The Magic Flute | Behind the scenes with Simon McBurney | Complicité

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There is a particular mind set here in Amsterdam
where people are very open to try new things. Can music perhaps make the human brain become
more conscious? Perhaps music itself can have a civilising effect on human beings. As part of the ensemble of people performing in The Magic Flute there will also be a group of
15 skilled performers to do all sorts of other roles in the show. There’s a fire! Stop. Stop. Go
out through this door. Wait. Here you see there is tension because she wouldn’t have
that there. There you go. Your feet wide apart or lying on the ground. You can try lying
on the ground too. Together we will undertake a journey just as Tamino undertakes a journey
in the piece and something will emerge at the end but the interesting thing about it
is, like the very first production of The Magic Flute, there will be a large number
of unknowns which will only reveal themselves little by little through the rehearsal process
and this is the way I always work. I don’t know exactly where I will end up I only know
where I will begin.

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