Virtual Riot – “Lunar” [Piano Cover] || DS Music


Virtual Riot – “Lunar” [Piano Cover] || DS Music

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25 thoughts on “Virtual Riot – “Lunar” [Piano Cover] || DS Music”

  1. summer forever says:

    That's amazing!!

  2. DS Music says:

    lol sorry no VGM today, but stay tuned for next week 😀 Make sure to check out my Patreon ( ) and help support me to make more covers for y'all 😀

  3. Nekobachu says:

    IMG SOOO COOOLL SOUNDS SOO CHILLIIIIIIEEEIEIEIEYEYHEUgreat man ! I dunno but I think you are the first one who covered this if I'm not wrong ^^" pls someone make sheets ;_;

  4. THREEIO says:

    Absolutely beautiful 🙂

  5. masq says:

    are you enrique iglesias

  6. MCVictorious says:

    uhhh sheet's please this is one of my favorite virtual riot songs

  7. TonalRumblePak says:

    I seriously love your covers. I experience great joy everytime I get I notification 🙂

  8. Blue Rhythm says:

    Awesome cover dude! Thanks for the beautiful content.

  9. BrikkMaster says:

    Please do release sheet music or something

  10. Shatters says:

    Sheets please.

  11. Jannik Trautmann says:

    Wow :0 so beautiful 🙂 but we need the sheets . .____.'

  12. EVVOLVE says:

    Amazing cover! Pleasee i need the sheets :))

  13. Michael Gallus says:

    Has the fabled sheet music ever come to be?

  14. Matt Shanahan says:

    So good! Awesome job!

  15. Zesksaken says:



  16. Skytek says:

    You deserve so much

  17. Cosmo says:

    well my hands are to small for even the first chord ._.

  18. Vladimir Kolesnikov says:

    This is so goood!!!!!! dude, I cried, that's how good. theres mistakes yes, but this is so beautiful

  19. Frasiga Våfflan says:

    Sheet music please:) amazing job!

    Edit: saw ur post with the link:)

  20. Cyvetore 01 says:

    I expected a good cover of this song and it actually was! This is really good cover. You can tell it there when you recognize the parts. A little bit of practice would have been good for you but it still sounded flowing.

  21. Mansoor Rahimat Khan says:

    So beautiful! This track is my all time favourite from Virtual Riot!

  22. Cittadino comune says:

    The question is Virtual Riot saw this video?

  23. Valentin Frappier says:

    I really impressive i would love to get the sheets when it's done 😍

  24. Suddha Laksana says:

    Omg you combined it with the ending piano of Virtual Riot & Panda Eyes – Superheroes and that's just melt my heart 😩

  25. PMbOY says:

    Me : who did dislike the vid?
    Random guy : me!
    Me : say sike right now

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