than what it will be

  26. marsha wandia says:

    this is so much better than youtube rewind 2019 Lol

  27. Donna de Beer says:

    Much better!!!

  28. Red says:

    I seriusly thought this was rewind2019….

  29. octavio maytorena says:

    Hit that dislike Button!

    Let's make it a higher dislike this year M8s!

  30. Ethan Skaggs says:

    So thoughtful and beautiful. Proud of you, Michelle!

  31. Thu Anh Đỗ says:

    oh my this is amazing

  32. Marina A. says:

    Why did I think that this was actually Tana at first soooo spot on ???

  33. omar jassem says:

    I was about to say this is the first time that YouTube accually makes a good vid then I noticed that this isn't done by youtube ???

  34. Spencer Steelman says:


  35. J T P says:

    MKBHD representing the tech community

  36. Tengkuu Muiz Unigfx says:

    Still Trash

  37. Mega Mijit says:


  38. ruby says:

    this is one of the best things i've ever seen.

  39. Theswagger says:

    When a content creator’s rewind is much better than whatever crap produced by YouTube

  40. вуася васильевич says:

    И здесь эта толлерантность

  41. Theswagger says:

    A bit disappointed no Keanu Reeves’ “you’re breathtaking”

  42. Paige Simmone Butler says:

    Youa can sing Michelle !!! And dance and everything!!

  43. Paige Simmone Butler says:

    Youa can sing Michelle !!! And dance and everything!!

  44. Emma Marie says:

    Is there anything Michelle can’t do???

  45. Trickk says:

    Shane’s part is the best

  46. LilactheRuevet says:

    what if my nan just walked in

  47. Adriana Lepera says:

    I already loved it 0.5 seconds in

  48. LilactheRuevet says:

    1:19 every time my boys get mentioned by someone else im like ?!?! oH!

  49. Adriana Lepera says:

    I really hope Shane Dawson sees this @shane Dawson

  50. LilactheRuevet says:

    ok but this was actually the best thing thankyou

  51. Alien says:

    poor pewds

  52. LilactheRuevet says:

    don't turn me into a fucking theater kid i swear

  53. Julia Konowrocka says:

    I gave thumbs up and it disappeared

  54. TheHolyGeckGrail says:

    YouTube: creates shit rewind

    Creators: Fine, I’ll do it myself

  55. It's Thyrza says:

    So, when are you guys touring?

  56. Anonymous Gaming says:

    You did it
    You crazy mot****cker

  57. yahwehsonren says:

    Very bad

  58. Horatio Moonraker says:

    I'd like to watch this again, but as a typical YouTuber, I have a very short attention sp

  59. Cat says:

    I’m so glad Steve played pewdiepie and that they mentioned Joergen and Sven?

  60. Henriette Salviejo Delizo says:

    This video made the 2019 rewind look even more like s***

    Also I like the fact that they're promoting #teamtrees fundraiser

  61. Freya Pollard says:

    Omg this is so much better then the real one thank you for all the hard work you put into this

  62. Lara Karaman says:

    wow this video is getting a lot of veiws ,so happy for you Michelle

  63. bramasta adimaja says:

    pewdiepie part epic

  64. Arch Or Mitch says:

    This is cringe, but better than the actual rewind.

  65. Crispy Squid of The Acid Cats says:

    Pewdiepies one day more parody is beautiful and I want felix to actually sing this

  66. Arrancar488 says:

    This is so much better than the actual YouTube rewind! Well done

  67. Zachary Unferth says:

    This was a waste of time

  68. Duck Quaq says:

    The PewDiePie one was unrealistic, he has LEGS

  69. Sunny tamanG says:

    Okay. This is epic.

  70. опрро имрш says:

    Мы русские с нами бог, но что это за хуйниня

  71. Leila Gonzolez says:

    Let's get this on trending #1

  72. Katya Rose says:

    Although centered around a few select creators, this was waaayyyyyy better than rewind

  73. Kyle Donart says:

    I mean, the Philly D segment. Perfection. Also when is Michelle gonna be a guest on A Conversation With?

  74. Kim ara says:

    Everything is Gold!!!!

  75. Madi Hatyline says:

    Tbh, had never heard of 'TSeries' before everyone started discussing, full out, the whole 'TSeries vs Pewds' thing

  76. Isbeth Damas says:

    Dang this was good ?

  77. JERSON SING says:

    Remember Youtube rewind 2018 the most dislike youtube rewind??

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    I see that a youtube rewind actually talk about what happen to youtube in 2019 and took effort

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    Re pete

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    I swear it gets worse every year

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    When that noise popped out I died

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    I like to convince myself this is the true rewind 2019

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    8:00 hahahahahaha

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    Everybody's performances were outstanding!! You could just see the hard work they put into it, yet it seemed like it came naturally to them, all of them. And I liked Michelle's facial expressions a lot, there was a lot of confidence and charm in it which brightened it all even more for me!! Thank you all for the "official" musical retelling of 2019 as its definitely official now. This is Youtube Rewind 2019!!!

  86. Akli Mi says:

    Imagine Youtube Rewind sucking so hard, creators have taken upon themselves to create watch worthy rewinds, and end up creating awesome rewinds. It's like we know its gonna suck, they are empty corporates now, and the YOU from youtube will never be taken as long as we creators are there!!!

  87. cassie bear says:

    Now this is what we call a REWIND

  88. Gemstone Rose says:

    "" i swear to god I did not fuck my cat""???

  89. ZeeZ3ro says:

    this one was to funnny –

  90. DaVerySaltyPotato says:

    Last year we got poods rewind this year we get this honestly the real rwind is more like parodies at this point like this is the rewind of 2019

  91. Sara Johannessen says:

    ?????????????????????? amazing!

  92. N L says:

    I wasn't expecting this..

  93. Coach Diego says:

    Cool vid:)

  94. #LASHIV Irtta says:

    ??NEXT YEAR??

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    nice!!!! I especially liked the pewdiepie part!!!

  96. Fumdoo says:

    YouTube rewind 2019 is gonna be in youtube rewind 2019

  97. Estefany Louie says:

    the one who did shane was woa

  98. Potatochu OwO says:


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