Wat does helium do with your voice, a flute or bagpipes? – Rapalje Show 34


Welcome to another Rapalje Show! And in
this episode we will do another test with helium This time not with the
balloons, but we are we going to do an experiment to find out what helium does
with your voice, a flute or a bagpipes Now we know that we need 10 balloons to
lift a little small carbon fiber made tin-whistle in the air But now we’re giving away all the balloons to the children because we have some helium
and balloons left I would like to know if there is a difference with helium if you play a tin-whistle or if you play the bagpipes First I show you what
happens when you take helium in your mouth and and you talk Now we going to try what happens when
you talk with helium in your mouth from a balloon But we also want to know what
happens if you play the tin-whistle Is it higher now or not? It was high, but now it’s normal – Very short Yeah, it was higher, it started higher that’s right, yeah Okay, and now the bagpipes – Yeah We have some very curious audience here, right now Here we go, say hi! Hey! Let’s try helium on the bagpipes. But we only want to hear one note It has to be a science experiment If this is a lousy experiment we do it again some day, in a.. Well, well, alright! I thought it was higher (lower!) in the end, ah? A bit – A little bit After the Rapalje Show before this one we showed you balloons and helium and T.S.P. Trojan_DC had a suggestion Maybe an idea to see if David can play an instrument with helium Let’s see how well this goes And I hope we did well Normally I’m wearing T-shirts from other bands and festivals but now I’m wearing a Rapalje T-shirt and this is not a shirt that was available in our shop until now This is a lady’s shirt and it’s called a skinny And luckily it fits me And I got something else to try: This is the way you get our t-shirt when you buy them in our shop at concerts And I will unpack it because this is another model for the ladies There’s also a poster inside This is a spaghetti top T-shirt. It is for ladies But shall I put it on? But first I will
show this experiment again and then you can hear if the bagpipes are higher in
the beginning then in the end A bit – A little bit It was a little bit higher in the end but we’re going to do this again With more – In our studio and we’re going to take the whole – You need more helium the whole can and put full of helium
yeah yeah and we also take argon Argon, yeah – Argon, then it goes down Okay, we will do this experiment again this was on the fly just for having fun And the rest of the helium will go to the kids because they love balloons so much Thank you very much bye Be easy and free, bye!

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14 thoughts on “Wat does helium do with your voice, a flute or bagpipes? – Rapalje Show 34”

  1. Marcel Uithoof says:

    6:34 A little waxing wouldn't hurt you 😀

  2. Sonya Buck says:

    Goodness sakes, you all have me cracking up once again. Luv you guys. Thanks for all your videos. Sonya in Cincinnati. PS: you really look good in them new shirts LMBO

  3. L Starflower says:

    LOL! "Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man" (Z Z Top). Seriously, the bagpipe experiment was fascinating!

  4. Jürgen Weißmann says:


  5. JustConnectTeam says:

    I knew helium has an effect on a person’s voice but didn’t know it affecta the way a wind instrument sounds. You guys are even educational. Haha.

  6. Pah G.C. says:


  7. Leeanne Bishop says:

    Bagpipes it sqweeky goes from high to lower , tin lower i think

  8. Leeanne Bishop says:

    Higher at one point and louder

  9. Nathalie Van Zeventer says:

    Staat je goed hoor de vrouwen shirts! Leuk dat je die nu ook kan bestellen!

  10. Maja the Dandelion-Piper says:

    Faszinierend… Echt cool!

    Und Maceal… Zieh DAS bitte mal für ein Konzert an!!!! Echt Sexy! 😀

  11. Elizabeth Deen says:

    Awesome modeling of the shirts! So great! Cool video =)

  12. Dylan Vaughan says:

    what festival is this? i have to go to one.

  13. Wesley Teles De Menezes says:

    Look the small boy hehind then at 3:12! He's seem so scary hahaha! Nice video! Funny! Cheers from Brazil!

  14. Andrea Nietzold says:

    My daughter got helium and balloons as birthday present, but she doesn't need the balloons. She likes to talk in a funny way 😛 Really great with instruments! I will try it with my flute, too!

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