This song is about your life


Tun tutnuntutntu I have no idea what i’m doing X.X Life is really HARD T^T *O* I just want to sleep OH YEAH>:D UH owo AND eat some snacks in my BED ^.^ Life was so simple when i was a BABY D: … Can i just be a BABY? 🙁 *Thinking of text* I just want to sleep PLEE->:V W*O*W ^ *Depression*

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100 thoughts on “This song is about your life”

  1. Danny Casale says:


  2. psychotic kid says:

    my mood

  3. Maria Geo says:

    loveloveloved it

  4. Alexandre Manuel says:

    So relatable

  5. insanity Studios says:

    Can I have the sheet music for this lol

  6. rada marinkovic says:

    This is so emotional😭

  7. Murniarti S.Pd says:


  8. Lime Turtle69 says:

    The whole thing gives me Adventure Time vibes lmao

  9. LadyMordor says:

    When you are a student and a worker and you also try to have social life

  10. insowti says:

    yes it is

  11. Izzy Chambers says:

    Me rn at 2:44 am after struggling to fall asleep since 10:30 pm someone fucking help me I beg you I think I’m going insane

  12. { UwU } Doki Zlushiix { OwO } says:

    Me too Danny, me too.

  13. Cintia Green says:


  14. Hi there says:

    Your albums are fire bro

    No wonder why bushfires happen

  15. eventuallies says:

    this should be at the music awards

  16. Thewatemelon Girl says:

    Sleeping is life

  17. UnUtente DiYoutube says:


  18. Hetalia South Korea says:


  19. sampada khair says:

    Love ur videos

  20. eventuallies says:

    History teacher: why didn't u read the lesson?

  21. giulia luane says:

    sums it up pretty well, yeah

  22. elvian charina says:

    knp hrs yg indo translatenya gt

  23. Eryyque Fernandes says:

    Wth bro

  24. Eryyque Fernandes says:

    What's a brazilian is doing here? Pleaseeeeeeee

    Edit: English errors

  25. front back says:

    Horrible singing but it was funny 😂😂

  26. wonhae_manhi_manhi is my fav song says:

    I've never related to anything in my life so much as I do now….

  27. Halime How to says:

    This is my life 🤣

  28. Alyaa Sultan says:

    When he said "PLEASE!"
    I felt that

  29. Milena Fogari says:

    Skskskskkskkskskskskksksksk eu to rindo muitoooooooooo

  30. Not My Fault says:

    The fact that I've never heard of this channel before and this video popped up in my notifications as raccommended makes me think a lot about what YouTube thinks of me. And it knows me damn well.

  31. Nose 8 says:

    Danny calase!!!! the fucking copy yaco beltran >:'(!!

  32. Nose 8 says:

    Danny calase!!!! the fucking copy yaco beltran >:'(!

  33. Nose 8 says:

    Danny calase!!!! the fucking copy yaco beltran >:'(!

  34. Nose 8 says:

    Danny calase!!!! the fucking copy yaco beltran >:'(!

  35. Nose 8 says:

    Danny calase!!!! the fucking copy yaco beltran >:'(!

  36. Alex Pryor says:

    Thank you

  37. Jennifer Peck says:


  38. Kawaii Bean says:

    Kid:Hey mom can we get a performer for my party?
    Mom:we have a performer at home
    Performer at home:

  39. strawberry mxlk says:

    This song has very heavy emotional value for me

  40. Lilly Hana says:


  41. 현수 says:

    Why me in there

  42. big main says:

    if you don't relate well done you have your life together

  43. Kaitlyn Heskett says:

    why is this in mah recommended?

  44. OYPANOV says:

    I like it

  45. annoyed bitch says:

    seems legit

  46. Hellena Corrêa says:

    Eu todos os dias

  47. Petit Luna says:

    Have you been spying on me?

  48. Aggressives Brot says:

    Why am I watching that at 3 am?

  49. Chocolate Park says:


  50. Joe Mama says:

    0:18 – 0:23 cracked me up

  51. Lettecia Dena says:

    Most relatable song of 2019

  52. pineapple in the sky says:

    Thank you

  53. WileyTizz says:

    lol so relatable

  54. XxKia The DemonxX says:

    sr pelo barges in


  55. Safiyuddin Ismail says:

    Can't be more accurate than this

  56. karen lima says:

    Es la mejor descripción de mi vida que han hecho 😂😂

  57. Cath D says:

    😂😂 love this

  58. kirbykid16 says:

    This hits harder since it 4am AND I JUST WANT TO SLEEP

  59. PAN GUY says:

    "I'have NO IDEA what i'm doing"

    Me: eating snacks in his bed

  60. Felicia Almèn says:

    This song is about your life

    Me: MoOd

  61. elizabeta plamadiala says:

    Me: I just want to sleep, oh yea!
    My mather: ….. WAKE UP NOW!!!!!

  62. Елена Певнева says:

    Да ладно я нашла что ИСКАЛА МНОГО МНОГО ЛЕТ, ПАЦАН ТЫ КРУТ

  63. pharmacist Dmc says:

    Fuck u danny 😹😹😹
    I'm just kidding
    U R da best 👍❤️

  64. laylay says:

    It’s nearly 7am and I haven’t slept was joking for this to be a chill video to make it happen xD

  65. Vivek Goel says:


  66. BroZ says:

    When this is your work..

  67. de amazing wout says:

    This really speaks to me

  68. Silvia Alisa says:

    Do you have camera's in my room? because i am in my bed eating snacks🤔

  69. Nemo_K says:

    This channel is like a discount bill wurtz

  70. Satyam K R says:

    I just took on my first (serious) job. That shit is hard. But, gotta earn that bed and snacks to eat on it first.

  71. Belle Fnaf Gacha says:

    Youtube: Hey check it out! There's a new video!

    Me: 0:28

  72. Gacha JiMin&MinJi says:

    Yes….. Yes Man yes… 😅😅😥

  73. Nicole Morales says:

    The amount of times I have watched this video is unhealthy

  74. HoppigDash GD says:

    Watch this if u can't sleep

  75. Monkey .D Luffy says:

    I dont want to sleep

  76. 미렌 Mirren_ says:

    들고있는거 마시멜론줄

    그와중에 노래 무엇

  77. Sille Wettergreen Aagesen 6E Jyderup Skole, område Skovvejen says:

    "and eat some snacks in my bed"
    and the crums better leave before i begin sleeping >:(

  78. Yes, I do have a life says:

    You forgot the part about wanting to die

  79. Taniaʕ •ᴥ•ʔ says:

    So ture

  80. Sean Badiola says:

    Reason: I'm in this video and I don't like it.

  81. bójka says:

    yep. that's it

  82. Bass Galaxy says:

    The composition of the song wasn't too bad. 😎👍

  83. chilled cat says:

    Yup. Pls. Lemme nap.

  84. Meeli Albarracin says:

    This video represent my life

  85. Foxy Yumika says:

    How are you?

  86. Durkh The Wolf says:

    I just watched that before I sleep…

  87. Kacper Wikarius says:

    Outro song?????

  88. snowysnowwish says:

    sike, i didnt sleep as a baby either.

  89. Uva says:

    Pedile perdon a yaco beltran jsjsjsjsjs

  90. piepiepug _ 77 says:

    so you're assuming I have a life huh

  91. Orange Juice says:

    ㄹ류현우씨 어케 이리 항상 완벽한 한국어 번역을 해주시는 건가여,,,,,,,

  92. O N E says:


  93. Canon In D IOS says:

    I like the last sentence “ I just want to sleep PLEASE

  94. 9One Buds says:

    0:04 me on a test

  95. ?¿RØSË ?¿ says:

    If this is a song about my life why doesnt it end ? (XDD)

  96. Standew says:

    Você ser Brasiliam?

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