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So I had tonnes of writing and reading to
do yesterday and I wanted some music to just give me company
because a lot of this kind of work I land up doing alone and it gets really boring and
it gets really silent in my head. So I wanted some music to give
me company, I have got my go to artistes but so bored of them
and then I discovered this guy, what a gem! his music, his name is Tycho and his music
has like this electro wave, ambient, star gazing, road tripping, kind of feel and
it’s the perfect kind of music if you know you have like a long paper to write
or lots of reading to do and you want just something nice and light playing in the background.
Not too distracting. And this is something interesting that I found
out about him, he’s very, very popular amongst people when they
have to study and there were lots of comments of people that had written that you know where
they were like “Oh my god Tycho’s given me so much company through so
many exams and papers. And I could see why coz it’s just the perfect
kind of music playing in the background. Also, I think he would be great company if you have
a long journey a long bus ride or a long train journey that
you need to do this summer. Tycho in your ear phones would be some great
company. Start of with his album which is called as Awake. I think It’s a great introduction
to him. And let me know what you think once you do
check him out. If you have a favourite artist that you love listening to
that you know when you are studying. Then let me know and share it with everyone else.
We have got Facebook, we’ve got twitter, we’ve got instagram and in the mean
time like comment subscribe and help increase the tribe. I will catch
you soon. Ciao.

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