[Sub]/Real Sound/한우 1++최고등급 3kg 불고기전골 복분자주 Mukbang eating show

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Hello, everyone. Today’s food is 1++ Korean beef from ‘GangwonHanwoo’. It’s ‘Kang Won Hanwoo’s luxury set and ‘Bulgogi'(sliced and seasoned barbequed beef). I made ‘bulgogi’ myself. The original composition is beef tenderloin, sirloin, oyster blade, and loin end. I set up oyster blade, tenderloin, sirloin, mushroom, kimchi Seasoned green onion, seasoned onion, ‘Ssammu'(sliced pickled radish), and horseradish. ‘Cheongyang’ red pepper, garlic, red pepper paste, sesame oiled salt, rice ‘Bokbunjaju'(Raspberry Wine), enoki mushroom, and noodles. Let’s try! I’ll put down the meat under the desk. It’s plum juice. The meat is very soft, and it feels like melt down in my mouth. the aroma and gravy of meat I’ll get drunk if I drink it at once. Cheers! That’s oyster blade, and it was the sirloin before. Oyster blade is softer and also chewier than the sirloin. ‘Bulgogi’ is well seasoned and the meat is very delicious. It’s crazy. Cheers! Let’s have a drink~ There are only three shots with this glass. I’m making a YouTube video. I’m not drunk. I’m not drunk. Tenderloin is very soft.
It’s very, very gently cut with scissors. Cheers! I feel relieved. Tenderloin is simple and soft. It’s moist and very delicious. Cheers! It’s 7:00 in the morning.
I’ll finish quickly. I had grilled beef today. Thanks to the boss of ‘Kangwon Hanwoo.’ I really enjoyed the meal. The meat was very soft and moist. The meat smelled savory. I ate good beef very happily after a long time. I’ve enjoyed the meal very much. It would be good to buy as a gift set on the upcoming holiday and eat it with your parents. I really enjoyed it. Thank you again for your support ‘Gangwon Hanwoo’. I had a good meal today. See you next time.

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