TheFatRat – Warrior Songs (DOTA 2 music pack)


Raise your weapon Sing a song War is here We waited so long Prepare my brothers Battle will come And when we die Our legend is sung See the Mad Moon falling Side by side we stand strong Till the end of days through the clash of our blades We’ll sing the “Warrior’s song”

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100 thoughts on “TheFatRat – Warrior Songs (DOTA 2 music pack)”

  1. TheFatRat says:

    What's your favorite of the 12 Warrior Songs?

  2. Maribel Espinel de la Fundación Albeiro Vargas says:

    origin es el mismo ritmo de close to the sun

  3. GGRG77#GaY racist says:

    Close to the sun GG

  4. Mariola Kowal says:

    Super 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 😍😍😍

  5. SphinxBlueCosmic YT says:

  6. Francisco Anzules Zuñiga says:


  7. Dion Villanueva says:

    So the music pack in Dota contains all of these songs? I am planning to buy it.

  8. Sahil Singh says:

    I just started dota , everyone hates me but i love the game

  9. สาธิต นพไทย says:


  10. Legendary 44 says:

    Is this coming to Dota or not?
    fucking valve man I am telling you…..

  11. slayer ninja says:

    oh shit dota 2 is my best favorite game

  12. 채호녕 says:


  13. UnderRose says:

    The backgrounds for these are just beautiful!

  14. Mira S says:

    Stupid blablabla% of people came to see this video jokes! As a Change please dislike this comment

  15. 施宇軒 says:

    You are such a fuking genious

  16. emo tic pro says:

    Song 3 is epic

  17. emo tic pro says:

    Tus songs no tienen copyright no

  18. ReasonableMeat says:

    Let's do a minute of silence for those who dropped DOTA 2 ( like me )

  19. Mortal Arez says:

    I remember dying so many times just to hear Threnody so good

  20. 。ろくぷー says:


  21. Christian Lauron Anunciado says:

    Just recently brought it and man I've never regret it

  22. Tran Hai Ha says:

    I like the origin song it is the best 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  23. Patrik Lidak says:

    I kinda wanna play dota instead of LoL now

  24. RhatBoy says:

    Origin is Close to the Sun

  25. miguel evangelista says:

    2:06 Close to the Sun….?

  26. Shaan Thami says:

    my best parts are 2:10 and 8:00 wahts urs comment

  27. Kachin Gangster says:

    So sad😔😔

  28. prox relaxx says:

    aquí ablando en español alguien quiere tradear está música ? XD

  29. Rolina Leyson says:

    I like the afterlife

  30. v says:


  31. Menuka Vinuwara says:

    I low the all songs

  32. Vegi Setiawan says:

    Ward please, idiot supoort :v

  33. Aravis kitty says:


  34. Ognjen Bajic says:

    second song

  35. Game nhạt TV says:

    and now i'm listening
    I feel so good

  36. 楷樂 says:

    I think im falling in love with DOTA 2

  37. Ellen Metting says:


  38. Purna chandra Murmu says:


  39. sousou sousou says:

    Envelope 😍😍

  40. fernanda rene ramalho says:

    cute music😗

  41. john sinha says:

    My fav:afterlife

  42. Hally Rhodan says:

    Be i crazy or are the one songs looks like a sleep song?

  43. AYOKAY says:

    Origin is close to the sun Drop😍😘

  44. NEELAM KHARE says:


  45. John Louris says:

    I played this to my cat.
    Still a cat but he liked the song I think.

  46. Jamie Mavity 3 says:

    I really wanted to play that game but obviously I tried joining steam a lot but something didn't really work out with me and valve but I found other good dog games to play now.

  47. Son Tuan says:

    Nhac hay

  48. fire leaf says:

    When i tried to play this song i my house teleported to the moon

  49. ValkyrieRnGris says:

    Dire tower is under attack!

  50. Emerson Donovan Perez Rodriguez says:

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I LOVE

  51. GabobLlama says:

    Reminiscence should be the soundtrack to Avengers

  52. Mimi Mesa says:

    in dota

  53. Mimi Mesa says:

    the origin

  54. joigvnkg hjg says:

    I plug in my headphones hear fat rat….and cry……..

  55. Alexis Galaz Batista says:

    Lo mejor del mundo:3 100%

  56. QuAck says:

    Why does the genie look like he he farted at school and has to pretend it wasn’t him 🤨😀

  57. Antonio Defiant says:

    afterlife and threnody

  58. Antonio Defiant says:


  59. Максим Казначеев says:

    It is so similar with NieR Automata OST

  60. luigi tala says:

    Eres el mejor

  61. Natalia Mondeque says:

    The origin is=the CLOSE TO THE SUN?

  62. Adobo Plays says:

    I love the way the wallpapers look.Also the Music and the beat.

  63. Eonic Flare says:

    U know this soundtrack is good when ur parents dance for 20 hours

  64. Pantom Assassin says:

    make more
    dota 2 songs

  65. Jay Twist says:

    The fatrat I love no no no

  66. Aidaa Rashid says:

    I'm having a writer's block for my phd proposal and yepppp, thank God I found this piece and YASSS I got my back my inspiration

  67. fdk0418 says:

    I played this to my cat and now she is a lion

  68. Amarius Miles says:

    Nuuuuuu I brought all of your posters and i still wanna buy more

  69. Sam Dethrow says:

    Thefatrat should make the whole Star Wars soundtrack.

  70. Gacha AlKnt says:

    This is like Avengers XD , i love the song tho 😍

  71. Dom Sherman says:

    The nostalgia hurts I used to listen to this when I played Minecraft and Skyrim.Now I like jazz.

  72. ХуЭмАй НонОфЮрБизнес says:


  73. Abhilash D H says:

    Envelope is crazy

  74. War Feather says:

    6:49 oh that melody is so beautiful

  75. Elton Sumimba says:

    Mad moon falling………………………I N S A N E……………………..


    Oh gosh it's thanos.

  77. MIZO CHANNEL Squad says:

    I like the first song

  78. Larry James says:

    Congrats TNC

  79. Tuan Anh says:

    Everytime i hear Warrior song, i was so goose bumps

  80. Firey LoveLIFE says:

    Hello!! 😀 I would like to know if I can use this music for a intro for a series i'm creating!! 😀 Please reply, so I can know if I can!! 😀 Also, my series will fit perfectly with it I'm creating a warrior series

  81. Iliana Serna says:


    Close to The Sun Remix 1



    Close to The Sun Remix 2

    Monody Remix 9



    Coincidence? I think not.

  82. chainliner says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  83. Pastel Galaxy Crafts says:

    I always listen to this when I read my warrior cat books!
    Tell me if you read warrior cats too?!

  84. Elfi# RIP says:

    Chodim na balet a tahle musika je na prosto vhodná a proto dávám10 bodů z 10 a 👍

  85. Glenn DJ says:

    Spot the difference. 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😈

  86. helbert mendez says:

    Warrior song was the best to hear

  87. FreeNoo Banlist says:

    00:00 Warrior Song Lobby
    01:57 Origin Laning
    03:59 Ascendancy battle

    04:48 Nemesis kong
    06:11 Origin Reprise menu
    07:54 Elevate lening
    10:35 Kingdom Come battle
    11:24 Mad Moon Falling battle
    12:49 Threnody die
    14:34 Envelope lane day
    16:48 Reminiscence lane night
    19:10 Afterlife hero select

  88. Chaney Lum says:

    @JeevesDotaTV sent me here

  89. Eleazar Joshua Laguna says:

    I went here because I bought the music pack and I want to listen to it afk

  90. Luis CM says:

    Very song bro<3

  91. crak sito says:

    Son la berga la vg estas cansiones

  92. Fortnite Fortnite says:

    All of them

  93. Só passei pra Deixar o Like says:

    Eu já gostava do FatRat agora gosto mais ainda

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