Wintergatan Marble Machine – PIANO VERSION


[Piano] [Piano Intensifies] [Piano staying awesome] [Piano Fades away]

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100 thoughts on “Wintergatan Marble Machine – PIANO VERSION”

  1. Aaron Richter says:

    Awesome. Would you make musik with your marble machine again? 🙂

  2. Random Llama says:

    Just beautiful

  3. Teacup and Roses says:

    BRAVO! so beautiful…………………..
    This sounds so Yann Tiersen style 🙂 LOVE

  4. Paulinho Sales says:

    Linda música

  5. TheSomsom3 says:

    This is so relaxing. It makes me feel good about life. For a change…

  6. Adzetko Hohengarten says:

    Comptine d'un autre été feels

  7. peaktime says:

    Oh my i love this!

  8. Ade Santos says:

    incredible I'll touch it

  9. Amega Elite says:

    Such good, much respect

  10. Michaël Pe says:

    Sound like a Minecraft song

  11. Ofbaserion says:

    The middle part isn't in the actual song…
    I hate when piano versions have this

  12. 000DarkGrakux000 says:

    Amazing Evelina Hägglund ^_^

  13. Kam Johnston says:

    Play It On 1.25

  14. Thiago Henrick says:


  15. Jonathan Pittock says:


  16. keantoken says:

    This has the same genius as some of the Castlevania music. I think it is a bit too repetitive for piano though. I think it needs interludes throughout and a story-like development from beginning to end. The interludes would emphasize the changes in the backing melody which otherwise tend to run together somewhat monotonously, and break the composition up into sections so that they can be more readily recognized as a progression.

  17. Mel Ko says:

    This Melody just makes me happy 😊

  18. Krol Michael says:

    Them onion cutting ninjas :')
    Thank you for this beautiful song. It's pure art and touched my heart and soul

  19. biohazard326 says:

    this is good on a piano, but honestly in my head, hearing the original video, it kinda leans more towards a harpsichord than piano for sound

  20. Zir0 says:

    I love this song.

  21. debler says:

    O.m.g!!! 🤗 Everytime I hear this song I get gooosebumps all over!! 🎶💗🎶💗🎶 😍💕

  22. Sebastián Romero says:

    God bless you

  23. Lighthalzen-SS says:

    Piano model?

  24. War Hammer says:

    I'll wait for the people who made that one with the mad guy screaming lol

  25. Dirk Beckmann says:


  26. Diederik Mathijs says:

    Tank you!

  27. Bruno Perina says:

    It needs a bit more of a Wintergartian energy. Pianissimo in some parts.

  28. Štěpán says:

    1:35 😍😍

  29. Mathieu BRETON says:

    j'ai l'impression d'entendre du Yann Tiersen, I LOVE IT !

  30. Joost Tuithof says:

    Thanks for the beautiful music, I Will play it soon on the piano too, now I got the sheetmusic 🙂 And indeed, like some other commentors are saying, it is a bit like Yann Tiersen.
    Like my recording:

  31. azree nadzri says:

    sounds like interstellar .. idk why

  32. Kevin Taylor says:

    It's not as fun as the machine. Too simple and straightforward.

  33. Udayraj says:

    Here's playlist of the wintergatan song played in different instruments(along with a minecraft cover)-

  34. Adin Bešlagić says:

    Amazing. But, somehow, I like sound of marbles falling on xylophone better.

  35. Z Films says:

    is this song royalty free? (I have an idea…)

  36. Duncan Mac says:

    That was a beautiful rendition. Something about a piano and certain melodies that bring a tear to my eye. Thank you for the video.

  37. mrgw982 says:

    I really want to learn how to play the piano. The first song I want to learn is this one. It's so beautiful and I love it.

  38. Heartgear One says:

    You could have gotten a player piano for this. A missed opportunity!

  39. Aspiring Cloud Expert says:

    2:07 Turn on captions.

  40. James Fancy says:

    All time favorite song I'd say

  41. Sans And Pap says:

    I love this song… is just awesome, it makes me calm

  42. Emir Aydın says:

    this song like telling someone's life

  43. Evan Watkins says:

    You have great music I'm trying to learn this song

  44. vperm2f says:

    I loooove the mid part section so much 😍

  45. Clay hunter Cole evans says:

    IT sounds so smooth

  46. Clay hunter Cole evans says:

    Best song in THE world cant wait for THE marble Machine x to be finished

  47. Ola Beggot says:

    Galet vackert!

  48. Byron R. says:

    I hope that some day there will be a symphonic version

  49. Tibor Hornyák says:

    Thanks from Hungary. I love this piano

  50. Jack Whoever says:

    watch it on 1.5 speed . thank me later

  51. Kansiir Stuff says:

    If u have heard the original marble machine play at 1.25 playback speed but if u want a distorted version play at 0.25 playback speed

  52. BassMan says:

    I am designing a instrument. Similar to the organ, it has 3 sets of keys to it.

  53. S. Y. says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for your gift of music to the world <3

  54. Basimations - RedstoneManiac Gaming says:

    This needs to be in Minecraft!!! :De again Made my day

  55. Jasper Skwar says:

    If only one could read sheets

  56. gamer360 zero says:

    a friend asks if he can use your marble song in a video game he would also give you money for it but it is not guaranteed that this game will probably come because the ideas are missing. he thought he might use it as a start tune

  57. BADISkettu says:

    Shame that the piano sounds quite bad :/

  58. Cody Vang says:

    he needs WAAAAAAAAY more subscribers

  59. diaxamelie 5 says:

    Wow… awesome.. amazing… WOW!!!😍😍😍💎

  60. Gary Hicks says:

    true skills

  61. Nab3 R1us says:

    OMG, that's so good!

  62. Salvador De Stefano says:


  63. Bryant Floyd says:

    We're can I get myself a copy of those music sheets to this song???

  64. Nevio Pinto says:

    Bellezza sinfonica.

  65. Leong .C says:

    MIDI link not work 🙁

  66. MutterBilk Miscuit says:

    We need to send this piece on the next spacecraft that leaves our solar system.

  67. Sachin Nath says:

    I'm imagining my life flashing before my eyes and I'm impressed that this is the exact tune in head this whole time. BTW I'm 16. Schools over. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

  68. Luna Music says:

    This make me happy 🙂

  69. putative3 says:

    What a talented group of people you are!

  70. Olli H says:

    Så bra

  71. MrKrabs.Bikini says:

    idk y but it gives me hans zimmer vibes at times

  72. BlackInterior says:

    this inspires me to learn more about piano, and im not that kind of guy that likes playing musical instruments 😁

  73. teleskarm says:

    Evelina has released her own music now! Check out her debut EP on Spotify, band camp and all the other places you listen to music online. /Marcus

  74. teleskarm says:

    Evelina has released her own music now Check out her debut EP "Evelina Viola" on Spotify, band camp and all the other places you listen to music online. /Marcus

  75. Matthew Bacon says:

    i thought i was mastering this song at home. wow, this makes me happy and sad at the same time.

  76. Seung Hyun Kim says:

    Evelina looks stern

  77. Mr. Tuna Good Bread says:

    This sounds like it's from final fantasy

  78. Rachel Hernandez says:

    I'm a violinist, and I have to admit that at 1:05 it's a bit difficult for me to practice it, but I hope and improve because I love this song, its melody is so sweet.

  79. jakisa emma says:

    So beautiful….

  80. Brodan Quennell says:

    Sounds best at 1.25x speed

  81. Brhauk'holy says:

    This piano version is diamond, thanks Mrs for playing that piece of gold! All the best

  82. Demolicious51 says:

    Damn, that's emotional.

  83. stripybadger says:

    Kind of final fantasy meets Ludovico Einaudi. The fact that (despite this having the human touch) the marble machine version is still better just shows how perfect the this tune is for something like the marble machine.

  84. antonio frederico says:

    That is the sound I want to hear, in the final moments when I realize that I lived the best I could, that I didn't waste my time on bad things, that I loved my parents, my brothers and friends and know that nothing was in vain, and with this song carry me to my best times, where I saw my first love, my achievements at school, my marriage, my first child, the smile of my grandchildren playing, and my wife's hug, and so I finished my passage for this world in an epic way, … living is good don't waste it!

  85. Chuck Lennon says:

    Is it me or it sounds a bit like Yann Tiersen ?

  86. Smokey Willows says:

    Any tune that ends on an E is OK with me.

  87. Giovanni Elijah says:

    playing at 1.25x speed sounds best to me. It's like the speed of the original song

  88. Phantom Online says:

    anyone hear the flash tune in there ?

  89. Štěpán says:

    It reminds me so much of Amelie. So beautiful

  90. Найт Мун says:

    Фортепиано остаётся крутым 👌

  91. Sachinator 365 says:

    This is the exact same tune that I have playing in my head, because, I am forevermore alone … With nobody to love, appreciate, acknowledge and accept me for who I am ……… THIS IS HUMAN TOTURE!!!!!!!!!

  92. O. V. says:

    Kinda sounds like the music in the movie Interstellar.

  93. Luficarius Ratspeed says:

    Looks like the PDF isn't available anymore on the site? 404 🙁

  94. kuba fijalkowski says:

    This song brings tears to my eyes

  95. Илия Галан says:

    Что-то очень знакомое. Где-то раньше слышал, прежде чем Витерган построил свою машину.

  96. Dave says:

    I switched the speed to 1.5 it was beautiful!

  97. Jamie Geary says:

    This kind of thing is my dream job, playing beautiful piano for genius music creators such as this. Well done madame.

  98. Vito Astone Music says:


  99. k43p says:


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