Salmon rice mixed vinegar
Vinegar 3 : Sugar 2 : Salt 1 Wasabi Soy sauce
Tzuyu1 : Sugar 0.5 Hello, this is Murgerbong~ today, I made giant salmon sushi. I cut salmon myself. I made rice once. Then, enjoy today. Murgerbong! Coke first I’ll try it with my hands today. It’s really good. one more Wow, it’s really good.
Wow. The best! I put sugar in the sauce. It’s so sweet. I put a lot of mixed vinegar in rice.
It’s a little broken. delicious
It’s really good. I’ll show you the back. Ginger makes me feel good about it. Oh~ Wasabi I think there’s a lot of wasabi in this. my nose~ Last Sushi Wow, it’s so good. It was so delicious that I thought what I did was right. I really like salmon. But I’ve never tried this before. I don’t think I’m going to buy this much anymore.
It’s so delicious. I’m sure you’ll make the sushi big enough.
You put it in one bite. I’m so happy.
If you like salmon, you’d be really happy to eat it like this. I was so happy today. Then, enjoy today. Murgerbong!

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5 thoughts on “SUB) GIANT SALMON SUSHI MUKBANG ASMR EATING SOUND サケcá hồi ปลาแซลมอน ikan salem”

  1. 머거봉Murgerbong says:

    *중간중간 강아지 발소리가 들리는데 양해부탁드립니다ㅠㅠ

    오늘은 제가 너무나 좋아하는 연어로 대왕연어초밥을 만들어서 먹어봤습니다!
    처음으로 만들어 본 초밥이었지만 정말 맛있었어요!?

    생각보다 어렵지 않으니 한 번 도전해보세요!?
    그럼 오늘도 맛있게 머거봉~!


    식초3 : 설탕2 : 소금1

    쯔유1 : 설탕 0.5

    *In the meantime, I can hear the footsteps of the puppy. Please understand.

    Today, I made giant salmon sushi with my favorite salmon!

    It was my first made sushi, but it was really delicious!?

    It's not as difficult as I thought, so give it a try!?

    Well, it's delicious today, too~


    *mixed vinegar

    Vinegar 3 : Sugar 2 : Salt 1

    *Source of soy sauce

    Tzuyu1 : Sugar 0.5

  2. Happiness says:

    와….연어….진짜 최고네오

  3. 셩누 says:

    연어 맛나겟네요 ㅠ

  4. ani says:

    you are very beautiful, love

  5. 반현수 says:

    플레이팅 실환가여…? 초밥집 하셔도 되겠는데요 ?? ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 저도 만들어 먹어봐야겠어요 ???

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