WHAT IS HE DOING? | Try Not To Cringe – Horrible Sounds Edition #2


WOOOOP *SLAP* Top of the Mornin’ to ya laddies my name is jacksepticeye my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to the try not die challenge from grinding your own teeth into dust Dust Actually! Teeth is actually another good one for this, teeth is actually another Teeth scraping off each other actually makes you want to scrape my teeth off each other which is weird :/ But welcome back to the… the weird sounds that are gonna make you freak out kind of thing It was so fascinating last time to do it and see the reactions that not only I got out of certain sounds that certain sounds I thought will be way worse than when I heard that I was like “ah it’s not that bad” actually
It’s more of the feeling of doing it than the actual sound I got a bunch more suggestions from people here in my little book people wrote down a whole bunch of them Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wot Well, I wrote them down people wrote them down online and then I copied them to my book SHUT UP>:^( Its semantic so we got a bunch of them, I don’t know if I’m gonna get through all of them and some of them I feel like aren’t really gonna do anything to me personally But I’m curious to see if some people out there react to them so some people said the sound of tape peeling Like I don’t know if it’s tape peeling off something the feeling of tape peeling people just said Tape peeling I was gonna say pate stealing Uhmmmm Sorry, I don’t know. I just have a sound effect here. I don’t think that that’s the sound we’re looking for that gotten kind of musical at the end it sounded like a bass I guess that’s more the sound we’re going for that doesn’t do anything to me ): Are we talking about like sellotape where you get that long like? Kind of sound oh, no I feel like that doesn’t do anything Oh god… It’s a 3d binaural Norrell head tape picking and peeling ohh if you’ve headphones on right now listen to that That’s weird! It’s right lately I can actually hear for his fans are OH WEIRD Now that I don’t like UHHH It’s weird it’s almost like someone’s rubbing the hairs on my ear okay. No! That was just because it was that specific type of peeling but the sound of tape doesn’t do anything to me Somebody wrote down that metal chains freaked them out the sound of metal clanging together freaks them out doesn’t do anything to me? I think it’s fairly normal I mean it’s annoying I can hear how it would frustrate you but the sound of it? It’s not making me do that whole like? ERGHHHH Now if we’re talking about rubbing against metal eughh… Okay, that wasn’t scraping. I want to find one that’s actually scraping the metal because I think that that freaks me out more NOW I’M DEAF Ohhhh… That I don’t like oh, that one I don’t like that one’s kind of doing something to me Do you get any worse than that? Eughhh no… I.. but… But that fucking sound is what’s gonna get me eughh yeah…. That kind of thing>-

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100 thoughts on “WHAT IS HE DOING? | Try Not To Cringe – Horrible Sounds Edition #2”

  1. LolbwahSpook says:

    As jack talks about the ringing, my tenitis intesifies

  2. Logie2112 GD says:

    the fork one sent chills down my back

  3. Mr. Sebru says:

    What does ASMR means?

  4. Mr. Sebru says:

    6:08 just a quick tip for cleaning the black thing on your excess nails

  5. XxBubblex xX says:

    I might have tinnitus but I can't tell cuz I'm on Oxygen and the air is constantly blowing and Ill never hear dead silence but I dunno

  6. emoji beast says:

    literally nothing in this video bothered me……..

  7. ItzMemeTime says:

    6:01 ASMR with Jacksepticeye..

  8. Fox X Gamer Plays says:

    Jacksepticeye- Slime.. The Squaching Sound It Makes… Ughhh

    Slime From Minecraft- Yaaaa That's It.. Now I Know How To Get Em Heheheheh….

  9. Godly Gamer says:

    Screw that dog whistle

  10. TinyCreepFace Is chill says:

    Me:bites nails

  11. April Lam says:

    Jack you may have some sensory issues because I have some of the same reaction as you and I have major sensory issues. Certain textures, sounds, the tags on clothes, etc set me off.

  12. I’m Here and I’m Queer says:

    2:15 I guess you can say that those sounds don't… apeel to him?



    …I'll show myself out

  13. Michael Smith says:

    I have the same thing, very loud but idrc it's not bothering me if I don't focus on it.. I'm 14😂 I really messed everything up

  14. Oliver Tennis says:

    I do

  15. gera tron9 says:

    chewing cardboard makes my face look like dog on drugs

  16. Puggy Puggy says:

    The metal screech sounds like a horror game

  17. Logan McFadyen says:

    4:00 – 4:05 made me feel like I was in a trashy Roblox horror game about to die

    btw I'm only 10 and can't hear the 20000hz dog whistle. Is that ok for me???

  18. Adam Kenney says:

    I have timis

  19. Sans Skelling says:

    I hate the sound of two marbles clanging together while vibrating, it just sounds weird

  20. TheFabulousKilljoy Mcr says:

    *knows sounds cause panic attacks for me* *watches anyway* *has panic attack* *surprised pikachu face*

  21. maximumover -Mincraft and Roblox says:

    Little does he know…. In two years he's gonna be using redstone in

    Wait what? MINCRAFT

  22. Love Many Fandoms says:

    All of these messed me up. Even the ones he was just describing or talking about
    I can always feel it.

  23. laura sarmiala says:

    Oh god noooooooo!! 🙇‍♀️☠️🤪🤯

  24. Johnny Skyfire says:

    Jack: Be careful with your hearing
    Also Jack: BUT ANYWAY

  25. Johnny Skyfire says:

    The only one that got me was the guy hitting his teeth with the fork

  26. Hannah Walker says:

    Hearing other people pee makes me wanna die

  27. Grebanton 1234 says:

    The thing what makes me cringe super hard is taking a popsicle and strongly rub one end on paper

  28. Sam Brown says:

    When I was a kid, I had super sensitive eardrums (oh, do I still) and I had the bright idea to play loud music all the time to "make them less sensitive". Don't do it. It doesn't work and now I have tinnitus always.

  29. Dakota Meeker says:

    I hate silverware on plates if you cut and you knife rubs the plate I hate you makes me wanna die

  30. Chris jurovic says:

    To find this video I legit looked up "jacksepticeye try not to die"

  31. CRAZE ANIMATOR says:

    I have it and it sucks

    1 like =100 prayers

  32. Choco Mints says:

    0:21 to 0:34 audio without context

  33. fosiph roalin says:

    this video makes me want to punch the nearest person in my vicinity

  34. Isaiah Lemo says:

    I had tonite tis when i was born

  35. Draco_Puff says:

    I use my teeth to get things of forks but I do it really softly to where they hardly touch the fork…

    I’ll leave now

  36. dino dipsy says:

    cringe meaning: to look away from violance . Youtubers have been lying to us!

  37. Brailey Sloan says:

    All three of my sisters take their food off silverware with their teeth and it's so annoying and also I could hear the 2000 Hz on the dog whistle and it hurt so much.

  38. Jayce Hasson says:

    I do that with my fork

  39. Kerim Islamcevic says:

    have you ever smacked a fork against your teeth by accident
    that sucks

  40. King Blue Flare says:

    My mom is literally deaf in one ear from sitting right next to an amp at a concert.

  41. Asryal says:

    my hears are bleeding

  42. Blue Phantom678 says:

    Jack:I damaged my hearing

    Me:so…dubstep and electric music damaged my ears?…well than…I guess you learn something new everything day.

  43. Bennett Taylor says:

    I have tinnitus

  44. Ultra Vires says:

    i dont feel anything

  45. brandi eddings says:

    When you realize jack hates a lot of sounds

  46. Ryuga SSJ4 says:

    Jack-"Rubbing the hairs on my ear"

    Me: Huh?🤔

  47. pineapplecat 73 says:

    I dont like metal clanking cuz it somhow brings back my PTSD

  48. Smacktalker Skywalker says:

    Remember when Jack had blue hair

  49. Bridget Griswold says:

    Sean do you hate paying taxes.

  50. Dylan Shober says:

    Styrofoam rubbing

  51. liam says:

    9:55 i literally cringed of the though of the UGHHH XD

  52. Mr. Medium Rare says:

    I don't know why…
    But when some one rubs their hand on the van ceiling I get the chills lol

  53. Caitlin Murphy says:

    My the only human who thought the person with the fork in his teeth looks like Shane Dawson


    I've had tinnitus since about 2008 after being in a metal band, standing too close to my amp during rehearsals. It isn't fun at all! Especially while trying to sleep.

  55. doge da dog says:

    8:00 omg look at them nails

  56. Pastel Pancakes says:

    this just came up in my recommended… two years after the fact
    k youtube

  57. Freddie Murcrey says:

    Jack can you be my best friend

  58. Christopher Peters says:

    The sound of pocket change clanging together or on the ground.

  59. SpringtrapGurl9 says:

    The chains might be more of a PTSD/phobia reaction.
    I read about a guy somewhere who had PTSD from chains after being chained up for most of his life, and if he heard chain clinking, he would have a panic attack.

  60. Rad Scorpion2199 says:

    I have a wee bit of tinnitus

  61. Wisetvman2.0 2.0 says:

    The metal chains are freaky because it's like a thing that reminds people of people in jail and mental institutions

  62. Ponder Kitty says:

    Markers on cheap velvet is THE WORSTT, it makes my front teeth feel bad for some reason. Thats actually why I don't buy those velvet coloring pages anymore

  63. VeNom_Squish says:

    Nail files

  64. Hilda Pålsson says:

    Jack: Okay guys so y’all better be careful with your hearing that’s real important

    Also Jack, not even 2 seconds later: OK THATS IT FOR TODAYS VIDEO

  65. Michael Evans says:

    I have that I hear ringing

  66. FelixHelix says:

    The noise that jack was trying to describe with the metal : A Chair with metal legs scraping against the floor as its being moved

  67. Mr.masterboi27 says:

    4:40 BatJack!!!

  68. big chungus says:

    Has anybody ever tried taking their nails and scratching them on paper

  69. Ruben Spoolder says:

    Put the corner of a wet washing cloth between your front teeth and bite on it. Then suck the moisture out of it

  70. Nikita says:

    "Be careful with your hearing" he says to severely hearing-impaired me.

  71. DreamieRamune says:

    When Coke makes your teeth s q u e a k y c l e a n

  72. Wicked Wolfwood says:

    tinnitus is the reason I can't go to sleep unless I'm listening to music or leave the TV on and turn the screen brightness down low or something. if there's one thing more annoying than tinnitus – to me it's dead silence.

  73. Stargaze says:

    The thing that gets me is the sound of tires screeching on a road… I dont know how to explain it any further, and I have no idea if it was in your last video (because I didn't watch it 😅) but yeah…

  74. Cassie Herbert says:

    touching cars with my nails is the worst feeling in the world, especially rusty ones

  75. Blue Raptor2144 says:

    Eating a ham sandwich while watching this… uh oh

  76. Evamar Gonzalez says:

    When he started listening to the metal sound effects I suddenly wanted to build a horror game around those sounds. Like creaking metal, shrieking metal, etc….. I'm studying to be a therapist, I've never had the urge to do that before lmao

  77. Get Shrekt says:

    latex gloves and turning a page on a book when it rubs together 🤢

  78. st0mache says:

    chewing sounds with an open mouth make me want to disappear into an incorporeal form and fly far far away

  79. Hunter Kennedy says:

    That thumbnail made my pp hurt

  80. Hunter Kennedy says:

    I have a condition called bionic hearing so I can hear up to 26,000khz. Dog whistles are my worst enemy

  81. potatomanboooi 3 says:

    20000 herts hurt my ears

  82. Queen Denny says:

    I've had tinnitus since I've been 13 years old. I'm 17 now. I got tinnitus from listening to loud music from my headphones. I didn't know that it was that bad for your ears. Please don't repeat my mistake, I've had a hard time going to bed the first year. Mostly crying myself to sleep because it wouldn't stop. You don't know how much I miss the sound of silence.

  83. LucianSepticFlower 808 says:

    Had my dog's attention XD

  84. konnor colley says:

    Also his hair technically isnt green. Its blue

  85. Cj’s prestige says:

    Eww the Shane Dawson looking guy scraping metal on his teeth got me, I have braces and the amount of times I’ve accidentally clanked a fork on them, metal with metal 🤢🤢

  86. purple guy gaming says:

    My ears are fine.

  87. Polled Troller says:

    My hearing is so messed up

  88. Gavin Lunn says:

    What makes me cringe is frozen metal, like a thin layer of ice over metal and just touching it makes me cringe so bad, or the sound of frozen metal sliding against more frozen metal, like I had a freezer that had metal sliders and they got frozen and it was the worst to open every time

  89. IceInTheDark 101 says:

    my sister chews with her mouth closed, but she uses her teeth to pull the food off. whenever she did it… 😣😣😣
    its why i use my lips

  90. ShallowGacha Chan says:

    I never thought Jack would be in a thumbnail with Shane 😂

  91. I don't mean it but says:

    He explains stuff really well. I wonder what it would be like if he was a teacher.

  92. AndroidWith SickCoinTricks says:

    The scrapping of ice really hurts my soul. Like I despise it so if I get stuff out of the freezer or deep freezer I gotta be careful no too scrape the frost.

  93. Alex Cotton says:

    For the slime one totally fine with the squlshing but people's nails on hard surfaces eww eww eww

  94. David Horvat says:

    Try to listen to the dog whistle on full blast with headphones, im deaf jack thanks 😂

  95. JJ crazy says:

    Anyone realise that he said

    Teats are a good one

    Huumm someone been watching too much porn

  96. sarah Jarman says:

    In the last video the one that made me cringe was the denial drill because i know what that feels like and that feeling was coming back to me.

  97. MatthewIrishLad01 says:

    " I'm watching someone finger slime."

    Jse ~2017

  98. Ziggz cammin says:

    The worst is scratching your nails on paper

  99. Attitudzz says:

    I get that to

  100. ToastedDonut says:

    i hate filing my finger nails

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