The World’s FASTEST Musicians


Ready? Ready. Go! Today is a very very special day- Coffee. Because today is the day all of us together are going to break the world record. We’re going to be the fastest musicians in the world! Ben Lee, you ain’t even nowhere sacrilegious enough. – Wootcha!
– That’s right! Wootcha! We’re gonna show you what’s- Smite. When you get punished. We’re gonna show you the true meaning of playing 15 notes a second. Gonna review the most talented people across the entire Internet. Let’s do it. Come together. Alright, let’s do it. First one. Hey Phil, can you play 15 notes a second? Dude, he basically sounds like the guy on BBC. Yeah, you did it! You did it, yay! BBC, get this guy on t- Don’t worry about it! Don’t wor- Don’t worry about it. He just broke the world record. Whoever’s on the camera is so chill. Yeah, don’t worry about it. Already breaking BBC. Next one. Dude, he looks like… What? That was… and he’s like- He looks like, yeah. Like a spider? Yeah. No like, he was tense as well. Yeah. Next one. Gonna join you, bro. Oh, he’s doing like triple tongue. – Flutter tongue.
– Yeah, yeah. Drrrrbrrr. That’s right, my man. So for those that thought it wasn’t fast, they didn’t realize he’s doing like 8 notes per note. There you go, guys. BBC, get these people on your TV. Yes! This is where the real talent is. Let’s keep going. Oh, sul G! Why is he at the tip of the bow? *laughs* *laughs* Alright, yeah, that’s right. Let’s keep- Oh, guitar! 15 notes a second. Brett: Yeah. His smile. Dude… Yeah! BBC! BBC! You and the BBC… Get on TV! This is the pounding! This is what happens. Your pizzicato’s too rhythmic. Needs to be more arrhythmic. Yeah, so, Category is speed, and gotta be arrhythmic. Mate, why is your video this way? Whoa, the keyboard’s taking abuse. – Is that a violin music on the stand?
– Yeah! But is it 24 karat gold? Do it more accurate than Ben Lee! Guys, that’s right. Ah! Oui oui! What is that? 15 notes a second challenge. Wait, is that left hand? Oh no, mirrored. Who am I kidding? I play viola… *laughs* That’s right! Yes! Oh, look at her profile. Yes! What is that? Dude, that looks like… Whoa… Kirby just had a… epiphany. Weird flex but ok. Ohh! Did she just throw her- It’s sped up. I’m more s- – Dude, that case. Yeah.
– traumatized by the way she threw her trumpet on the ground. Dude… That’s abuse that you take on a 24 karat gold. Dude, our hands are taking more abuse. Yeah, let’s keep going. Where’s pizzicatos? It’s coming up. Dude, that’s legit! *laughs* That was very arrhythmic pizzicato. Go! Whoa! Back flip! So extra. Ready? Ready. Kid: Go!
Brett: Hula hoop! Look at her left hand. That is awesome. She’s enjoying it. Ukulele. I love how it’s like getting to a point that there is no resemblance. Yeah yeah yeah. There’s no point of 15 notes a second. But ironically, it resembles Ben Lee more that way. Ohhhhh BBC! Just go with 15 notes a second! Find any contestants here, guys. We challenge the world record. That’s right! Legit! 15 Chickens a second. 15 Chickens a ch- A Kung Pao Chicken. Nice… forehead. What is that? Is it a tuner? It looks like… GarageBand or something. Yeah. How do you do that? That was legit! Nice! It’s on a phone. Oh yeah. Wonder what that is… Next one. Saxophone yeah! 15 notes a second. That’s right, man! *laughs* Dude, International Instrument Damage Day. 15 notes a second. Ah! Dammit! Finger damage. He’s got the metronome. Dude, don’t pass out, man. Dude, he looks like he’s gonna pass out. Look at his hand go. Both: Piccolo! Both: Oh! Is it legit? No. Oh! Oh, she’s actually playing it! Nice!! It’s too accurate! Gotta slap some… Slap your instrument! Ah! Too accurate! Not BBC-worthy for it’s accurate. What? No, no… Haha! Brett: Guarneri. So random! He’s so still. Yeah. 6 stitches a second. *laughs* That’s cool! Dude, each needle’s like a stab- Hello, I’m here today with my- – Ohh!
– 2 million dollar gem- What’d she say? 2 million dollar instrument. violin with 5 strings. – Oh, it’s got 5 strings!
– Um so I’m going to play Flight of the Bumblebee with 15 notes per second. Hahaha! – She lost it!
– She’s awesome! – That is awesome!
– Nice one. Nice nice. She’s like… Hi, Brett and Eddy. I’m Sophie, and I am gonna be the fastest violinist in the world, and do – the 15-notes-a-second challenge.
– Yes, you do it, Sophie. Because if you can play it slowly, everyone knows you can play it quickly. So, hope you like it! Dude. – The baby in the background.
– Caught the baby’s face! Haha! – Yeah, that smile at the end.
– Nice one! (If you can) play it slowly you can play it quickly. She’s got like a sign. Both: Oh my god! Woah. What is that? Why is she wearing a mask? So confused… Oh! Ooh, marimba! *laughs* Nice dab. – We are “TwoPair Viola!”
– TwoPair Viola? Sounds just like what I expect from a viola. That’s it. Congratulations everyone! Keep the submissions going. This is how you practice. and will get on the world record one day. Guys, you’re gonna resurrect Paganini at this rate with your sacrilegiousness. Well, I think Paganini was one of the first violin rock stars. If you can play something slowly, you can play it quickly. Subscribe for the 15 notes a second. See you guys next time.

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100 thoughts on “The World’s FASTEST Musicians”

  1. Roger Cruz says:

    The fact that the rubber chicken was more accurate than Ben Lee cracks me up

  2. person is unknown says:

    what is the difference of viola and violin?

  3. snoosen says:

    Omg the squeaks are the most sacrilegious thing ever….. omg this is bad 😂

  4. Serena Sage says:

    Do you forget that flute and piccolo music is really fast sometimes; it's a genre calles folk music. Like if you are a flautist/piccoloist like me and suffer

  5. Hoden bis unter den Boden LOL says:

    Why tha heck did the guitar one sound like extratone?

  6. bhudette _ says:

    If you can be the world’s fastest musician, you can be the SLOWEST musician in the world.

  7. 「CELLO KID」 says:

    Back then, they didn't even know Vov Dylan yet

  8. Punpol Love Piano says:

    Guy's What is ling ling I don't understand

  9. Fadly Mardina says:

    Hahaha "Guys, you're going to resurrect Paganini at this rate with your sacrilegiousness" I'm deceased.

  10. Logan Robinson says:


  11. i have lost all faith in humanity says:

    take a sacrilegious shot every time they smack 👏

  12. PepperMint Ice says:
    This guy the legend that plays flight of the bumblebee

  13. B Clarke says:

    Yo… is that ricegum 3:43

  14. chandler mcclurg says:

    before i started watching y’all i was making jokes about people who play flight “quickly” and i would just wiggle my fingers on my clarinet and now i know i’ve been making twoset jokes for years 🤪

  15. Therailwayguy 1405 says:

    Hey siri, how to be sacrilegious.
    Siri: shows video
    Two set: hold my beer

    I dont think that made any sense

  16. FormaAlert says:

    shoutout to my boy paganini

  17. 빌리 says:

    what's the piece called at the end

  18. PRINCE KRAZIE says:

    I didn't even watch the original video with the fake fast guy… Only after watching that did I understand what this joke is, that they're not being serious.

  19. PRINCE KRAZIE says:

    Lol twopairviola lives near me.

  20. Thieving Khajiit says:

    It’s called flutter tongue. It’s a technique in wind-using instruments where you roll your tongue while blowing into the instrument.

  21. Wendy Marvell says:

    Don't jazz players usually hit 15 notes a second already??

  22. Jason Lee says:

    Euphoniums reign supreme

  23. 孜孜孜孜 says:

    The piccoloist is awesome, she is really playing the piccolo.😲

  24. Brianna Hamrick says:

    The clarinet person just sounded like a 6th grader first learning how to trill…

  25. todd says:

    playing bumblebee on guitar instead of through the fire and flames smh

  26. rosalie chabot says:

    Why I play viola???🤔

  27. 春のHitomi says:

    3:32 She actually has a mind. This is rare considering the video she appears in. The next one is actually not so bad in my opinion

  28. Nileist 666 says:

    Im not sure if you guys know what BBC really stands for 😉

  29. Dav Dark says:

    If you can play it slowly you can play it quickly has become my motto hahaha

  30. Annica Danielson says:


  31. All WillDie says:

    2:10 when antifa plays violin!

  32. Sasha Did 911 says:

    That Tenor is going to be in the shop for good if he beats it like that

  33. Regoil GD says:

    ling ling is faster

  34. yaren ece kocak says:

    I found the most sacrilegious video on Internet!

  35. Andrew Florentino Placido says:

    The fatest violist :

    1 note /minute

  36. Reem Amr says:

    Just imagin benlee replys

  37. Rubik’sPlayer10 882 says:

    Sounds what I can hear from a viola

  38. Vali / Fangirl says:

    The flute version of The flight if the bumblebee in the background depressed me a little because that's my aim to play but I'm not even halfway as good as it 😔😂

  39. JackPingYT says:

    I can play 1 note a day

  40. thegoldenfret123456 says:

    if you can play 15 notes a second you can play 15 seconds a note

  41. random guy says:

    Ling ling 40 hours

  42. Patricia Star says:

    Ling ling plays 904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399595030200405959838282949940904968499201838595029191829949695939981939404929189394040391892949503929189305005939291993940606039281892949696959493929182994959969949392299949699991999999999299999999999949222949999932399049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409049684992018385950291918299496959399819394049291893940403918929495039291893050059392919939406060392818929496969594939291829949599699493922999496999919999999992999999999999492229499999323995950302004059598382829499409595030200405959838282949940 notes a second.

  43. Alex Delarge says:

    The sax man sounded like Cowboy Bebop

  44. InSomniaArmyCheshire MooMooReveluvMeU says:

    Sacrilegious boi has entered the chat

  45. Bryan Chi Music says:

    dat ending tho

  46. Tu Charlie says:

    the badass ending! Bravo!

  47. Sax and Relax says:

    That clarinet sounded like flutter tongue, but clearer

  48. Sax and Relax says:

    Hat saxophone wasn’t being damaged saxophone keys are just loud asf XD

  49. Oddy Nuff says:

    I know the guy at 3:46.

  50. Alex the trash god says:

    I could play that on my clarinet

  51. Makenna Jolley says:

    Just for all of you guys wondering the clarinet player is just rolling his tongue on the feed like literally rolling his R’s with a mouth piece in his mouth XD it’s much easier than it sounds.

  52. TedJowen says:

    so if I make a 15 – stringed guitar and strum it all the way from the top within one second…

  53. audrey low says:

    No to violin yes to one sacrilegious boiiiiiiii

  54. HeadBandit says:

    I thought it said FATEST musicians

  55. Thressy Say hi says:


  56. elie520 says:

    "Sounds like what I expect from a viola"

  57. Annie Ji says:

    this is…
    A M A ZI N G
    I N T E R E S T I N G
    ik u saw that coming

  58. Mike Hunt says:

    I feel really bad for Korsakov, it's a great piece but people are butchering it like no other.
    I think I have heard more horrible versions of it than I have heard proper ones.
    Please take a moment and listen to it played by an orchestra.

  59. Connor Jones says:

    I love it when valve brass players just press down random valves and people who don't play that instrument are like HOLY CRAP DUDE HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT

  60. Eric Smith says:

    8:57 best part of the video easily

  61. TaserBaser says:

    Sounds like something Davie504 would do

  62. Imdiedohno 6969 says:

    Only 15 notes a second? Pfft! You amateur. Ling ling can play more then 69 notes. Pussy

  63. Kyle Underwood says:

    I see viola I laugh

  64. Eduardo Serrano says:

    The clarinetist was just growling into the instrument I don’t know the proper term but that’s what my teacher said they called it in the 80s

  65. Miss Informed says:

    Now do it on a straight bridge.

  66. Bard Music says:

    I play guitar. Using full bar chords and triplet strumming I can play at least 36 notes per second easily, Ling Ling who?

  67. Nathan Hollis says:

    I wish that the violist girl instead of trying to be funny, actually went and played flight of the bumblebee ACCURATELY at a NORMAL tempo

  68. kirby march barcena says:

    15 notes a second…slapping a Samsung Galaxy note to the BBC anchors

  69. Mmaaxxiimmuuss says:

    One thing 5 string 24 carat gold electric violins have got against normal violins is that they seem to be able to take damage.

  70. JunGleBoyz says:

    Eddy's laugh is THE best.

  71. Karin says:

    I want them to review Ben shapiro just so they can title the video something like “two set DESTROYS triggered Ben Shapiro”

  72. donesixfour says:

    2:00 thats totally me

  73. rabbit white says:

    Anyway, why do people dab???

  74. rabbit white says:

    Guys,why do people dab?

  75. rabbit white says:

    Bret sounds so tired at the end?

  76. David Johnson says:

    8 notes PER NOTE.

  77. Julia Claver Pater says:

    ok, so
    the fast clarinet thing is actually called 'FRULLATO'

    you basically blow into the instrument while doing a hard RRRRRR with your tongue all along
    That's how that weird fast sound is produced

    glad i could help 🙂 ♥

  78. Diabetic Badger says:

    1:55 now i dont play clarinet but im sure hes just doing the rrrrrrr thing…i dont know how to describe it

    4:15 hes doing the same

  79. Mercury Fennec says:

    Ah yes, my favorite…TUBA PIZZICATO

  80. Hanna says:

    Flight of the bumblebee is stuck on my brain after watching this 😂😂😂

  81. Shi Shu says:

    What was the instrument used at 6:33?

  82. Andrew Wood says:

    Yo literally “Phil” is a guy at my school. Name is Phillip. Not joking this is wicked y’all found this

  83. Lol Twsetsdabest says:

    At 2:47 it is a bass not guitar

  84. Toby Sturgell says:

    That euphonium player was just trilling notes not actually playing

  85. marko polo 2 says:


  86. karina says:

    Clarinets aren't even supposed to double tongue, that was a flutter tongue

  87. Gennady Golovkin says:

    Someone please tell me who the piccolo player was.

  88. Ramalama DingDong says:

    Only musician eligible for fastest musician award is Usain Bolt with a guitar

  89. Gabby _N.A.P.C says:

    1:13 oh that must be a viola

  90. Arturo Romero says:

    What’s up, S L A P.

  91. guowei yang says:

    I can't practice. My E string broke.

  92. Joshua Wynn says:

    Yay being tone deaf

  93. Kamen Springer says:

    4:34 he says wow backflip when it was a cartwheel

  94. Niccolo Paganini says:

    This is legit just the roast Ben Lee challenge.

  95. Melda Saitama says:

    Poor PAGaNINI….. R.I.P

  96. Skyline says:

    8 notes per note

  97. Michael Davis says:

    Being fast on euphonium is literally so easy

  98. Linexxa n says:


  99. Sydney Prather says:

    1:47 that is just rolling the tung its not tripple tounging

  100. Cathryn Imhoff says:

    I feel sorry for the pianos lmao

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