Splice: A Music Production Tool That Lets Artists Be More Creative


So I’m a computer programmer and an entrepreneur. We have these incredible tools for making software together collaboratively and it’s
enabled so much of what apps and the Internet has done with open source
software and all that. As music fans and friends musicians we saw the
struggles they were going through and we think that the world needed this so that
music can be made better. Splice is the cloud platform for music
producers. We help them collaborate, work better, discover new sounds and share their stuff. I mean, I think we look at it four pillars. You have Splice studio, where producers can back up
their projects easily, work with each other. You have Splice community where
they can share their project files, find other collaborators. And then you have Splice sounds where they can audition and find individual samples. And Splice
plugin is this database of the most popular plugins available. We did very much begin thinking we were building Github for Ableton. There’s so much opportunity in the space. Like the industry’s really lagged behind by
embracing the web as a part of the production process. You can come in and with our DNA player visualize how a song looks and start to understand the
arrangement. The new product we just launched the Spice beat maker, you can create
music with that just through trial and error. I think that’s something any fan can do. Right, it’s just like here’s where a kit goes that sounds right, that doesn’t sound
right. Basically anyone can do it in a matter of seconds, you can make and share beats with your friends. It’s a first experience for a lot of
people who have never made music before. And I think learning and getting in the door
with products like that, you know, you will start seeing more people make music.

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4 thoughts on “Splice: A Music Production Tool That Lets Artists Be More Creative”

  1. Proximyst says:

    What does it cost, though? 😮

  2. Di0 says:

    Looks promising

  3. MARLIN GOD says:


  4. Dovito3 Dovito3 says:

    Does anybody knows is this works under Linux software?

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