[UE4 FNAF] Baby’s Song – FNAF Animated Music Video


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100 thoughts on “[UE4 FNAF] Baby’s Song – FNAF Animated Music Video”

  1. Susie Morrison says:

    I'm speechless

  2. Dapperfield says:

    This is the most underrated youtuber ever

  3. LTV CLAN COMMIT says:

    Why are you so good at This?

  4. LTV CLAN COMMIT says:

    You should make a game!!!!!!

  5. Cristian 7w7 says:

    Hagan una peli de FNAF

  6. Reaper Gaming says:

    Make this a game with zone for each of them

  7. æ A2DR31 æ says:

    She copy the twinkle twinkle little star song

  8. Divine says:

    Baby's song…


  9. Irina Yurchenkova says:

    Выпусти новую серию

  10. Irina Yurchenkova says:

    Выпустили новую серию про обычную baby пожалуйста ну я же так прошу

  11. Zevac says:

    Your shit looks high budget af


    Umm goldenlane where is the FNAF SERIES?😢😢

  13. asriel starlov says:

    No baby que le aran a baby ella es mi favorita que li aran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Giol Lim says:

    this is from a dead space game in the entry she plays

  15. ennard TH says:

    Wow good 👍👏👏

  16. bubble tea animationsTM says:

    Gotham city the fucc you on

  17. Mateus Silveira says:


  18. Francis Ramos says:

    This is just lost soul who just want revenge on humanity

  19. Sara Rainwater says:


  20. #Siiriius_ Br says:

    Ooooo myyy god!!!!

  21. Игорь Орлов says:

    Ту музыку которую напевала бейби из дед спейс

  22. KAROLINE KAROL says:

    Mano adorei muito bom vcs fazem um otmo trabalho muito bom esses graficos e td parabens muito legal

  23. Star star van YouTube Yo says:

    She ar cue 't

  24. Dexter Voon says:

    Mmm where jason?

  25. p0zltiVchIk _ says:

    Это чотко в натуре классно

  26. p0zltiVchIk _ says:

    Как это красиво глазам не предать

  27. Birnel says:

    Good reference to the dead space trailer.

  28. Deadpool the killer says:

    The good thing is this is just an animation

    Lives in the woods

    Also me:hears a thud in the window”

  29. MarineSC2 says:


  30. 9_NAGIBATOR _9 says:

    Скажите пж перевод на русском и Англ. (Текст)

  31. KamikazeRaE says:

    This looks so awesome! Nice work!

  32. frkn bruh says:

    I've never seen these models..

    They are epic

  33. MrWolf_Gamer says:

    This is video
    Like a game

  34. CRYSIS TV says:

    Почему аниматроники досих пор не захвотили человечество

  35. jjtninja says:

    This looks like a Survival Horror Game trailer featuring the cast of FNAF.

    Good Luck Surviving.

  36. dj _kingsavagi says:

    Can this man make this a game already

  37. Haikal Kal says:

    Where is five nights at Freddy series?

  38. el pollito xd :v says:

    Amigo nose que decir estoy inpactado

  39. Derp Slurp says:

    I will donate Money Just for them to make a movie

  40. Riquelme Roman says:

    Nisiquiera es una canción solo es una animación no me gusto

  41. yelu says:

    tengo miedo

  42. yelu says:

    tengo miedo

  43. ZaThar says:

    Esse é momento que eu olho pra porta do meu quarto… E fico encarando por alguns segundos

  44. Smee meepee says:

    Me: Watches this once

    Also me: Gets “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” stuck in my head

    My brain: W H A T I S T H I S S O R C E R Y ?

  45. The Emerald Gamer Plus says:

    Could you please make a game it would do sooooo well

  46. REY CAPE says:

    Este el club de los que hablan español y están viendo esto para unirte al club solo tienes que comentar y listo y si no pues da un dislike y si odian este comentario POS comanse una papaya

  47. Zach Gaming Off says:

    It's like a Game Trailer lol

  48. игра мания Шумский says:

    Это страшно но и прикольно

  49. Antonio Alcala says:

    Okay this is amazing I cant lie. But the animatronics would never do this as they are only chasing after their killer. Michael Afton. Hes now (in theory) stuck in an endless loop of torture with golden freddy. Anyways I shit myself

  50. Desēc_ Frost says:

    Plz make a movie about this if u do then I would praise you lol! Also good job with the animations animators! And others!

  51. Sri Sri says:

    Cinta Karena cinta

  52. Леонид Быстров says:



    chata essa animacão

  54. Tomato_ Bruv says:

    This looks like a side FNAF game. Imagine this…

    A psycho horror game that follows the universe of FNAf and you go around, completing a series of objectives while trying to keep away/escape the nightmare animatronics

  55. Filin Bro says:

    Why I remembered Dead Space trailer?

  56. Atadewa_ Official says:

    Entah apa yang merasukimu (song)

  57. Atta Dunn says:

    Baby: shhhhhhhh
    Me:….(what the hell OMG) 🤐

  58. Dapicraft Wahyu says:

    I,cant sleep i see this video

  59. Ayaan Cool boy says:

    They look like real five nights at Freddy 4 and 6 and 2

  60. Dzemal Becirovic says:


  61. ATT _ says:

    omg they look so life like, see how Foxy's ear twitches?

  62. Lil Drizzle says:


  63. cristian hueravil says:

    esta muy bueno, me encanto de echo me imagino esto mismo como un video juego y con la misma calidad de imagen, seria la raja

  64. The Dizzy says:

    this song is soooooooooooo cute ;-;

  65. JIVER Gaming says:

    This kinda sucks in my opinion…

  66. CallMeCausticVR says:

    Everything is great about this, the voice acting, the shaders, model quality, the lore, the smoothness of the animation, the angles, the camera shakes, the music to set there move. EVERYTHING KEEP UP WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING

  67. gremeleu says:

    The fnaf serie are you gona continue it ?

  68. shawn dowdy says:

    Did anyone else notice there logo in the junkyard

  69. Mister Otaku xd Meliodas says:

    1:30 Tengo un mal presentimiento

  70. Mister Otaku xd Meliodas says:

    No mames,casi me cago del susto :v:
    Que clase de versiones Twisted son estas?

  71. meliodas says:

    Muito bom melhores animações gráficos ultra realista e só aqui nesse canal👏👏👏

  72. Nevaeh Lyttle says:

    Dude what the heck this looks epic

  73. London R says:


  74. Константин Носов says:

    btw;Idea of this type singning song belongs to "Visceral Games". Their first well done game was "Dead Space" and if you do nothing in main menu in DS you will see and hear the same song with the same type of showing video,but in DS you will see main's hero death scenes (isaac Clarke) when you hear loud sound and DS was released in 2008. Can't you guys find another song and do another type of showing this?!Animation is great 10/10 but I think all DS players will not like it;Why?Becouse this animation isn't scary to comparison with what Isaac Clarke survivied,he was alone in space no one can help him and hundreds of necromorphs wanted to kill him,DS is much scarier than FNAF why? Imagine you seat in room checking cameras or you are alone in a very big space ship,all of your friends are dead,scary monsters want to cut your head hands legs or eat you,if you shoot off their head they will continue go,if you shoot off their legs they will use their hands to kill you,if you shoot off their hands they still can kill you,the only way to kill necromorphs was shoot off all limbs.
    P.S as i was saying animation is great 10/10
    P.S.S Sorry for my bad english

  75. tpx 99 says:

    How Fucking high Quality is ur Content!!! Congrats

  76. Nscott says:

    I avoided this video cause I thought it was a music video and had no meaning boy was I weong

  77. Sevrin Grisha says:

    Hello Dead Space!

  78. Erika Ochoa says:

    I love it 10 out of 10

  79. Bonnie Pro says:

    The Music Of Dead Space :0

  80. e Æ says:


  81. Ben Hogendyk says:

    Hope you had permission to use this version of the song, which from Dead Space..

  82. Lizzy DaCat says:

    Is this a Dead Space reference!?

  83. Gabe jxjx says:

    i thought this was a movie trailer😅
    until i read the title

  84. Darker Parasite says:

    Goldenlane studio Sorry I copied your red beast title and uploaded it

  85. Del Spence says:

    Bravo more!!!!!

  86. The Joined Souls says:

    When is Part 4 of the fnaf series coming out?

  87. Billy8 says:

    I like that your videos keep getting more messed up each time

  88. Lalisa ManoBANGS says:

    That song is scery ay have nightmare’s is baby the new pappet

  89. Динар Латыпов says:

    It's very cool и очень интересно лучше бы фильм сделали в кино сходить с девушкой ))

  90. Disk Drive says:

    Holy crap! This looks polished, right down to baby’s walk cycle! Great job!

  91. X_X marcko X_X says:

    Ты бы с таким опыта видео делать КРУТИЕ ФНАФ ИГРЫ БЫ СОЗДАВАЛ

  92. SpringTrap says:

    Im indeed proud

  93. Xandão Mugen&Play says:

    What would the game look like in these Resident Evil graphics?

  94. Charles Duckworth says:

    And that children, was how the FnaF movie was finally made

  95. fabian gonzales says:

    y la cancion

  96. eduardo ramirez says:

    I don't know why I like your videos so much, especially those

  97. Rebecca Fitzsimmons says:

    I love the fact that baby knows the animatronics are just children like her

  98. Oh yea Lol says:

    This song from dead space

  99. Sens 420 says:

    Woah it looks SOOO good AWESOME AND REAL

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