What is the LOUDEST Sound Ever Heard?


this episode of real life lore is brought to you by Anker sound core portable speaker series click the link in the description for more information Think for a moment about how loud the loudest sound that you’ve ever heard in your life Was if you’re hearing my voice right now after Experiencing an incident like that, than it was nowhere near the loudest sound that has ever happened humans at various points in history have heard sound so loud from a source that they heard them from thousands of kilometers away from their actual origin But before I can explain what the loudest sound was and how incredible it is I first need to explain How sound is measured in terms of loudness in the first place This image here is a sound wave for the purpose of this video All you need to know about really is the amplitude of the wave Because it’s the amplitude that Determines How loud a sound appears to be to humans the decibel scale is what’s used to measure the loudness of a sound And it’s important to note that the scale is logarithmic this means that 10 decibels is 10 times more powerful than 0 decibels and 20 decibels is 10 times more powerful than 10 decibels but 100 times more powerful than 0 decibels With all of that in mind let’s start building our way up to the loudest sound in history by beginning at 10 decibels Which is about how loud standard human breathing is and is barely audible to the average human 10 times more powerful than this at 20 decibels Is the rustling of leaves in the wind and then 10 times more powerful than that at 30 decibels is a whisper We’re still in pretty quiet territory, so moving higher up to 44 decibels is the average ambient noise That’s present in a library a little bit higher than that at 50 decibels is the noise of a normal Conversation in your home and 10 times more powerful than that at 60 decibels is the noise of a normal conversation in a restaurant 70 decibels is about the noise that a vacuum cleaner produces And it’s a good comparison for all the noises that are coming up next Twice as loud as that at 80 decibels is the noise created by a garbage disposal and four times as loud as a vacuum cleaner at 90 Decibels is the noise that you would hear from a motorcycle engine if you were seven and a half meters away from it 100 decibels would be eight times louder than a vacuum cleaner and is roughly the noise produced by operating a jackhammer Twice as loud as that though at 110 decibels is the average threshold that humans begin to experience pain at and 108 to 114 decibels is the average noise produced at a rock concert My friends over at airplane mode created a video about the value of music produced at concerts like this so make sure to check out their video next in the description a chainsaw produces a noise of 120 decibels which is 32 times louder than the vacuum cleaner is a shotgun firing right next to you is about 130 decibels and about the loudest noise that you’ll probably ever likely hear in your life is a passenger Jet taking off if you were standing 25 meters away from it which would be around 150 decibels This is also the level of sound that can immediately rupture your eardrums instantly if you’re ever exposed to it But the loudest sound ever heard by humans that we’ve been building up to this entire time was unbelievably more loud than this in the spring of 1883 the Volcanic Island of Krakatoa in Modern-day, Indonesia exploded with the force of two hundred Megatons a Force so powerful it Obliterated the entire Island I’ve talked about this eruption before in a previous video But I didn’t spend much time talking about the noise that it generated any sound over 194 decibels begins to Distort into more of a shock wave from an explosion Rather than an actual sound wave but the krakatoa eruption generated an estimated 310 decibels at the epicenter of the explosion This Force was so loud that sailors located 64 Kilometers away from the blast had their eardrums ruptured the noise was even louder though than this may seem at first Because a pressure gauge located 161 kilometers away measured a sound of 180 decibels it would have taken the sound about 7 minutes and 53 seconds to reach that far from the Volcano And it still would have been enough to not only rupture your eardrums if you were standing there But also knock the wind out of your lungs and shatter glass windows on buildings. It’s possible You could have actually died from the sound wave impacting and smashing through your body But even if you didn’t you would be guaranteed to be permanently deaf for life afterwards. If the sound from the blast originated in Central park in New York City instead then everybody located inside of this circle would either be Dead or Permanently deaf for life afterwards in real life the Volcanic blast was heard as far away as perth, Australia Whose residents reported hearing what sounded like gunshots It was also heard on the Indian Ocean island of Rodrigues 4,800 kilometers away Whose residents reported what they believed to be cannon fire imagine if this time you were standing in Central Park And you heard what sounded like a cannon firing Somewhere around you only to find out later that the sound didn’t come from near you at all but rather Came all the way from Ireland and it took a time of nearly four hours to reach your ears the sound wave began to grow less and less audible to humans the farther it traveled until the Frequency became too low to be heard even though the waves could it be heard by humans themselves Past a certain range our instruments detected that the waves generated from the blast circled around the entire Planet three and a half times So the next time you turn on your speakers with the volume a little too high at least it won’t be loud enough to cause a global catastrophe But if you want a good speaker to listen to some of these sounds at a more reasonable level Then why not check out the Anker sound core boost you can listen to me or any of your other favorite channels talk for up to 12 hours Using this which is about how long it took the sound wave from the krakatoa blast to arrive in San Diego you Written this way for 12 hours listen to 250 different songs and since the speaker is water-resistant It would have lasted you for your entire Journey it features dual drivers and twin subwoofers that delivers 20 watts of High quality audio This means that can fill an entire room with sound which is great for everything from podcasts to parties It’s small minimalist design means that you can leave it on your desk or take it with you on the go And you can even power external devices with a USB port packing Anker’s trademarked battery technology SoundCore Boost comes with an 18 month warranty and 66 Feet of Bluetooth range So check out the link in the description to learn more about Anker’s SoundCore Boost if you enjoyed the video you just watched Then I hope that you’ll subscribe to my channel by clicking here If you’d like to support the channel directly and receive some cool rewards then check out my patreon by clicking here And I’ll see you again soon on Friday for another new Real-Life lore video then

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100 thoughts on “What is the LOUDEST Sound Ever Heard?”

  1. Blueis Notgreen says:

    ive heard the loudest sound that has ever been made and id gladly tell ANYONE about it but no one ever asks, they never say anything at all 🙁

  2. Valra Bellkeys says:

    I record sirens on a near weekly basis. These get up to 135db… At 100 feet! Loudest ones I've ever recorded though are rated [email protected]

  3. YITIN says:

    Filming in your closet?

  4. Miranda says:

    1. Why are yous saying deci🔔
    2. It's not 2x as large as something if you're just adding 10

  5. MC Shibe says:

    Nah the loudest sound is a Mexican kid's mic

  6. namjoons_ 2ndLostSis says:

    loudest sound ever: flamingo's scream aka albert

  7. American Born says:

    Anyone turned down their volume before clicking the video? Especially since you're wearing ear/headphones.

  8. tristan fockedey says:

    my ps4 at night is 3 times louder than that stupid volcano

  9. Dead Meme says:

    Who else is waiting for an earrape

  10. Tenitenz10 says:

    A natural disaster, duh

  11. John howard says:

    How many decibels is this video?

  12. Linus YT says:

    School canteen: 50 decibles
    Krakatoa: 200 decibles
    When it's 3am in the morning and you're heating up food in the microwave: 750 000 decibles

  13. ULTRAxMUSIC says:

    THX intro

  14. AZCARD4life says:

    Krakatoa the loudest? You guys obviously haven't heard my nephew scream when he wants something. 😒

  15. Maverick44 says:

    "A shotgun is…."
    Shows a rifle

  16. Sensole says:

    The way he says Decibels

  17. Turtle Poop says:

    But what about when the reactor exploded in Pritiof and it came up like laser from it 1km up in air? That is known as the chernobyl accident. Isn't that the highest sound a Human have ever heard? The explosion there was incredible dangerous and they needed to evecuate the entire city cuz of it. My guess is that, that would been a VERY VERY loud sound and that it was maybe the highest sound on earth.
    Edit: Or know when I think about it they didn,t get deaf the people that was there cuz they coould talk and explain what happened with the reactor after it exploded. But it would still have been a VERY loud sound.

  18. Yirmi753 - Gaming says:

    Supercell logo sound.

  19. Unejs Idrizi says:

    How minecrft

  20. Jamesplays jr says:

    Garbage disposal: 80 decibels
    Jackhammers: 100 decibels
    Rock concert: 114 decibels
    THX INTRO AT 3 AM: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 DECIBELS

  21. Olga Khrystychenko says:

    nuke bomb exploding;90000000000000000 decibles

  22. Deutscher Zusammenhalt says:

    Black teenage girls having a conversation

  23. ThatsChill says:

    3:05 lol says shotgun, shows 3030.

  24. Avxery says:

    The loudest song is the ps4 Minecraft song

  25. Samuel Stringer says:

    My bed at night

  26. this is a channel says:

    NO the real loudest sound is our moms when we play fortnite instead of doing our homework 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 decibels

  27. Samuel Stringer says:

    6934420666360 Decibels:
    A kid playing Fortnite with his friends

  28. bob says:

    Loudest sound is something falling at 2am

  29. A Jones says:

    Morgz mum

  30. Astrid Bittersparrow says:

    My dad was exposed to 160 decibels when working in a steel mill, he can still hear but, lost a lot of his hearing.

  31. Izzy Bop says:

    Check out,
    every penny by izzy bop

  32. Simon Grindell says:

    how loud was the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 65million years ago

  33. amazingrosebud57 plays animal jam says:

    He is using Google earth to show us the earth 🙂 👍

  34. Someertyu 109 says:

    My ps4 turning on

  35. Margaret Ragadza says:

    Raging fortnite players

  36. URyan99 says:

    My dad watching weird whastapp videos in the living room is way higher than that…

  37. uwu uwuness says:

    loudest sound ever is gonna be your dad sneezing

  38. 「 Depressed • Hannah 」 says:

    My loudest sound is my a popping balloon and also MY SISTER SCREAMING AND LAST WHEN MY TEACHER LEAVES ABOUT JUST 0.1 SECOND THEY JUST YELL ;-;

  39. Aris Cool says:

    Stating up computer at night:3843829338374920276210349 decibels

  40. The Yeti YT says:

    The loudest sound is the supercell logo!

  41. ANDY RODRIGUEZ says:

    The Rodrigues part just replaced the es with ez

  42. Stephanie Taub says:

    Mine was when I heard a sonic boom from a F16. Lost my hearing n I oop

  43. Spaic says:

    Ali-A: 69420 Decibels

  44. InsaneCoasterJunkie says:

    Loudest sound: The lift hill on Steel Vengeance

  45. Gamer Curt. YT says:

    10 dB breathing
    80 dB garbage disposal
    100 dB jackhammer
    9999 dB my door at night

  46. stone cold fan 316 says:

    Loudest sound is my ex-wifes big mouth.

  47. Genesee Elevators says:

    Wasn’t the Tunguska meteor just as loud as Krakatoa?

  48. Depzei says:

    Loudest sound ever is when my mom gets mad and screams my name.

  49. TacticalGaming says:

    Yall wrong the loudest sound is the THX intro…

  50. wond ding dong says:

    Creeking old floors are lpud you can hear it from Saturn

  51. hideri kanzaki says:

    999999999999999999999999999999,999999 decibels dropping a fork in a sink

  52. SkinnerTheSuperIntendent says:

    Everyone’s Porn at 3 am is equal to 8.000e+732^182 Decibels

  53. Tonio Martin says:

    9 year olds on the XBox………

  54. NonverbalGore24 says:

    The loudest sound?

    The wife.

  55. Someone Help says:

    How tf is 20, 10x as loud as 10, but 90, is 2x as loud as 80?

  56. Hopirtean Sorin says:

    Well the loudest sound I experienced is a

    John cena theme=1000000000000000000000000000 decibels

  57. Mhairi Doherty says:

    Loudest sound ever:dropping a glass of water at 2am😱😱

  58. DuMb MARIO Moi official channel says:

    Me:I have heard loudest noise. nether portal:PAjJqjMnjdkHkKahkHyHjGmBhJgkMoJgRsKmhAAaaAaAaAaAUiKjjJLJ me:deaf

  59. Buiz says:

    Loudest sound? Gasly's P2
    Or Gigakubica

  60. PlaguedPig says:

    100 decibals:Jack hammer
    150 decibals: Plane

    697638767676765768656778576856587657653478567387557657655276 decibals: The THX logo.

  61. Gacha-Cheese :3 says:

    who else turned down their sound when starting the video cause they thought the video was gonna be hella loud

  62. Unstoppable Joseph says:

    Surely the loudest sound is…

    My phone ringing at the middle of a lecture

  63. ᏃεאїᎢᎻ ᎾF ᴏʏғᴜᴍ says:

    50 decibles: spilling water
    60 decibles: crunching chips
    1,000,000,000 decibles: gamers when they lose a round on cod

  64. Rated R Comedies says:

    It isnt decibells its deciballs

  65. Morris Johnson says:

    Loudest sound ever? Oh when I lose a game and I scream, easy bye video

  66. NomNom Fish Plz says:

    Loudest sound ever?

    VSCO girls screeching when their friend gets a new hydro flask.

  67. Elgene David says:

    "Loudest Sound Ever Heard"
    Me: A Mexican Kid with a Mic or A Dad's Sneeze

  68. SooWindyyツ says:

    i think my mom should be in this video

  69. Denise de Graaf says:

    Loudest? : Ariana grande hitting a whistle note while I’m standing right in front of her. PERIOD

  70. CoinGamer GD says:

    Pffft. The loudest sound is the normal volume that my dad puts when theres music in the radio.
    Aprox. 556 decibels.

  71. Nicolette Adams says:

    Clearly the loudest sound is the THX intro

  72. ツBainy says:

    My normal conversation at home is 50 decibels, nah mines like 1 at the least.

  73. Self Medicated on Mozzarella says:

    50 decibels for a normal conversation in my house? No no no

  74. Monday says:

    The loudest sound ever?

    The loudest sound ever.

  75. PrincePaki says:

    Yell from getting kicked in balls 9999999999999999999 decibels

  76. Rachel Mills says:

    The loudest sound ever is…

    My dad sneezing..

  77. Kaiser Frost says:

    Thanks for the seven and a half minute ad for that stupid speaker.
    I hate channels like this.

  78. Anima Vesta says:

    God's voice.

  79. Name is Just a letter says:

    Make a band called "Krakatoa" and no one will come at your gig

  80. racewiththefalcons1 says:

    A Manowar concert is nearly twice as loud as a shotgun firing right next to you.

  81. Team_ Illuminate says:

    Silence is the loudest sound

  82. Skeptical Skep says:

    The loudest sound is somebody passing wind (farting)

  83. MISTAKEN BEATS says:

    Growtopia backsound

  84. ☭「 • » Filipino-SnowyMapping « • 」☭ says:

    Awnser: earrape

  85. Sophia Doro says:

    I turned the volume all the way thinking that I would get the turn your volume down bitch message from my phone but I just got a sprite cranberry commercial

  86. matthew clutter says:

    Garbage Disposal: 80 decibels
    Jackhammer: 100 decibels
    Rock concert: 114 decibels
    My mom yelling at me: 3,000,000 decibels

  87. Nigorat says:

    Don’t wanna joke, but the twin towers crashing down at the same time would be louder than a volcano

  88. kelvyn charlie says:

    nature 🌄

  89. Nabil Massoud says:

    Krakatoa made the loudest noise
    So Captain Magma?

  90. if i was at chernobyl i could've stopped it says:

    100 decibels: Jackhammer
    150 decibels: Airplane
    500,000,000,000 decibels: Me trying to open the cake container at 2AM.

  91. Brett Davison says:

    At 100 decabell is how loud my class is when there is a sup …..plz help

  92. Atka Wolf says:

    Closing the Microwave door at 3AM:
    9000 Decibels

  93. Marcus Sievert says:

    The loudest sound I've heard in my life is my sister whining about who knows what

  94. KB65 YT says:

    Normal conversation in a bar – 60 decibels
    Normal conversation at the classroom when its break time – 100000000000 decibels

  95. Kalata421 says:

    The loudest sounds people have heard: We are loudest.

    THX Logo: You dare oppose me mortal?

  96. Harvey Baracena says:

    My Mother

  97. Rock Balancer says:

    yo im not a mathmetician, but you just told me that 20 is 100 times zero. zero is zero. lets forget that for now, how is 20 ten times 10 on the scale, but 80 is only double 70?

  98. Jerome Jude Rapadas says:

    New year?

  99. Jerome Jude Rapadas says:

    Monsters Inc. Earape with a earphone 100Vol.

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