Yo Gotti ft. Lil Baby – Put a Date On It (Official Video)


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100 thoughts on “Yo Gotti ft. Lil Baby – Put a Date On It (Official Video)”

  1. Chris William says:

    My GMA Bingo Dobbers Go long ways

  2. Jermaine Amey says:


  3. Deborah Rankins says:


  4. Glizzy says:

    If you guys don’t know the name to the song it’s Put a date on it By -Yo gotti

  5. milino 4L says:

    Lil Baby ran this

  6. I HEART Dove says:

    Next week mixtape 9 songs hits only iiiiiiiii

  7. Erasmo Gonzalez says:

    That beat goes hard.

  8. alexia perez says:


  9. Bragify says:

    Lil baby the goat

  10. Amazing Amy says:

    If I call your name you just fucking be careful in these mean streets lol

  11. Amazing Amy says:

    By the time I wake up you'll have made the news… trust me

  12. dalves says:

    lil yo creepin

  13. Cash Thomas says:

    Did anybody else notice that lil baby had his lower part of his shirt blurred.

  14. Quay Quay says:

    Still goes hard ???

  15. Cierra Evans says:

    i love it

  16. Ashley Nelson says:

    Still in 2019. Guys

  17. Ashley Nelson says:

    Omg love this love it so so much

  18. Ashley Nelson says:


  19. Mira Booo says:

    That dude that was at the table with the blue I thought that was Kodak black

  20. Chante Harris says:

    If you like lil baby music hit the like button vell

  21. Genelia Pierre says:

    If they don't play this at my funeral ion going?

  22. Kelvin Allen says:


  23. Amazing Amy says:

    Stop being jealous and be careful in this rain ?

  24. Ashley Nelson says:

    Still in this

  25. Justin Peters says:

    A rap nigga better not diss me, cause I run with hittaz

  26. Alex Tindall says:

    Yo Gotti still got good music

  27. Chandlier DeLeon says:

    ‼️Who gets walk on water vibes‼️

  28. Yossri kasier says:

    Every time lil baby sings remind me of a Mickey mouse from the hood

  29. Adriana Rodarte says:

    My grandbaby sings this song all day lol and he dancing like them too ??

  30. goldjunge jasper says:

    damn lil yo didnt age well

  31. Giacomo liserre says:


  32. DJ Hart says:

    These niggas out here were fur coats and jordans

  33. Smart Boy says:

    Really dope in the car

  34. T L says:

    Still Bangin

  35. jdshinobi says:

    I'm here cause I heard mufusa dancing to this song

  36. Unknown User says:

    Who else still going thru no nut november

  37. Nadia Alexis says:


  38. Dink 9582 says:

    This beat the reason this song is good.

  39. Yo Mama says:

    Cops: why is there a body near a very nice table?

  40. matt pe says:

    couldn't remember what to type in to find this song so i write "lil baby ft guy with a big coat" 🙂 got it

  41. Samin Khan says:

    Black Excellence

  42. Mr. Grey says:

  43. poetmm says:

    Hoo My God!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. dhme s says:

    Who knows Yo Gotti coat brand ?

  45. Yung Don says:

    Turn up weed i need it

  46. Yung Don says:

    Pocket change

  47. Antione Wright says:

    That nigga lil baby do numbers

  48. Ej Hill jr says:

  49. Dwaylon Daniels says:


  50. Hancho familia says:

    Shout out to the producer and fuck all these rappers for never giving credit

  51. Stanley Mathieu says:

    R.I.P Chiko Juan ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  52. Boss Shit says:

    that's wuzup ? all Damn Day ? ????????

  53. Valentino Dela Rosa says:

    Chi arriva da tedua?

  54. gigino pane e vino says:

    Esco col disco a marzo ti ammazzo alla Ciro di Marzio, tedua in tele

  55. SURY says:

    Esco col disco a marzo e ti ammazzo alla Ciro di Marzioooooooooooooo ??

  56. Omar Eldaba says:

    Rip my Brother musta♥️☝️

  57. Luca Della Cioppa says:

    You copied the beat from Tedua ??????????????

  58. MrVici1 says:

    Beat stolen from Tedua – Burnout

  59. Antonio Ranaldo says:

    Stai cercando di fottere Tedua
    Verranno a farti brutto entro stasera??

  60. Mikey Staten says:

    Lilbaby. You 100$

  61. Edward Reese says:

    Who got mo forehead, Steven A. Smith or Yo Gotti?

  62. Ok Boomer says:

    Blac youngsta just ups and shoots someone

  63. Chanel Valentine says:

    “You just like your father and he was a rat, so that means he’s raising a mice”????? LMAOO WHAT nigga ???

  64. ss uu says:

    so sad did u snitch n move to atlanta n us nit h on more fox over their ????

  65. Kevin Torres says:

    Dat Hereditary horn tho…

  66. Akrm Aamir says:


  67. Jim Daniels says:

    Rich in the streets…. YOU GOTTA BE HOOD 2 UNDERSTAND….. #JERSEY #NEWARK

  68. TrapLord Guwop says:

    June James you an underrated producer and i appreciate you.

  69. Jacora Seymore says:


  70. Someone Someone says:

    And to think lil baby got to work with KSI and Rick Ross??

  71. crazy loody says:

    Why i feel that the starting beat is from yes indeed but more fast


  73. -meow** says:

    the fact that lil yo turned into this is… disappointing to say the least

  74. MarcusTV Channel says:

    Dope #momentum

  75. marshall mars says:

    0:42 kills me

  76. Tisha Smith says:

    Lil baby slide this song doe ??‍♀️

  77. Tisha Smith says:

    Lil baby and Da baby are great together wen they doing music ? together

  78. YADT Man says:

    Nobody gonna mention how hard Lil Baby snapped at 1:58 ???

  79. Just Call me papi says:



    Running thru the money and the bitch keep calling she gonna have to wait on it??????????

  81. Denzel Nixson says:

    Blac youngsta shot the nigga and disappeared from the rest of the video…

  82. Cierra Williams says:

    This my SHIT!!! Who's still listening in 2020 (me )

  83. Cierra Williams says:

    Yo Gotti is the Shit too me

  84. Brayden Johnson says:

    Who thinks this is lit

  85. lil loser says:

    on 1.25 speed is sick as fuck boyyyyyy

  86. C J says:

    Gotti sent a mean message

  87. Javen James says:

    Yo gotti got blueprint on how to.get ? yr after yr

  88. Moustafa Serry says:

    No rats were harmed during the making of this video. – yo gotti

  89. Chris Tompkins says:

    Its BIG PIMPIN' 2019-2020 … Dang!!

  90. Gary Lowe says:

    Lil baby u fire ass fuck .dam u got skill.

  91. Amazing Amy says:

    I'll get the memo… not you… go make a rap.

  92. Jaden Wilson says:


  93. Jack Daniels says:

    WORD ON ??

  94. Loudnick Saint hilaire says:


  95. kasino myouth says:

    This is soooo official ????✊?

  96. Ashley Smothers says:

    they got sum rhythm tho ok ok i see yall

  97. Kylen Cofield says:

    Date is 12/9/19 December
    Almost Christmas ?

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