Vowel Sound / ɪ / as in “it” – American English Pronunciation


Hello there! This is the “Sounds American” channel. In this video we’re going to talk about
the American vowel sound /ɪ/, as in the word “it.” You can also hear this sound in words like “big,” “gym,” “English,” or “image.” Please, note that we’ll be using a special phonetic symbol – /ɪ/ – for this sound. The /ɪ/ is one of the two most frequent vowel
sounds in American English, but it exists in less than 20% of the world languages, so many people may distort it or replace it with the /i/ sound, as in the word “be.” Let’s find out how to make this sound. OK. To pronounce the /ɪ/ sound, you should focus on the correct position of your tongue. Slightly open your mouth, spread your lips
and relax them. Raise your tongue high in your mouth and push
it to the front. The tip of your tongue can be lowered just
behind your bottom front teeth. Remember, the /ɪ/ is a relaxed sound, so your tongue and lips should be relaxed, and your tongue should be at the front of your mouth. Now, let’s try saying it: /ɪ/ /ɪ/ /ɪ/ Now, let’s practice this sound in some words. You’ll see a word on a screen and hear
its pronunciation. Like this: You’ll have a few seconds to pronounce the word, if you want to. Let’s begin! Let’s pause for a moment and review the key points. Your tongue should be relaxed, raised high in your mouth and pushed to the front. Let’s continue practicing. You’re done! Congratulations! By the way, in most cases the /ɪ/ is written
by the letter ‘i’, so spelling words with this sound is fairly easy. And more on the spelling. the /ɪ/ is represented by the letter ‘i’ in 73% of words with this sound. Less often it’s written by the letter ‘e’, like in the word “English,” or by the letter ‘a’, like in the word “image,” and sometimes by the letter ‘y’, like in the word “gym.” Thanks for watching! Hope you find it useful! Stay tuned on our Sounds American channel!

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42 thoughts on “Vowel Sound / ɪ / as in “it” – American English Pronunciation”

  1. Melany Arias says:

    For us, Latins, this vowel is called lax I 🙂

  2. Mehedi Hasan Bipul says:

    What's wrong with the previous one?

  3. Suomalainen Varis says:

    Did you really pronounce the /t/ in /bIt/? It seemed to me that it was pronounced as /bI/. Can I ask you something? Is a kind of tap/flap or a real /t/ with words like: boDy, howDy, buTTer? Also, thank you so much. Amusing videos and outstand job

  4. Just Live It says:

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  5. Rafaela Lima says:

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  6. Ян Кончаловский says:

    In american women is [ˈwɪmən]

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  8. Mike Marca says:

    I´m so thankful to you guys, this video and others are really helpful and make me learn a lot, then I can use this to improve more.

  9. mauro carvalho says:

    (5:12) Though "th" diagraph was transcribed by unvoiced /θ/ symbol, it was pronounced using its voiced /ð/ counterpart. Because of this typo, I think beginners might will use them interchangeably.

  10. ripon toy says:

    app name?

  11. O N says:

    where did you find the percentages?

  12. Zack Aqua says:

    I just got little bit confused between the traditional standard [I] and the one you taught, could you please help me out?Thx

  13. Hector Nova says:

    Thanks teacher!!

    Amazing videos.

    I need this class of explanation, now I’m going to focus on the correct pronunciation in AMERICAN English because I think that If I dominate the correct pronunciation I will understand better American speaker when speaking.

    Thanks again teacher and greetings from Dominican Republic.

  14. quispe mamani says:

    Professor the name of the aplication please

  15. kaihua shen says:

    Hi,Thanks for the video.But the /1/ sound still confuses me when it comes to words like 'begin'.I asked one of my Amercian friends,She told me /b1g1n/ pronouncates like B-EE GIN,not as it showed on the dictionary.Other words like repeat,decide.Another thing baffled me a lot is when the /1/sound in front of words.LIke 'essantial' 'example' ,when I listen to words like them ,they just dont sound like /1/ ,they sound more like the letter E sound.It will mean a lot if you could help me the clarify this.

  16. Emerson Ramos says:

    This sound is kind of similar to the "e" in Spanish ☺

  17. Travis L says:

    Is this more like Chinese “爷” instead of very short “A”

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    Will you release the app used in this video? It looks way practical.

  19. My Nguyen says:

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  20. Hello Television says:

    please tell me the difference between "i:", "i" and "ɪ"?? :((( thank you so much!!

  21. huangch chuangchangheng says:

    你的舌头可以放在刚好你的下排前牙的后面。 WHY

  22. Be Happy says:

    Amazing video!The best channel for sounds is Sounds American

  23. Jorge N. says:

    I love it! Thank you so much

  24. Foad Azizpur says:

    Hi Sounds American
    Please make the videoes with a real human, too. I want to see how does a real human pronounce the sounds.
    thanks for your excellent videos. they really have helped me.

  25. sea yellow says:

    Now I realize that I've wrongly pronounced it for over 9 years… Thank you so much!

  26. Иван Бутров says:

    Hello Sounds American!
    I was wondering if there is a rule when other vowels pronounce like /ɪ/, apart from i

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  32. GlosnikxD says:

    It's not very helpful, maybe it's my shitty first language, but I can not create almost any of these sounds

  33. Ruben De Leon says:

    I was wondering what app do you use to do the videos??

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  35. Ivan Tavares says:

    This sound exists in Brazilian Portuguese, is the difference between the words: céu (sɛu) and seu (sɪu)

  36. Gust Dii says:

    Your pronunciation and explanation are so clear. Thanks a lot.

  37. Yolanda Madrid says:

    Excellent videos Just what i was looking for. What is the name of the application where you practice?

  38. Osama Khayata says:

    The word "English" sounds to me like /ˈiŋglɪʃ/ not /ˈɪŋglɪʃ/. Also the word "image" sounds to me like /ˈiməʤ/ not /ˈɪməʤ/ 🤔. Is there a problem in my ear!

  39. Vá à merda Agora says:

    Done on 9/22nd 2019

  40. Hoai Trinh Tran says:

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    I notice that there is the subtitle, I just see chinese subtitle,How can I save your English subtitle?

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