Stevie Ray Vaughan – Best Guitar Player – Sound Check – What?!


Thanks to Greg Savage for This Video!!

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100 thoughts on “Stevie Ray Vaughan – Best Guitar Player – Sound Check – What?!”

  1. Exploration Inspiration says:

    Wolverine looks a lot like Stevie Ray Vaughn and not the other way around

  2. Paracletus Revelation says:

    He was the Best

  3. Rumplestiltskin7 says:

    When a sound check is x1000 better than any concert nowadays

  4. Glenn Nantz says:

    My favorite sound check. The band started it. But he played from the hart. “All ways”

  5. Bill Loman says:

    Wake up.
    Walk to the stage.
    Wipe the sleep out your eyes.
    Be a guitar God.

    Just your average morning for Stevie Ray, baby!

  6. Yeltsin 68 says:

    His sound checks would sell out stadiums

  7. Kevin Stafford says:

    The most boring music ever written!

  8. Mike C amps says:

    Greetings, I was there with them all and I have been looking for this video footage for years…..AT 11.22 when Stevie goes to the side to get the guitar off Rene Martinez…..I'm the guy in the grey sweatshirt and glasses and brown hair.  I was hanging and jamming with Stevie  before the sound check…..playing his white Charlie guitar with the lipstick pickups…….what a day and memory and to have the video.  When Stevie walked in, he looked like he had been up for a week as this was pre-rehab Stevie.  I can remember it was somebodies birthday and they had a HO car race track set up behind stage and I was racing with Jimmy V and waiting for Stevie to show up…….and I'm glad the footage shows Reese and his broken piano bench as he went down as they were playing and everybody was laughing because he was still playing as he was going down…..I didn't see it happen in the moment as I was standing behind Stevie blocking my view with Reese across the stage.  I had been chatting with Reese earlier in the day…..Reese was born north of Pittsburgh and he mentioned going up passed his birth place home and I knew exactly where it was……But little did I know that Stevie would pass away in the future……but I'm glad to say I knew him

  9. vicki palombo says:

    coolest ,smoothest ,sweetest phenomenal !
    and some one just came and stole our stevie

  10. m s says:

    This never gets old. What brilliance.


    Jammed with Stevie Ray once, highlight of my career! Of course then I had to go and wake up?, in all seriousness would have loved to see him play. Truly God given talent.

  12. Thomas Adkins says:

    The words "holy" and "shit" apply here

  13. Thomas Adkins says:

    The gods looked down, and said "yes, he is at one with us!"

  14. Thomas Adkins says:

    Hes not "playing" a guitar, hes teaching IT a new way to be played!

  15. Thomas Adkins says:

    Beethoven of our time. This will be THE SHIT forever!

  16. Laurent k says:


  17. ben nichols says:

    I had to wait 20 min before i could write this comment. And this is not the first time i have watched this video.

  18. element 115 says:

    man my fingers would be in knotts by now lol! this guy is unreal not from this world he has soul

  19. Xavier Delaney II says:

    Stay ready, you ain gotta get ready. Period. That being said, I just wanna take this moment to recognize the 2.9k folk who hit the thumbs down because their real thumbs were stuck so far up their asses they were tickling the liver and their hearts almost gave out. I kid, I kid, not really though but for you today I'm handing out this magnificent, humongous glorious fuckin "L"
    I haven't looked back far enough to consider punishing your birth givers for even allowing themselves to bring y'all outta glory hole.

  20. Jack Coleman says:

    I've listened to Stevie for a long time as a guitarist trying to figure out his tone and while I can't claim to understand all of it I do think there's one part I understand. When you're practicing guitar you do a lot of research whether it's personal research, getting lessons what have you in an attempt to unlock the secrets of technique. A lot of times you run into people giving you advice that really turns out to be ways to cut corners and make playing easier whether its "angle the pick" "anchor the hand" or any other numerous tips that can actually limit you in the long run. I think it ends up creating guitarists that get played by their guitars instead of the other way around. Watch this video. This man has made guitar his bitch. He chased what was hard until it wasn't He hits it hard, flat, loud, and honestly however he damn well pleases and his hand moves freely like a bird. He took no shortcuts when it came to tone and that guitar screams from his absolutely abusive attack. In my opinion we guitarists should remember that the next time we're looking for ways to make playing "easier".

  21. Tom Campbell says:

    Damn! I tear up every time I see and hear this stuff….If only he'd hung around with Clapton and shot the shit with the roadies

  22. Norron leganda says:


  23. Παναγιώτης Θεοδωρόπουλος says:

    Pure talent !! Very gifted guitarist !! Technically he is a beast !! Along with Gary Moore probably the best !!

  24. On the wrist says:

    Can you all imagine a colaberation of Kid Rock and SRV?

  25. David Cocos says:

    what is the name of the first song?

  26. Dan Culbertson says:

    You don't sound check Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Ray Vaughan checks sound

  27. The Last Rebel Show says:

    Little Sister ! ???

  28. Barry Smith says:

    The one guy that can play the pentatonic scale and make the same lick slightly different without any effort.

  29. David Bunch says:

    I seen Stevie at Hara Arena Dayton Ohio in 1983. I'll never forget it. I can not find the words to express the chills that man could give you playing live!

  30. Benny Badbyxa says:

    O a .number one

  31. kmden Rt says:

    Looking like a guitar hero pimp, and I ain't even hating.

  32. Juan Ottado says:

    When you know the sound check could be way better than a concert, you know this man does some next shit wizardry….

  33. elbis nopserton says:

    I give up trying to find my post I did 5 or 6 years ago. It's about Stevie not being in the R&R Hall of Fame. He is now so disregard it . It took long enough. RIP SRV.

  34. d papa says:

    SRV walks into the pimp shop : 'gimme one of everything".

  35. R.C.B. says:

    That's why he's Stevie

  36. Rodney Neave says:

    Why do the best always die young?

  37. Norcal Viking says:

    And after the warm up / sound check, please proceed to restring all of the guitars he just played cuz the strings are now worn out.

  38. Stirling Worden says:

    Nope hendrix and malmsteen much better far

  39. jerdeb4evr says:

    You see his fingers flyin up and down that guitar. Amazing.

  40. Turner Manc says:

    Ive been married 34 years and the only woman I would leave my wife for is SRV's No.1

  41. Alter Schwede says:

    Under a rock, crap

  42. Mick Prendergast says:

    What venue?

  43. Shawn Beck says:

    Walks out on to the stage! Looks around a bit. Picks up guitar and goes into playing like he never ever stopped playing. His mind is always thinking music 24 /7. What a loss! American Icon.Every guitar players dream. R.I.P SRV! Shawn

  44. Vladimir Borovskikh says:

    No one is better!

  45. Scott Tracy says:

    8:50. Nuff said. He was a master of blues rock, period. The best there ever was.

  46. Sharla E says:

    I love you Stevie!! RIP

  47. housepaw says:

    Lol .12 secs …pocket junk adjustment

  48. Elle Meek says:

    rip ?

  49. Peter pecker says:

    Love me some old school players, they are all great….. you know the names….. and then this kid starts in

  50. Jerry Talmont says:

    Good LORD , I miss you SRV. All these years. see you in Heaven!!!!

  51. Antonio Anghelescu says:

    Srv =best guitar player in the wold

  52. Buzz Meade says:

    That tone is crazy good.

  53. Amol Mehta says:

    Any idea what all songs are played here??

  54. Jon McCargar says:

    I think it's cool that I can't listen as fast as he can finger pick.

  55. The Kross says:

    the baddest

  56. Sid theSloth says:

    Gotta love SRV, almost comparable to Eddie on a Guitar,two completely different styles of play though

  57. gcjbhar says:

    Gone too SOON!!!!

  58. Julian No says:

    amazing sense of funk and rhythm and great violence and drama in his playing. A one man orchestra.

  59. Steve Hartwell says:


  60. top quark says:

    i like Lesson stevie ray playing whit bb king , what s dream , two genious , the best ,,

  61. Bobby Walker says:

    According to Stevie’s tech, he most often played GHS Nickel Rockers (and sometimes Boomers) in the following gauges:

    .013 – .015 – .019p – .028 – .038 – .058


  62. Ken C says:

    Did Stevie and Gary Moore ever play on the same stage ?

  63. Charles Biggers says:

    SRV RIP!! We always lose the great ones!!

  64. Johnny Tightwad says:

    Mix is kinda shitty, guitar sounds awesome though

  65. Big Mike H says:

    What a phuking artist! RIP SRV. Never forgotten

  66. Worldwide Ghosts says:

    Stevie could plug in to anything and play anything and sound like himself without a sound check. What a killer player and humble guy. Brother, you are sadly missed by all!

  67. Domesticengineer Lifecoach says:

    I MISS HIM!!!?

  68. gav2759 says:

    2.9K dislikes?! I didn't know disco still had that many followers.

  69. Yeltsin 68 says:

    Plays a dozen chords to warm up. Then she’d like he’s making pizza.

  70. Dan cgn says:

    Wtf haha 5 min ago i was listen to mumble rap and now to srv,james brown etc. Man my generation is trash ???

  71. Chris Manning says:


  72. ginger says:

    Strolls around, yawns, scratches his nose and then just goes 0 to 100 on that guitar … amazing.

  73. Jonathan Kenton says:

    18.5 million views and counting? What’s all the hype about? This Stevie guy musta been decent… ?

  74. kelly carol says:

    just before he got clean…

  75. Michael Sorrentino says:


  76. Michael Sorrentino says:


  77. jacky la cracotte says:

    Now he is jamming with the good lord

  78. Crabby Appleton says:

    Give a yawn, and then the best sound check ever.

  79. Caesar Gonzales says:

    Masta' o' de stratocasta'.Incredibly talented, left too soon.

  80. Darkwing Duck says:

    This is the best guitar playing of the world

  81. jimicloud812 says:

    Erect Penis..

  82. Luciano Juarez says:

    como se llama el primer tema que toca???????

  83. Earl Garcia says:

    Leopard print jacket.
    White cowboy hat.
    The motherfucker.

  84. Aiden Decoto says:

    This soundcheck is better than most concerts

  85. Jase Mayfield says:

    Wish I could play his sound check?

  86. Candace Mckinstray says:

    Just WOW!!!!!!!!!

  87. armouredcat23 says:

    fingertips of steel

  88. Fabio Nogueirablues says:

    Srv eterno

  89. CJ Walters says:

    Sure he dresses like a pimp and picks his nose but can he play guitar?

  90. U266 says:

    Walks on stage wiping his face, throws in a yawn.. Then bang into it. Even his sounds checks are epic. What an absolute loss to music

  91. Micheal Lyons says:

    SRV is the man ,,,

  92. FRANZ FANON says:


  93. DAEDALUS says:

    1 million views for each minute of the video…astounding

  94. frankpaws says:

    Stevie must have always been cold under the lights. My bedroom light use to make me sweat until I went LED.

  95. King Tiger says:

    Thank you so much for posting this rare timeless footage. A peek into legendary past.

  96. Patrik Bergqvist says:

    Fyfan man får gåshud

  97. Tyler says:

    2:49, When your shit you're laying down is so damn hot it's stinky.

  98. SKY Kaly says:


  99. Jake L. says:

    Whoever would downvote this is a Literal Ignoramus! F 'em.

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