Vocal Coach React to DISTURBED – The Sound Of Silence REACTION ..SHOOK’d.. | Lucia Sinatra


CIAO my beautiful people my name is Lucia Sinatra, I’m a singer, songwriter, performer and local coach but first of
all I am a singer! so today I’m going to react to something very new for my style
because I am someone who likes the bel canto!! I had a lot of requests since I started my channel three months ago a lot of viewers requested me the sound of
silence from disturbed I actually don’t know them so I’m sorry I will do kind of mistakes because I guess they are a band, rock band, metal band, I don’t know let’s
figure it out 😉 should be a very famous song “the sound of silence”, but let’s see
if it’s the one that I know! Ok what a beautiful deep warm voice finally we have a male baritone voice in my channel and he have a very beautiful voice but.. sounds weird a strange effect in the voice but I don’t know him but I don’t know how he use to sing I really like way they start the song only piano and voice and now is growing with all the others instruments so I not sure if it’s a full band or it’s only the singer called DISTURBED. Please let me know 🤔 I like the way he use the vowels he is very.. in perfect pitch.. maybe to much perfect? he is putting the tongue up I can say ..🎙 but he say ..🎙 his tongue backwards cool now he definitely change the way he starts he start with a soft deep warm voice now he is going to a hard rock voice with vocal fry he puts a lot of this stuff, with a lot of power 👽 wow…. very powerful 😍 okay now I understand why they
have 93 millions views at the moment I that am watching this, and if you are watching
this video in the future please let me know how many views they have because
I’m sure it will grow more and actually this is an old video, this is from 2016 🙈. I’m so sorry I don’t have this knowledge I don’t know them.. I don’t know this band
this singer and yeah and you have a lot of power and intensity in his voice, and
you can feel his pain in each words he is singing. I’m not English mother tongue (of course we can her that Lucia 😂😂😂) as I said for other artists who are singing in different languages that I don’t understand.. I can feel him deeply with the power of his voice!! maybe the sound engineer add some special effect like… autotune or something strange on
the voice because it’s a strange perfect pitch but maybe he sings like this, let
me know!! And this is one of the most beautiful songs written in the story of
the music so I really enjoyed it thank you guys let me know more about them!! Please remember to SUBSCRIBE & thumbs UP!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 From my studio to all of you in the other side of the Internet Ciao 🎙 Ciao 🎙 Ciaooooo

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100 thoughts on “Vocal Coach React to DISTURBED – The Sound Of Silence REACTION ..SHOOK’d.. | Lucia Sinatra”

  1. jenanielson says:

    Love him, and Disturbed. .he's my favorite male vocalist.
    That said, my favorite female , is Floor should really get to reacting to her..Ghost Love Score ..all of hers are amazing, but that one is one of the best.

  2. CrazyRedNeckModz says:

    What's even better is david was sick during this little performance

  3. Nerd Monkey says:

    I love your accent. Jebus. Lol

  4. Andrew Taft says:

    Has she reviewed Geoff Tate from queensryche yet? If not you need to. Opera trained metal singer. Try take hold of the flame, live in Tokyo.

  5. George Ibrahim says:

    You should check out the best voice to come out of Australia John Farnham

  6. George Ibrahim says:

    Voice reminds me of Vino Allen on X factor

  7. Funkytrip73 says:

    You will probably not read this comment, but in a dutch show, a 64 year old opera singer went completely out of his comfort zone and did a cover of this Disturbed version; a guy who never grunted before. It would be awesome if you could do a reaction vid on that! Seem to have gone a bit viral now.

  8. Carol Merchant says:

    It’s a full band. His name is David Dramann

  9. antonio montana says:

    YEAH! … this chic's definitely a metal head, cool ! ((D•fng•D🤟))

  10. Mike C says:

    Disturbed has been around a long ass time. he is the lead singer and they are a hard core rock group

  11. PREPPER TIPS says:

    If I had a criticism to make, it would be that you stop the music in the most random places in the song to make your comments! Sometimes seemingly in the middle of a lyric!! It really throws off the entire flow of the music. My advice would be to choose better spots to interrupt the song. jmo

  12. Richard Waddington says:

    no , its about breathing .

  13. Marty Schreuder says:

    You have to see Henk Poort………..with the same song……;))))

  14. Gary Bell says:

    People bow and pray to the neon God they made = cell phone, computers, technology in general. People have never been more connected but yet farther apart.

    People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, people writing songs that voices never share = people sending text messages, posting their lives online. When you send a text message there is no emotion. That's why so many fights and arguments happened through text message because people cannot hear the tone that someone is using when they are speaking through text and it is so easy for people to misinterpret what someone is saying because there is no emotion in a text message or typing out of post. Once again we have never been more connected but yet farther apart than we are today.

    The next time you were out to dinner at a restaurant or family park. Just take a moment and look around at all of the people lost and our phones. People are so disconnected with reality today and they care more about their neon God in their hands than anything else.

  15. Albert Visser says:

    try the same song but than by HENK POORT in beste zangers 2019. its a tv
    show in holland where 7 artist come together and a host. every show 1
    is on the spotlight and the others sing for hm/her. HENK POORT sung this
    for FLOOR JANSEN (she is leading lady of NIGHTWISH). HENK is 63 years
    old and opera singer. try it and you will be surprised or shocked

  16. John Swenson says:

    the actual music video has over 340 million views xD SIMPLY AMAZING

  17. Eddie Watson says:

    That was a LIVE vocal from one of the best. 💪🤘
    He should be on a Wheaties box!🏆🥇

  18. Tsalilastm Atsalistm says:

    Plz react to avenged sevenfold almost easy… It's mind blowing

  19. james boyblue says:

    If you listen to it topless it will make your nipples hard LOL!! Im totally naked now….

  20. less than bread says:

    Yes Disturbed is the full band. David Draiman is the singer. They are predominately heavy metal (nu-metal, hard rock… whatever you want to call it). They have a lot of fast-paced almost chanting type melodies. Very staccato. But when David wants to belt it, he absolutely can as you see here. He actually has had a lot of issues with his voice in the past probably due to a lot of use of that fry tone, and they were very busy from 2000-2011. Album, tour, repeat. I think he got burnt out. I saw them live in 2010 and he just sounded horrible. Had to skip lyrics and could not lean into it like the album version of the song would suggest. They went on hiatus for a while and I think that was the best thing that could have happened to David because he came back better and stronger than ever as you can see here.

  21. fam. son says:

    Please search for Floor Jansen en Henk Poort – Phantom of the opera (beste zangers) 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😍

  22. Kay Em says:

    You like this forced, strainful thing? Just listen to the original.

  23. Zekiii says:

    591 million

  24. vincenzo vicerè says:

    Cover fantastica, estensione meravigliosa e un grande controllo del diaframma

  25. Mike Butler says:

    SHE is a vocal coach? Not in this country- you can barely understand her!

  26. Animus says:

    First the band is name Disturbed, second don't ever try to associate yourself with Mr Frank Sinatra unless you are A. On his level or B. a family member

  27. Kerry Nelson says:

    563 million views! And climbing at a rate of about 1m per week

  28. jimmyj38 says:

    To perfect? You are smoking crack. He is the best vocalist today hands down…

  29. rkw junior says:

    I truly believe hes using autotune. There is a slight effect in his voice like she said. Hes "too perfect".

  30. brett brinkman says:

    Proving metal has some of the best vocalists in music…..they just love to rock!!!!

  31. Strong Willed says:

    Please Check out my Cover Version of Maybe It’s Time from
    the movie “A Star Is Born” and let me know what you think.

  32. d ellingson says:

    I realize this has been posted for a while now but what a performer. For your interest when David sings, "Down with the sickness" the beat drop of "ooh-wah-ah-ah-ah" just came to him one day. Here is a copy paste of a paragraph that tells what also changed/helped his voice. “I used to have, and I still do have, really bad acid reflux,” Draiman, who was raised Jewish, told MTV in 2012. “I had a surgical procedure done…that repaired a valve at the top of my stomach that had completely burned away.” This, said Draiman, increased his range and strengthened his vocals. “That noise,” he said, just kinda came one day. [The] beat is so tribal it made me feel like an animal.” Pretty cool story.

  33. Steve Lien says:

    I also love his “wowels”. Adorable. 😁🥰

  34. cindy binkley says:

    Is everyone a vocal coach?

  35. Kendra Khalilieh says:

    It's about to hit 1 billion…as of tonight

  36. ron rowdy says:

    if you could just interrupt the song 30 or 40 more times that would help break the mood of the song for sure!!

  37. Tyler Lin says:

    565million+ views as of November 2019

  38. J Muller says:

    Opera singer Henk Poort did a comparable version I prefer Henk's version slightly.

  39. Norman Moss says:

    Too slow at the beginning and too shouty on the strong higher notes for me. I sense Dave was not at his best on this occasion.

  40. Dan M says:

    Funny how many of the vocal coaches, even the ones presumably classically trained react positively to the rasp/growl part.

  41. JohnSkillz says:

    Listen to F.N by Lil Tjay you wont 😂

  42. Donovan Reeves says:

    You should check out Indestructible or The Game by Disturbed

  43. VoiceOf Reason says:

    I'm sorry but youre annoying af

  44. Nazyair sengikar says:

    The official version has 567 million views.

  45. benny primozic says:

    99,811,646 views as off nov 2019

  46. Roland Perez says:


  47. stone magic says:

    dave drainman has a very cool background…when he did this song, he said he was not sure if he could still sing like this…oh..but he can !!!

  48. Shawn M says:

    @Lucia Sinatra if you really want to understand the BAND Disturbed, with the vocal's of David Draiman, more? checkout these link's of their song's, with the Phil Collins cover of "Land Of Confusion".

    Land Of Confusion

    Ten Thousand Fists

    Down With The Sickness(Due to some graphic lyric's, they cut a small part of the song out.)



    & the actual video of Sound Of Silence(Not the Conan Show version.)

    Now, the lead singer David Draiman refuse's to use the auto-tuner, to represent a few of the old school metal band's, such as Metallica & the lead singer James Hetfield. How, they would go on tour, more. Just to practice the song's, routine's and perfect the sound of the music, so when they would be on tour, they would sound as if they were in the studio's, as well. Here are a few Metallica song's, that you should checkout.

    Enter Sandman


    The Unforgiven

    The Unforgiven II

    Nothing Else Matters

    & I Disappear(You may remeber this from the hit movie Mission Impossible II.)

    I see that you already did some of Steve Perry's(Journey's) video's. But, if you haven't heard 2 of their song's, from the mid 90's album "Trial By Fire"? check into these 2 link's.

    When A Man Love's A Woman
    & Message Of Love

    I maybe a straight as an arrow man? But, I recognize vocal's, that were handed down, from God himself! And, even though, he didn't have that raspy style voice, in the 70's. He obtained it, after he had the surgery on his throat(I forget exactly what happened. But, he did something to his vocal cords and they thought he would never be able to sing, again. A Filipino(Arnel Pineda) took over for Steve, a few year's back, that may not have the same perfection. But, if you aren't used to hearing Steve? You would have a hard time hearing the real difference's!). Which, gave him that raspy sound in his voice, that make's it even better!(If that is even possible!?). But, even the Filipino's, have a hard time competing with his voice. And, I know, that they are some of the top singer's, in the world, due to the environment they live in. Where, there isn't much money over there and more poverty, then wealth. But, you will find a karaoke machine, in every household over there. Where, they sing & dance, from the time, that they can walk & talk. Which, is their biggest secret, to perfecting their vocal cord's. Now, I am not praising them, because my g/f is a Filipino, or anything like that. But, for them, to have that much talent and still have a hard time competing with vocal's, like Steve Perry's!? that's definitely sayin something!

  49. IPokeEyesOut says:

    Everyone is a “vocal coach”….

  50. John Crosetto says:


  51. Singleplytech says:

    99,972,363 views as of Nov 19

  52. christian cosimano says:

    She wants da D

  53. Aimee C says:

    It has just over 100 million views as of today.

  54. crgzero says:

    When I don't know something, I look it up. I mean it's not like it would've been hard to type into youtube search bar and find other songs by Disturbed, including the regular official version of the one you're reacting to. These "vocal coach" reaction videos are old, they're a dime a dozen and they all act like it's some magical thing to actually research an artist/band.

  55. Extrapolation_ Conundrum says:

    When do I get to watch the girl listen to the lyrics and the presentation at the same time?

    So many vocal coaches listen for flaws or talents when it comes to the auditory performances, but ignore the message behind the music.
    Music should be felt, embodied if you will, not only by the artist but by the listener as well. What does it say to you that David Draiman took a forty-something year old song and has reached over half a Billion people just on the internet alone?

  56. Gabriel Stratton says:

    Draiman has a perfect voice and q perfect flaw… he's a perfectionist. As noted by other commentators he was sick, this lending tip the odd quality of his voice as he had to Stratton to hit notes that are normally very easy for him

  57. Nicholas Lynn says:

    They did a song from Phil Collins also called Land of Confusion. Check it out!!

  58. mixplit74 says:

    You asked so at this point the video is at 100,437,948 views

  59. Donald K. MacBaird says:

    You should listen to anything from Home Free they are an Acapella group that is Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Who Cares says:

    She just jumped over the wall.. who cares what she has to say.. She is an idiot.. She cannot even Speak English.. She is a total nobody.. Maybe she could do Porn And that's about it maybe

  61. Jude Attitude says:

    hi December 2019… 340,000,000. views on the video version! still gives me chills! I

  62. Enforcer says:

    Please react to Henk poort singing this.

  63. jacqueline KLEIN says:

    The Sound Of Silence biblical lyrycs :People hearing without listening

  64. Brent Manges says:

    You are sexy hot

  65. Reed Cardon says:

    The Conan video currently has 100M views. The official music video has 574M views.

  66. Xander Kase says:

    Would love to see you react to Nightwish – Ghost Love Score (Live @Wakken 2013)

  67. Robert Kirk says:

    That's all him no cheating

  68. Michael Thompson says:

    I wish people that reacts waits for the song to be over

  69. Dakota Wayne says:

    Autotune? Lmao…that's David drainman…the whole orchestra IS DISTURBED! and this is his voice…raw and powerful

  70. Michael M says:

    .45 by shinedown is a great one

  71. Prince Buster says:

    You would get better reviews if you gave all your talking at the end and not keep stopping a damn good song you get a thumbs down from me

  72. K L says:

    575 Mio views on the Studio Version….

  73. bearscorpio says:

    One band that is an older overlooked one. Is This Mortal Coil. React to Song to a Siren. This Mortal Coil are members or Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance

  74. AJP says:

    Not sure how much more goosbumps i can take watching these reaction videos to this Masterpiece sheesh

  75. tyler durden says:

    wish there wasn't autotune

  76. ihatemybosses says:

    Have you considered reacting to Carrie Underwood's song Champion. I wonder if an Italian woman has the same reaction as an American girl does. Good one for Laides!

  77. HadesObsidian says:

    5:15 When your ears pop in the shower and everything becomes 80 decibels louder.

  78. SargonnasIncarnate says:

    Haahahah! Vocal coach and you basically ditch out David Draiman. Good job,ms. Moulin Rouge. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  79. California Livin' says:

    196 thousand

  80. susan newhouse says:

    This is his perfect, sexy voice…my goodness!!! 😍😍

  81. CAUTIOUS1 says:

    I saw a reaction view yesterday and the reactor pointed out that there were almost six hundred million views.

  82. tommy drama says:

    How could someone especially vocal coaches not hear this version or know the band this guy voice is mesmerizing love disturbed no auto tune needed or lip singing live he’s amazing too

  83. Paul langbridge says:

    'Not a first time hearing'
    You beat the drum a split second before they did so you knew it was about to happen

  84. Michelle Ludlow says:

    He's a trained Cantor who switched genres, obviously. He used to sing in Yiddish in temple. Gives him a distinctly unique sound and ability.

    On my mother's account for some reason but I'm drunk and just wanted to share because I don't know if anyone else did.

  85. Zatiel.D LaBrie says:

    Again the fucking Connan version with autotune, David argued with these imbeciles even when being sick and they run with it against his will. I wish Disturbed copyright-claim that shit out of the internet.

  86. susan newhouse says:

    Over 500 million views

  87. Steel Black says:

    This song is from Simon and Garfunkel of 1966 .. greetings from Chile

  88. Larry Butler says:

    The Sound Of Silence Song was the Warning Paul gave to us.
    Disturbeds Version was the Rage as we did not heed the Warning

  89. Michael Dirtywater says:

    He had a fight with the producers "" NO '' autotune and in the last second they put it in, From what I heard David was beyond Pissed …. My Armenian Brother

  90. T.L. E. says:

    102 million views now

  91. The Heartless Hero 2077 says:

    Word of advice…. A LOT OF PEOPLE don't like it when a reactor pauses multiple times during this song because it ruins the dramatic effect so watch out for hate filled comments.

    Me? I don't really care but it anymore so I'm just giving a heads up.

    Though, seeing as how I have no idea how old this video is, you may have already figured that out by now.

  92. DragonWrath says:

    Uhm… I really hate to burst the people's bubble that think there was no auto-tune…… but auto-tune was used. David Draiman talked about it in an interview (not sure which one, but it would have been sometime after his appearance on the show of course) and that it was used against his will (and he was NOT happy about it… *at all*). However, there is very little used (it was on a few of the high notes) and if you watch very carefully to David's body language and face, you can see him kind of "grimace/wince" slightly and (to me) narrows his eyes a bit in irritation as he notices it.

    With all that said however, his vocal ability is absolutely incredible and he's more than capable of doing this live with absolutely no issue (just check out some of the footage from live concerts)… I've known about Disturbed since they first appeared (Down With the Sickness is absolutely nuts!… Actually, I think the entire first album is, personally), but yeah, he's beyond skilled. Classically trained, was a cantor, and he's actually doing this with the sphincter that protects the vocal cords from stomach acid being COMPLETELY gone. Check out Loudwire's "Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction with Disturbed's David Draiman ( ) to hear it from him directly… which makes this even MORE amazing as this was done in 2016 but the Loudwire Interview was in 2015…….. Let that sink in… Dude is simply something else entirely… Just wow lol.

  93. Leo Guy says:

    Disturbed only one of two bands with five consecutive #1 albums other being Metallica. David Draiman sounds even better live. Doesn't use or need auto tune.

  94. William Wooten says:

    Full Band plus orchestra

  95. Bobos On The Go says:

    102.5 million views 👍🏼

  96. Bobos On The Go says:

    Check this one out with over 14 million views

  97. Darlene Davis says:

    He was trained as a hazzan which means he was trained to lead congregations in song-prayer. (Aka, cantor). His brother sings as well.

  98. Charles Bouthillier says:

    Please try Pentatonix " Mary Did You Know " and Hallelujah

  99. frankfromfar says:

    It's some rever, not autotune.

  100. Charles Weaving says:

    Sorry for the shit you’re gonna get about the auto tone comment 😂 good reaction. It’s a band from the early 2000s that are still going today. Their old stuff is much heavier than this but he has a fantastic voice. An injury allowed him to modulate his voice in certain ways so it’s pretty unique coupled with his range, power, and mad breath control. Stricken is one of their fan favorites that isn’t too heavy. Definitely worth a watch.

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