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Hello. My name is Benjamin. I’m a lost tourist
in London, and I don’t know where to go. I’m going to talk to the ticket man in the London
Underground and see if he can help me. “Hello, Mr. ticket man. I would like a ticket to Piccadilly.”
The man starts talking to me. “Blah, blah, blah.” He asks me a question. I don’t know
what to say, so I need to make a noise. “Ah.” These are noises that give you time to think
about your answer. “Ah. I would like a ticket, please, to Piccadilly Circus.” Or I could
say, “Urgh, I want a ticket please.” Or “Urm, I want to go to –.” Or the other one would
be, “Mmm, I want a ticket.” Okay. Good. So then, my ticket man says, “No problem.
That will be four pounds fifty, please.” I then say, “You know, I think that’s a little
bit expensive, a bit expensive.” So these are all phrases for expressing an opinion
— if I think that’s too big a price. So I could say, “you know, I think that’s too expensive.”
Or, “I mean, I only really want to go one stop, half a mile. You see, I’ve only got
four pounds. Then, I can’t eat.” Or, “Well, maybe you could give it to me for a little
less.” Or, “the thing is, Mr. ticket man, I need to go there as well.” These are all
expressing an opinion to the ticket man. Okay? So one last way of expressive an opinion. I
could say, “Well, it’s like this. You see, I want to go to Piccadilly, but I can only
give you two pounds.” Okay? All ways of giving an opinion, of starting
“I want, I need”. Okay? The ticket man thinks, and then he says, “Well,
for three pounds, I can give you a single. Is that what you want?” “A single? What is
a single?” These are all phrases for when I need to think about my answer. So I could
say, “Mmm, let me see. A single?” And then I repeat the question he has given to me.
Okay? Or I can say, “Now, let me think. That might be a good idea.” Or, “Just a minute.
I’m going to ask my friend.” Or, “Hang on, sir. I need to look in my guidebook to find out.”
Or, “That’s a really interesting question.” Now, the thing about this phrase here, “It’s
a really interesting question”, it’s better maybe in school or university. Probably not
very appropriate for the London Underground. But it’s a good phrase to remember, anyway.
Or I could say, “I’m not sure about that. Maybe. Could you tell me more?” And then,
the ticket man says, “Of course I can tell you more, but you must watch the next video in
EngVid.” See you soon. My name is Benjamin. Thank you.

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100 thoughts on “Sound more fluent in English”

  1. Avi Arun says:

    Don't filler words actually make you less fluent?

  2. sf giants fan says:

    First of all, I don't get why you would want to use filler words all they do is make you appear less intelligent. Employers and such look down upon filler words and phrases. Secondly, I love when foreigners are way more formal with their language, it's cool they bring their own style. If you do insist on using filler phrases one we often use in America is "or whatever".

  3. Vu Nguyen says:

    Great, Ben. The thing is I like your lesson very much.

  4. Eduardo Augusto Silvestre says:

    Amazing !!!

  5. Pasha Zafar says:

    What is single ?

  6. Mohamed Al-Shahawy says:

    You are the best Benjamin.

  7. Adriano Henrique Cândido says:

    Benjamin, I love your accent. Wonderful! Gorgeous! Superb! Love love love! I want to have an accent like yours.

  8. Kasia Sia says:

    Great sence of humor !!!!!!!!!! Bravo !!!!! It's sign of intelligence.

  9. Marina Caetano says:

    I been struggling to learn this language for about four years… whats sometimes frustrating and tiresome… And I find some youtube teachers kinda boring. But not Benjamin. You're the best!

  10. حياه جديدة says:

    thats so good thanx

  11. Kajanthan Aero says:

    but DO NOT USE ''Noises'' in IELTS speaking 🙂

  12. Nana Gudushauri says:

    მსოფლიოს ხუთ ყველაზე ლამაზ დამწერლობას შორის ქართული მე-3 ადგილზეა.

  13. María Bejarano Monge says:

    Let me see Benjamin…. It's a good lesson.

  14. Norb 000 says:

    Tomorrow I will have end-of-term spoken exam in English. Your lessons ale very helpful for students on different education level. Thanks to you we like that language.

  15. Pim Naa says:

    Thank you for great video.^^

  16. Eduardo Rodrigues says:

    Thank you so much, Benjamin. By the way: the English people have a cool accent indeed.

  17. Nastehamohamud Mohamud says:

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    You are lovely, Ben. I love the way you perform, explain and clearly

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    he said oh its really interesting question, let me think about that.
    or may be just a minute, i will decide later after talking with my girlfriend.

  21. Swapnil Sonsurkar says:

    you are funny…thanks for this video

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    damn you, British accent! always sounds great)

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    Hi. LOVE your tutorials…
    Can I use – and edit your videos for educational use in DK? It is for students finding English very tough.

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    Useful and practical!

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    Benjamin i love you 👍🏼

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    Made me so laugh haha

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    funny expressions

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    I liked so much teacher Benjamin, thanks from Brazil!

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    Your voice remembers me Sam Claflin's voice. Sounds great 😀

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    You teach me very funny )) Love you. I have learned a alot of knowledge from you

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    thank you Benjamin, really very useful video , keep working please.

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    Your video is very interesting for me.
    I have studied English language for 2 ans but I have a problem expression yet.
    I hope to improve my skills with you
    See you

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