Spotlight: Wabash Arts and Music

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(cheerful music) At Wabash College, fine arts students thrive in our state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic programs, including theater, art, music, and the digital arts and human values initiative. In its annual college guide, The Princeton Review ranked Wabash seventh nationally for best college theater. It’s a really exciting place to be recognized nationally in the theater landscape right now. This is an opportunity for us to have a national audience recognizing the work that we do. One, two, three! Just do it! I’m directing a production of The Misanthrope, a new adaptation of The Misanthrope. The Misanthrope was originally written by Moliere and kind of is the grandfather of farce, and one of the great joys of Moliere is that he wrote in rhyming verse, so this entire play is in rhyming couplets, which is is a really exciting challenge for the students. ♫ His name’s Alceste, he’s at the end of this road, ♫ to society, he’s the Misanthrope. I’m helping write a rap for the introduction and for the conclusion of the play, and I have a minor role in the play, but that’s the current production that we’re working on at Wabash. (violin music) Fine arts are not just centered on theater. At Wabash College, music is just another way for both music majors and non music majors to tap into some creativity. We have fantastic faculty, a wide variety of music here. They have jazz band, orchestra, Wamadan. Also, you can take a class in electric music, which is very interesting. Coming to Wabash as someone who’s played music for a long time, I think it’s still a place where you can learn and grow from your experiences and you also have a lot of opportunities here. Coming here, playing music, is definitely something I think people should come here for. And to round off the fine arts experience, the visual arts program at Wabash provides yet another platform to inspire creativity and to drive home the arts in a liberal arts education. We have a relatively new department, and we all work in a number of cross-disciplinary ways, from film to performance to traditional sculpting, painting, drawing. So when students take courses here, there’s a wide range of things they can get into. You don’t have to have a background in art to take a class here, and you can, just putting forth the best effort you can, you can do well. You’re gonna do a maker’s space, so it could be working with robotic platforms, or taking apart machines and reconfiguring them or just working with analog and digital technology. There is a major trip that occurs with the seniors to a metropolitan area to look and study art. There’s definitely opportunities for them, beyond Crawfordsville, to get out and see work as well. When you create art, you’re creating a problem and then you’re solving it. You’re making this set of parameters, you’re working within limitations, and so that applies, that skill, into a lot of other fields beyond just a focus on making art. I personally believe that an inclusive understanding of humanities in a fuller sense, in the sciences, really innovates and pushes forward theater in an exciting way. The biggest question that we get is, so what are you gonna do with that? And the answer is what’ve you got? And you can see facets of theater in every part of human endeavor and existence. As a part of the liberal arts experience here, we have to take a fine arts credit, and the fine arts credit I chose was to take a theater class. After about a year that I really wanted to pursue theater and I don’t think that would have happened had I not come to a liberal arts institution. It’s an important part of the education here, having different experiences and different opportunities. It’s not just in the classroom. The liberal arts is, I think, the most exciting education out there, because this is one of the very few times in life where you get to genuinely explore everything that excites you, and when something sparks a passion that sometimes you didn’t even know you have, and it changes your entire life course, I think that’s what liberal arts gets to do. That’s what Wabash gets to do. Explore everything that excites you. Explore the fine arts at Wabash College.

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