Tron Legacy’s Daft Punk score and futuristic sound design examined


Hey! We gotta work together. It’s the only way. That’s what I’m talking about!
Another customer. Let’s go! Hang on, buddy, I’m comin’! What is that? You ever have that experience where you
tell someone something and then you wish you hadn’t? (laughing) The weird thing about this too is that the early versions of the bike forming it looked
like it was a bunch of tiles kind of coming together and had this like
intensity to it and and so I started kind of taking a bunch of sounds that
sort of would convey that but I think then what that did sort of the best job
was just flipping through a deck of cards. So, I would have conversations with
Joe and try and talk about, “Okay, how are we gonna do this? What do we want this to sound like?” and I was sort of thinking in terms of updating the approach from the
original Tron and kind of using like the latest technology the newer synthesizers
the newer plugins make a really sci-fi sounding motorcycle and kind of recreate
a motorcycle from scratch. And it was working and it was really cool but they
ended up being really smooth and clean and it didn’t really have the kind of
grit that we were looking for and I would show it to Joe and he kind of felt
the same way and what I ended up trying was to approach it from the other angle
instead of making sort of synthetic sounds to sound like motorcycles I tried
to make motorcycles sound really futuristic and different so we ended up
getting these Ducati recordings and I would just do radical, radical pitch
manipulation to them so that as the dopplers went by they were like went
from really high to really low and I did this thing called resonant sweeping
where you take the resonant pitches it’s kind of like sort of inspired by what
DJ’s will do when a DJ sort of sweeps out of a song sometimes it’ll be this [makes downward pitch swooshing sound] And if you do that and follow the pitch of the motorcycle going by it turns out
it makes it sound like it’s got this really high-tech whine to it. So, I
started adding those to the bikes and showed it to Joe and he’s like, “Oh, that’s
cool, that’s cool” and we had a big conversation about the idea that video
games have sort of evolved- They’re not just these synthetic sounds anymore. In
some ways in a lot of video games are more complex than movies so let’s try
that other angle and that’s kind of where we ended up with the bikes they
just got sort of bigger they got rougher they got faster. And once we had that
established, we had kind of two different approaches at the same time- The very
sort of synthetic that I started with and then the very kind of motorcycle-y. And we were able to kind of blend them as we
went through and pick what was the most effective for what by. Once we got
something that sort of was believable then I could really have fun. Another
thing that kind of ripped off from sort of the DJ kind of idea is what I call a
“dive-bomb” where I made this low-end sound that just goes [makes downward pitch low-end sine wave sound] and it just goes DOWN. And I just put it wherever it seemed cool [laughing] This is blue leader to blue bikes. Run these guys into your jet walls. Copy blue leader. Copy blue leader! This is Gold 1 to Gold 2 and 3. Split up take them 1-on-1. Watch it, watch it! Agghhh! [explosion] Taking him into the maze! This is it. C’mon. 3 to Gold 2 and 1. I’m getting out of here right now you guys are invited. Got it. Ready? Ready. So long, sucker! Agghhh! [explosion] you

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9 thoughts on “Tron Legacy’s Daft Punk score and futuristic sound design examined”

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  2. Jpolf Origin says:


  3. Jay Wiley says:

    Absolutely breathtaking. I had recently re-watched this movie as well. So hopeful for an eventual sequel. The technical work that went into it was astounding to say nothing of the aesthetics. Very glad to have this breakdown provided. The filter work in both the score and the sound FX is so tight. And the glowing light trails of the bikes are perfect. One tends to run out of superlatives.

  4. WitherGamez says:

    It just sounds amazing.

  5. El Gamerico says:

    Awesome stuff !! Finding these really useful as part of my university degree. On a side note, what Tron Legacy lacks in decent storyline, it makes up for it in incredible sound design and VFX. I love how musical it all is.
    And the Daft Punk score fits so well.

  6. JN says:

    So glad I discovered this channel, good work bruh.

  7. Game Render says:

    oh I thought the bike forming were computer keys being typed like code. That's cool though

  8. Hanniffy Dinn says:

    Dumb as rocks! They sound like piston engines! They should be an electric type hum!

  9. Manjunath Navalgund says:

    Funny how the original Tron sounds more futuristic

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