This LA Musician Built $1,200 Tiny Houses for the Homeless. Then the City Seized Them.


Each night tens of thousands of people sleep in tent cities crowding the palm-lined boulevards of Los Angeles. But a struggling musician from South LA thought he had a creative temporary fix. He crowdfunded $100,000 and built dozens of solar-Powered tiny houses to shelter the homeless. But on the morning city officials were gathering to celebrate their new nearly two billion dollar plan to end homelessness, Police and garbage crews were descending on the tiny homes, ordered by the city to seize and destroy them. Los Angeles emergency in the country’s second-largest city- -problem that’s spinning out of control- -reaching crisis proportions- -they’re in a shelter crisis as the city is overwhelmed by a spike in the homeless population- -homeless camps are seen everywhere- -he’s been living on the sidewalk here for the past 30 years- -what is behind this homeless crisis in LA? Here in the entertainment capital of the world over half [the] homeless population will sleep on the streets tonight far more than in any other American City there are 28,000 homeless people in just the city of Los Angeles and the number has hit new record highs in [each] of the past Few years But La Mayor Eric garcetti has a plan this is a bold step forward today for Los angeles a year ago I’ll be blunt The City Council the Mayor weren’t working together on this Garcetti Introduced a funding proposal in February that would devote nearly two billion dollars over the [next] decade to getting all La residents off the streets once and for all but at the time of Garcetti s announcement dozens of homeless people had already found shelter in the form of Solar-Powered tiny houses dispersed throughout the neighborhoods of south La and Beyond in Los Angeles a growing movement A big impact it’s an innovative effort to help the homeless giving homes to the homeless They were built by a self-described struggling musician named Elvis summers. I got involved with building tiny houses because of a woman named smokey She’s 62 years old. This is my neighborhood and as I got to know her Realize that she [was] sleeping in the dirt and I decided to build [a] tiny house in his 20s [summers] was homeless for stretches of time Himself now the 39 year old is trying to help his neighbors who have fallen on hard times [some] other Homeless people came by and [asked] if I could build them one I didn’t have the money so [I] figured you [try] one of these Crowdfunding things I’ve seen out there. [I] mean blew my mind. [I] mean, I [think] I passed [50] thousand in the first week Total I’ve raised you know over a hundred thousand [summers] has built tiny homes for nearly 40 people aided by Professional contractors And other volunteers who sign up to help through his nonprofit starting human each house costs Roughly $1,200 for materials the houses I build Have carpet two windows a steel reinforced door smoke detector it’s got a solar panel on the roof powers two light bulbs and The battery Pack has a uSb port on it to charge your cell [phone]. Which is huge [and] address American flag Summers also equips each of the six by ten foot houses with a camping toilet and even window alarms He says they were never meant to be a permanent solution But unlike sleeping on the sidewalk or in a ten his tiny houses provide the secure foundation residents need to improve their lives You know the tiny houses? Provide immediate shelter you know the houses I build a very sturdy and safe [people] can lock their stuff up and know that when they come back from their Drug treatment program or a court or finding a job all day that this stuff is where they left it? I got my resume My showers no were to not be homeless want to order pizza tomorrowland home But as summers was building houses anger in the community [over] growing street homelessness was reaching a boiling point early this year These homes was nothing more than a detriment to mine in my neighbors homes families [in] children And they created a sense of terror in the residents nestled within Dour tent Shanty towns Summerses tiny houses became brightly colored targets for residents who want the homeless out of their backyards? They had the children walking in the middle of the street and not on the curbside when they’re going over the [overpasses] Most of summerses tiny houses were placed on private land That’s been donated to the project Such as a parking lot outside a convenience store in a church in Compton a handful replaced the tents that have proliferated on freeway overpasses They’re not right in front of a business [they’re] not in you know in front of somebody’s house And the Sidewalks are extra wide so you know it seemed as far as public places the safest best place to be until I could get land and Then take them and put them on on property building a small community but La viewed the houses as a nuisance [in] February the City Council Amended a sweeps ordinance to allow the tiny houses to be seized without prior notice On the morning of the ninth police and garbage trucks descended telling three of the houses to a [bureau] Sanitation lot for disposal my phone just blows up by everybody on 42nd Street, just freaking out like they’re throwing us out of the houses they’re telling us They’re taking them like what do we do? I mean, they wouldn’t let them get their clothes or their medications they threw them out left them on the sidewalk I pleaded with them. I was like okay. We’ll look they have wheel locks on them Let me unlock the wheels at least you know so you don’t break them No They refused they just wanted to take them and destroy summers managed to move eight of the threatened houses into storage before they were Confiscated but their residents had nowhere to go I had to evict to veterans who paid their ticket they shouldn’t be homeless period [you] know I get angry they did their service They gave up their dreams So the rest of us can be out here and be a bunch of assholes You [know] there needs to be some respect our community was so negatively impacted by these structures that many of us come together To get them removed we call Councilman prices office because we needed him to do something about it I don’t think living in that box is the alternative to having some Housing current price is the La City Councilman who represents the district where the houses were located and who ordered the seizures? Might have been objections to the timely houses everyone call them houses it really just box. They’re multicolored boxes. Is that they’re safe They’re not safe and that they impose real hazards for Other neighbors in the community people in neighborhoods that are concerned about all of that [their] property values and you know Tiny houses and homeless people in their neighborhood have every right period To be pissed off and I completely agree with them but you know You’re misdirecting your anger [direct] [it] to the powers [that] be that are supposed to be doing their job My whole issue and cause is that something needs to be done right now until permanent housing does come available? I think just just a temporary fix is a false sense of security [as] would the Timbi without any real supportive services But two homeless people who had escaped tents and moved into the tiny homes the security they provided seemed anything But false after [the] City’s sweep they were forced once again to call the sidewalk home I’ve been home is like two years One of the guys willie who’s an engineer? Who I gave the [red] house to he used to have it right [here] in the house You feel secure [could] you we plugged your lucky door? After willie had Knotts house was seized by the city. He went back to living in a tent above the 110 freeway I [tried] to cover it up You know as much as I can but hey At the as he taken cut it with a razor blades much much kid you have it all? You know it’s coming. You know that they really don’t care for you too much They said first thing officer told me he said well, go get a job [my] second. You help me good one I’m willing to work. It’s not really all in little jobs map it Eli Harold [go] Willie is An Ex engineer, he loves kids he loves Tinkering with things and I have a little [a] [little] Platform like [a] [little] [stands] for that I [build] to put this on it That’s a little wood toy a man, but you know some kid with a lot of hats man, and I got this out of duster Which I really don’t like say, but I do go dumpster diving, okay? a few days after I gave him his house he pulled me aside and basically did I mean he just told me that like he was so low and There’s just no hope and he basically was just used given up, and he was contemplating ending his life Finally getting hope there’s a chance. You know maybe I can turn this around and then Just you know Having someone come and suck it away from you It’s horrible, [I] put a lot into it You don’t saying [I’m] not saying I wanted a lot back, but I I was [securing] what I had my little house, man My little houses made the world for me, and it still means the world to me We’ve offered housing to individuals who are [willing] to come in and you know frequently the responses Well, I don’t want to go to the shelter. I just want to stay here on the street There are a fraction of shelter space [to] how many people are homeless, but otherwise the shelters are dirty It’s dangerous in there the food is not good. It’s got bedbugs You can’t go with a girlfriend pets or any of your personal items that let’s suggesting that the shelters are the answer? [that] [obviously] is a temporary step of an alternative step I think it’s a better step you know than someone sleeping on the sidewalk under a bench or on a bitch [I] think the way you make it better is having some kind of coordinated services [you] know where you can refer people to the kind of assistance They need as opposed to giving them a structure letting them think that they’ve got it there Okay now because they had a little they’re sitting in a little box and it their problems are gonna be solved you you go out And spend you know many nights on the street and be treated as a Monster and Then be given. You know a warm place [to] [stay] and tell me you’re not going to call it a home when the city took those three houses They chose to do it at the exact same time that the council in the Mayor were at City Hall unveiling the Mayor’s new Homeless 1.8 [7] billion Dollar plan this is an important policy statement And I think it’s going to provide it with a road [map] in a variety of areas We are beginning to make a difference [and] a difference that is long overdue we’ve identified some some action items Working closely with the county and so we’re working really in collaboration ways that we happen before We have identified and need to come some funds a specific number some funding for prolonged period of time Everything that they have been doing and you know doesn’t work. It’s just years of circles, and you know bureaucratic holds and wait times and you know like I Would like them to care 10 20 30 40 years I mean water salt house Mayor Garcetti [z’] plan focuses on permanent supportive housing aiming to build 10,000 units for homeless families over the next decade But in the meantime La is taking funds away from temporary shelters the tiny houses are you know a cheap? effective immediate step and as long as they are You know managed in small communities That would be best. I’ve almost completed my first mobile shower unit which super excited to get done currently Los
Angeles Owns thousands of Vacant lots that could provide locations for micro housing villages like those that already exist in Several other cities including Portland, Seattle, Austin and elsewhere I mean, not only they could open a few up that have been sitting there for decades that we could build communities on but Open up a warehouse and stop chastising the homeless for collecting The good citizens garbage encourage them give them a job doing it well. We’re trying. We’re trying to come up some solutions You know we’re looking at letting people Stay in the parking lots for example you know the publicity the veteran vehicles the parking parking labs perhaps that could be a good location for tents for for other types of temporary shelters in May Following National media attention Los Angeles returned the tiny houses it had seized with their solar power systems missing on the condition that summers placed them only Property as for Mayor garcetti in the City council They scored a success on the november ballot as [la] voters approved a 1.2 billion dollar bond measure to partially fund new permanent housing construction Exactly a decade after the City’s first ten-year plan to end homelessness withered in 2006 Every Angelino deserves a safe place to sleep at night the Mayor’s office says that though the city appreciates citizens creative solutions to end homelessness [he] does not support opening a surplus [slot] for Elvis Summers or other tiny house Village Concepts until the City has some more time to study the issue business as usual for me. I’m going to keep building I’m going to keep helping these people this can all change. [I] mean if people want a beautiful Positive Community You have to build one You can’t just you know sweep stuff under the rug and pretend. It doesn’t exist [if] I you know can’t Get through to the city to open their minds to actually give a crap about what’s going on you know to the people of our city and Create change with me You know I’ll do it myself then and with all the support that I do get and everybody that doesn’t want to come and contribute I’ll get private land we’ll build small communities. We’ll save these people’s lives I’ve got a walking along I have a friend right here. [I] do have that

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100 thoughts on “This LA Musician Built $1,200 Tiny Houses for the Homeless. Then the City Seized Them.”

  1. systematic101 says:

    HOLY FUCK! I wish it was possible to slap a bitch through a screen. I'd bitch slap that fucker Curren. "I don't think living in that box is the alternative to having some housing" so what it's better for them to sleep on the fucking street? It's not like they left there house to go live in one of these "boxes". They left sleeping in a tent on the side of a road to living in what you call a box. The smugness with him is infuriating. I wish he looses everything in the future and ends up sleeping on a sidewalk. Then when he tries to get in one of these boxes people tell him to fuck off. I get so fucking pissed when people who have never been homeless try to tell a homeless person what the homeless person would prefer. I've been homeless and I absolutely would have liked to stay in one of those boxes until I got back on my feet. Would have made things so much easier.

  2. systematic101 says:

    MORE TIME!? how much fucking time do you need to study the problem? With 1.2 billion you could easily create 400,000+ tiny homes and then focus your other help resources around those structures. Use the tiny homes as a stepping stone to other places. While you're at it fix the insane housing prices in LA.

  3. Teejae Mclean says:

    Government requires that it citizens are dependent on them, they cant control you if you are self sufficient, this is a perfect example of that. This mayor if full of crap, the amount of buzz words and half measures he spews is disgusting. Corruption rules LA all that money yet nothing gets done. Maybe folks should vote differently if they want things to change.

  4. James cameron says:

    3:53 Black bitch

  5. #1 Negans Girl - the original says:

    What Summers and his comrades should have done, was to gather ALL the homeless people up and had them to board pvt. buses or private cars and moved them (the homeless) completely out of LA to a place where laws aren't as restricted as LA is specifically towards the homeless.

    Here it is 2019, three years later and still those same people who were homeless in 2016 are still homeless today 2019 and believing many more in numbers has been added.

    The government had at that time and even today, had/have no intention of ever getting homeless people off the streets and into decent homes. The government would luv to make money and or a profit off the homeless people just the way they are, with continuing them to be or to stay HOMELESSNESS! SMH

  6. #1 Negans Girl - the original says:

    God Bless You Summers for what you were trying to do for these sanely homeless people. God Bless You!!! 🙂

  7. Trevor Andersen says:

    The city should have donated a piece of land to put the small houses if they were so concerned with where they were located… what a joke. The only solution they can think of is take their stuff. Just like they do with everything else that threatens their authority.

  8. King Freedom says:

    Fuck there monopoly. And fuck them. They will meet there maker. Forgive me lord…

  9. Julieanna Lauer says:

    Those pompous self important government idiots! Those tiny houses are wonderful compared to the tents etc!
    Thank God for people like you!

  10. Been Washedup says:

    To the homeless start taking a big old dump on City Hall steps show them that you appreciate their abuse of power

  11. Marlene Romero says:

    For those of you interested in moving to L.A don't come. Take it from someone who was born and raised in L.A, homeless here is just getting worse. People out here lack empathy, it's honestly a depressing place to live. I'm planning on leaving this state

  12. May Lai says:

    They were the evil and cruel beings that I have ever seen ! Why not let them stay in the tiny houses ? ??

  13. Tony Mathis says:

    For the same $1200 you can rent a "POD" and live concentration camp style. Ofcourse you'll have to pay that $1200 each month for the privilege of living with no privacy, I'm sure the fact that a self-reliant male came up with this idea and a communist female came up with the other has nothing to do with one being threatened with jail and the other being promoted by Democrat city officials.

  14. Stephanie Bailey says:

    So sorry. They are so cruel. I hope all involved become homeless in the future. Homelessness is part of the global "culling" program. Google it.

  15. Esther stephens says:

    Wow, I found this channel from watching van, car, RV dwelling. I mentioned this idea to my sis earlier today. I’m angry and appalled (but not surprised) the the gov’t has done this. That goes to show you how much our gov’t WANTS control over us!! Check out some YT videos on van dwellers. Many of them started out as something intended to be temporary but have come to love that lifestyle that many have said they will never go back to renting apartments or houses. Also, many van dwellers ARE working ppl!! I know it’s not for everybody but who DOESN’T want to work and keep their $$$ for themselves?!? Smh. I know this video is old but I def wanted to put my 2 cents in.

  16. Thomas Smith says:

    Hell in La. There is over a couple hundred acres of 30' fema trailers sitting on private properties being leased by the government to store FEMA trailers on they'd rather have them growing weeds through them and becoming dilapidated beyond repair then to be used by somebody who could really use it. Our governments getting sadder by the fucking year and so are most people themselves. Fewer and fewer acts of true kindness are slipping exponentially.

  17. estlan clothing says:

    Fuck the government.

  18. Ceciilia Preziose says:

    so these people will live in tiny houses……..where are they going to be placed…….is there going to be utilities, sewerage, taxes……..good idea but not a good solution

  19. Ceciilia Preziose says:

    So how about Tiny Home Town………..almost like a Tiny House Park………….

  20. Bieh Pham says:


  21. Richard Myhan says:

    He only had the drive to help people! The problem is the gooberment that shut him down!!!!

  22. JaDeD dRaGoN says:

    Unbelievable that they would destroy these

  23. Martijn Keulen says:

    Very nice

  24. R M says:

    Most municipalitys create homeless, if you miss a water bill the house will be condemned and beamed unlivable and the residents evicted becoming homeless

  25. Edward Wright says:

    Basically they are giving millions to their corporations that give them millions back to run again for office

  26. TheMysticCraft86 says:

    How can you blame the politicians? We live in a democracy and you idiots keep voting to elect these people. 🤦‍♂️ Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!

  27. Jacob Hood says:

    “I don’t think living in that box is the alternative to houses”
    Well then provide damn houses. Because it’s their alternative to tents.

  28. Jacob Hood says:

    The city wants to spend 1.78 billion to build 10,000 temporary houses.
    Or you could give that money to this guy, and for the same amount (at 1200 dollars a home) have almost 1.5 million temporary houses… something tells me government isn’t spending its money efficiently.

  29. 17736tja says:

    Just another reason not to live in Comifornia. There’s a special place in hell for corrupt politicians who don’t find Jesus.

  30. 1776concernedcitizen says:

    The crazy administration in LA needs to be changed immediately

  31. 1776concernedcitizen says:

    Great work Elvis! I knew you were really alive

  32. Jonathan Baird says:

    Government want's their cut. I doubt there was property tax on these tiny homes.

  33. Heidi Bahena says:

    That is so sad, I've seen families, kids living in tents on the streets of LA. It's better to have tiny houses than living in tents.

  34. Admiral54 Barns says:

    Of course those cocksuckers had to steal the solar panels.. They might give back the tiny houses, but they'll be damned if they will make it easy for the homeless by allowing them power "off the grid".. these fucks have to make money somehow off the homeless..

  35. The Cost says:

    Fuck Socialism, it's state slavery.

  36. Magda Ty says:

    this is so sad, and all due to hypocrisy and mindless cruelty 7:43

  37. m_hicks12 says:

    I literally had this very same idea and was hoping to put it into effect someday but it looks like this guy beat me to the punch.

  38. Lanier says:

    That really upsets me, you put them in a whole lot better place a safe place and city councilman says it's just a Box and not safe… Only one thing to bring from this somebody's lining his pockets with MONEY, Taken away their homes just makes it harder on them they did not leave they just pitch a tent…

  39. Lanier says:

    The African American council man with the ugly tie has been lining his pockets with money, All he cares about is himself not one bit does he care about the homeless… I'll have more on this man and the BS he spits…

  40. Darrow Au Andromedus says:


  41. pik nick says:

    Keep dreamin CA, keep dreamin. . .

  42. musicman9901 says:

    Elvis Summers is the kind of person I think of when I think of a real American, helping his community out. Im not surprised a democrat doesn't see the benefit to putting roofs over peoples heads. Curren Price seems like the kind of person who would think anyone who lives in a smaller house than him is inferior.

  43. Peter Banderas says:

    Bet those $1200 homes had done more than the billions spent on bureaucrats trying to "solve" the problem.

  44. Robyn Chiles says:

    What a good ❤ you have.

  45. Capt. Badger says:

    This is why people are walking away

  46. D Billycheck says:


  47. Miri says:

    Elvis Summers is an angel in a human body. The world needs more empathy, it needs more people like him.

  48. Ki Grey says:

    That black mayor guy needs a nice big fist in his mouth (and ass).

  49. Leigh Foulkes says:

    The government officials want all contracts (to build any housing) to be awarded to their corporate friends and they don't want affordable housing because that would bring down the pricing of their homes (bought a house for a million and they want to sell it for five million). That is the problem around the world in western capitalist countries today, you can't make a profit from humanitarian aid.

  50. 380PPK says:

    This is how typical liberal cities operate. No good deed goes unpunished especially in this case because the government sees this type of activity as a threat. City officials have to virtue signal in order to keep their power base and without homelessness their pawn so to speak goes away.

  51. 1 Mitch says:

    Curran Price if you were in the horrible situation these people are in – would you want to sleep in a tent or a dry, lockable, what you call a “box”? It’s a tiny home!! I know which one I would pick. Treat others as you would want to be treated!!!

  52. 1 Mitch says:

    Price, your are not that dumb. You know there are not enough beds. You are the problem

  53. 1 Mitch says:

    Where did the solar systems go?

  54. In My Opinion says:

    My God. Talking about some bullshit. Insane. Do you have a blueprint on how these are built?

  55. Unga Bunga says:

    Yet homeowners setting up sheds and campers in their back yards renting them was ignored for years, the irony.

  56. Skuwashi says:

    And whoever robs the homeless

    F*** them

  57. evoljellyfish 00 says:


  58. Arthbor Blackraven says:

    Democrats hate humans.

  59. Philip J Fry says:

    Look at what the democrats do. poverty pimps

  60. 21'st Century Digital Boy says:

    This is the most heartwrenching story I've seen in a LONG time. I hope every single person responsible gets voted out in the next election. The billions they claim to be spending never seems to help the people they claim it's going to, when a guy figures out a way to REALLY help them and without delay go figure the LA government is opposed!

  61. Logos Learner says:

    "just a false sense of security…" –> fuck you…

  62. Jan Golebski says:

    we are from the government and we are here to help

  63. cool beans says:

    God bless this man

  64. Shiza Chico says:

    Only in comifornia

  65. Norbert Rosendahl says:

    Politicians are all criminals ….it’s time for a change.

  66. Rick Brown says:


  67. Paul Moody says:

    What a compassionate bunch of city officials.

  68. Paul Moody says:

    And what a legend this young man is. Seems like the city officials didn't like the wind being taken out of their probably over engineered, costly blowout sails. It seems that simple, practical, cost effective solutions are not allowed these days. And how the hell did a rich city come to have so many homeless, I have to ask. It wouldn't have anything to do with policy would it. Elvis should be lauded, instead they want to bring him down. He probably showed the mayor a better idea than he and his cohorts had. Long live Elvis Sommers.

  69. Paul Moody says:

    Maybe they thought it was too communist, you know, like the universal health care that countries like Canada, Australia, England, etc have because a small levy is paid out of their salary.


    Well I tell you what this should be our mayor

  71. Kerry Madgett says:

    California is the most corrupt state. How evil works. Democrats pretend to care. They don’t. They steal the money for themselves.

  72. TJP projects says:

    "We need some more time to analyze the situation". Analyze my ass, a fucking snail could figure out a solution in about 10 seconds
    They're lying out of their shit-filled mouths.

  73. Robert G says:

    They ALREADY HAVE houses. They're called TENTS and are cheaper than $1200!

  74. john hardwick says:

    So here we are, years later…how well did that 2 billion the state was supposed to invest work out? From what I've seen, the problem is only worse now

  75. Susan Spatz says:

    The homes certainly looked better then the tents.

  76. Maraea Ngaronoa says:

    F'n bureaucratic a–holes are so far removed from the real issues which in this case is that the homeless people of Los Angeles, who cannot afford rental housing so have no choice but to seek shelter however they can. A solar powered box on wheels is so much more humane than tents & tarpaulins. This man Elvis ought to be honoured for his initiative to do what he can for his fellow citizens. The Mayor or whatever you call them in LA ought to be ashamed of themselves Their plan to address the homeless is going to take at least ten years? This is not only piteous but pious of them to think that we are all as dumb as they are. Exactly how much accumulated interest will they glean on the two billion dollars? If it is on a daily rate, that is a huge amount of revenue. Even if it's a fixed term, over a ten year period, the return will be phenomenal. Based on that premise alone could mean that the city most definitely can afford to build several homes Per Day and still have change.The city of LA can house all it's citizens on the interest alone without having to touch the capital. Two billion dollars is not a figure to scoff at. It is alot of money. Those suits know this, so while the homeless & their haters continue to bicker between themselves, overlooking the very solution to their problems because they're too wrapped up in themselves, the suits happily go about their day. Every single citizen ought to rally together to address the homeless, instead of fighting with each other. The only ones getting anything from this are the banks & the politicians. Let us not forget what is most important. That money belongs to the tax payer & every citizen of LA who pay taxes for every item &/or service rendered. They already have the land for these homes. That land was stolen from the Native Americans anyhow. What the heck is their problem in giving back a little? Where are the true owners of the City of Angels? On some derelict reservation where the land is so barren they can't even graze livestock or cultivate commercial gardens etc. If you're not going to give it back to it's original owners, I'm pretty sure they would rather see the homeless making good use of it rather than the council typically claiming what's not theirs by putting up fences around allotments with trespass signs attached. As Elvis so eloquently verbalized it, there is something tragically wrong when the returned servicemen & servicewomen are not only homeless but are being targeted for their pensions. They made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. They earned their pensions (although meagre), so to have it stolen from them because they are homeless, this making them vulnerable. Let me guess, PTSD, the common result of war, which none of those thugs have ever experienced. True honour, earnt by fighting against a real enemy. Grand theft auto doesn't count brah. It's a joke that those thugs think they're hard in comparison to what these veterans actually experienced. Poor Vets just can't win in the very cuntry they all fought so hard to protect, and are stil having to do so with that meglomanic at the helm. God bless you all & know that you can win when you join together. There is strength in numbers.od bless But as a cohesive group you all can.

  77. alois hermida says:

    If they have the money to destroy, call people to clean the streets and destroy people only belongings.than they have the money to help the homeless

  78. Rod Palm says:

    They don't want any houses that they can't tax into oblivion.

  79. BamaDixieDelight LucyQ says:

    Unbelievable how evil are those people running California? This is bad bad bad. Breaks my heart.

  80. Loretta Posey says:

    That lady that's speaking should have her home taken away from her and made to live on the street and those who back that witch. Let's see how long they'll last

  81. Loretta Posey says:

    I'll keep on saying this, Do Not Trust the Government especially when they make a promise and never keeps their word. All the government wants is more money in their pockets, they don't give a shit about the poor

  82. Eduardo Bicelis García says:

    A pity institutions are falling! and failing. What can you expect elsewhere America?

  83. Michael Jedd says:

    How can I feel bad when you keep voting democrat, you people in CA. bring it upon yourselves, corruption breeds more corruption

  84. Walter Boswell says:

    I Told you, democrats want to destroy our Constitution and country. When somebody does something good for anyone, the Demoshits hate it.
    If demoshits cant stop, tear it down or up, THEY LITERALLY SHIT ON IT…

  85. Hamish Lothian says:

    The city guy just talked total bollox , they are ashamed

  86. JUST AS REAL says:


  87. Meg Grotte says:

    No, we had homeless services for years and its never ended homeless ever. This is crap. No, if frigging government worked these groups we could homelessness across America.

  88. Dale DeWitt says:

    It's the rent-mentality that creates this inequality. With non-tricky-dick 4th gen fission all this resource high-priced housing would disappear. Instead we've spawned war to enrich the rich. Burn the bombs and provide desalinated water for all.

  89. J Sparker says:

    The point is to lower property value so corporations can buy it all up & this would hurt their plan.

  90. John Dicks says:

    Government doesn’t care about the homeless. They just want to use the crisis to line their pockets!

  91. dracky drackula says:

    3d printed houses will be the same as this. fuck the government.

  92. SVS Productions says:

    So in 2016 when this video came out homelessness in LA was 25,000. In October 2019 homeless population in LA is around 60,000! More than doubled in only 3 yrs!

  93. David Chase says:

    Democrats wouldn't do that! Would they?

  94. Jeremy photographer says:

    the temporary solution helps homless get a job using their adress

  95. Night-X says:

    2 billion dollars and about 3 years later they have 10 times more homeless then what they had before. If I had 2 billion dollars I would buy countless houses in few small towns that can hold about 10,000 in each town which isn't much but those results are more better then what their government has been doing.

  96. Brandy Summers says:

    So cruel to take there little houses

  97. Dena Rauch says:

    Welcome to California their government officials have no idea what they’re doing they encourage drug use they make it absolutely easy for drug attic‘s to live on their streets and then when you give them actual walls to l live in they want to trash your house

  98. Christopher Thomas says:

    Why would they remove the solar paneling? Local government is no better than state, which is no better than federal. It’s all about lining their pockets! Keep up the good work, young man!

  99. Daniel Phelps says:

    The simple reason why they went after these homes was because it embarrassed the city. One guy, a handful of volunteers and a crowd funding campaign did what billions of dollars and an entire city government couldn’t do, they were fixing the homeless problem.

  100. Tamala Coughlin says:

    Hello, it's time to take California back, when are you all gonna grow a pair.

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