*Working* Piano In CMD! *With Timelapse*


*Music* What up YouTube! This is JoezCodes 101 Back again with another video. And for this video, I’m going to show you, my Piano In CMD program! So lets get right to it! We will open up the folder, and run the batch file! And we have the logo. And there we go. There is the Piano. So you can press any key from 1 to 7 to play the Piano. The notes A thru G. And yeah. So, Let me show you a demo of that. *Plays Piano Keys* And then you can close the program by pressing 8. And yeah. So, thats about it. And if you want your program idea made into a video, please leave a comment down below or click on the link in the right-hand corner. Thank you guys so much for watching! Please comment, rate and subscribe! And I will see you again later. Good bye.

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14 thoughts on “*Working* Piano In CMD! *With Timelapse*”

  1. Monikanchan Chatterjee says:

    sir is it possible to make a guitar or any other type of musical instruments in cmd

  2. Monikanchan Chatterjee says:

    sir the batch file named network file starter .how to use it

  3. Monikanchan Chatterjee says:

    sir ur autorun file is not working in my pc .can u suggest some other trick

  4. Monikanchan Chatterjee says:

    sir i have one more question from where did u learn all these .i also want to learn .how to start learning these things.

  5. Maggatrix says:


  6. JoezCodes 101 ™ says:

    Hello, YouTube!

    Sorry, I will not be able to upload a video today but tomorrow there will be a video congratulating you guys on helping this channel hit 100 Subscribers! I have something special in mind so stay tuned!
    I will try my best to constantly upload videos to you guys but I need your help. I need ideas for programs to show you guys on this channel. I am running out. What I am trying to with this channel is to make a community where ideas are created and then those ideas turned into a reality. If you have any ideas for a program that you would want me to make for you guys, please leave a comment down below or clink on the link in the description.

    JoezCodes 101

  7. TheUCrafter says:

    you should do coding tutorials also make a windows speeder

  8. jamzone says:

    Your videos are inspirational. Thanks

  9. Tim Farenhorst says:

    I have so much respect for you. bows

  10. SickCreator 7737 says:

    that was impressived

  11. Supergrupgr says:

    How did you make the special text to look like the image?

  12. SalmonMan says:

    Not working

  13. Soic BR says:


  14. SickCreator 7737 says:

    This is what i called acii art ( ;

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