“Something About” Season 1 (Loud Sound Warning) 📼


All Subtitles made by various community members of YouTube. (Explosion) (Heroic Music plays) (Preparing For Battle)
(Ties shoes) (Fwoop!) (Preparing for Battle)
(Ziiip!) (Clunk!) (smacc)) (Equipping Gear)
(clinking) 😮 (Hmmm…) 😮 o_0 (Calls for taxi) (Taxi’s here!) (Throws) (Freefallin) Hmm We’re- NOT OK A Monster that’s been giving… *F SMASH* *PIT A PAT PIT A PAT* *OM NOM NOM NOM* *Le Full* *BANG BANG CLASH* (Stare Intensifies) (Blonde Lizard) (smacc smacc of the feet) (Chomp) (Gulp) *INTENSE CHOKING* (OUT OF BREATH) (Time 2 Strike) *Epic Sword Impact* O-: Big Bird dun dun dun dun dun *Dramatic Music Plays* Do you know da wae (10/10 Best Pickup Service) (RIP) *Burp* (Down smash intenstifies) REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE O O F OHNO (WII SPORTS STARTS) NANI? (Screaming) (Toilet Flush spam) Plumbing broke AAAAAAHH HOO HOO HOO *ded* Honk honk (THINKING Intenstifies) (The ROCKS) (smoosh) QUEST COMPLETE! YayAYayaayayaayaayaa I have THINGS (THINGS INTENSTIFIES) hEHEHE *bangs aggressively* puke Hunters, I’m glad you’re here Zorah Magdaros is coming here. We have to stop it! Gross. (WAITING INTENSTIFIES) OUCH (Screaming) Huh? POPPED Stop! wat is that face BOOM *Gasp* It’s Nergigante! DO IT. DO IT. CMON KILL ME. IM HERE. C’MON DO IT NOW!!!
KILL MEEEEE-!!! Button spam WHAM QUEST COMPLETE! But I’m not done yet. Handler: You can feel it in your bones, right? something is stirring– 𝕊ℍ𝕌𝕋 𝕌ℙ BOOM OUCH Huh sONiC Ok, that’s it, the cartoon’s over Great job! What a good poogy Good p o o g y. GOOD 𝙋 Ө σ Ⓖ 🆈 What did you find? BIRD UP BURD UP BIRD UP BURD UP BIRD UP BURD UP BIRD UP BURD UP BIRD UP Yoshi’s Island Level 1 crook vs level 35 boss *ded* YOSH HELPPPPP YOSHIS (Burger King Foot Lettuce) (pain) Deliver to Mushroom Kingdom. Doin’ it, and doin’ it, and doin’ it well. (pain 2x) *Door spam* OPEN THe Dor WE havE yoUr BaBy EWWWWW MOM CALL 911 NOW FBI OPEN UP I ain’t do nuthin *walks happily* *PEW PEW PEW PEW EPEWPWEPW E* Oh now you’ve done it Minigun MEGA PEWPEWPEWEPWEPWEPWPEPWEPWEPP Rated M for Mature *THROW* AHHHHHHHHH
(boom) Hey, did you know the scientific term for butt crack is inter gluteal crease? *Shy guy call*>:c Jim you can’t do stuff like that (Seinfeld theme) (nom) (swim to freedom) *Big oof* F R O G NANI?! OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU? (steroids) B I G F R U G Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story all over again. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (DEATH, DESTRUCTION, CHAOS) Poop Stop it. Get some help. Pain x 100000000000 Booosh Helicopter B I G G I E B U R D ZOOM (Squeaky toy spam) Ayy! I wanna ride the yosh! SMACC *CRYING* PARENTING deds Here we go again… Top 10 Anime Twists NOOOOOOO You’ve won the game! 😀 (Amaaaazing Moosic) (Animal Crossing 2.0) Wow! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOM Oh great you guys are just in time! He’s almost here. (Hadouken) Here we go again 2x AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH REPENT DEVILJHO IS BACK!!!! (yay!!) SUPER SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH O O F Ok, ok, I’m up. SMASH 64 MMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH O O F
hear them bones crack PAIN X 1316056210321 HIYAA!!! uh nu 🙁 Button mashing asmr GAY TE AH HA What the Science of Fox Teleport omae wa mo shindeiru NANI ITS BRAWL TIME
DUN DUNUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN DUNUNUNUNU- puk Come on, look at that stuff, man We’ll Be Right Back! Yea! Long live the- ICE CLIMBERS! Rip mains Why are we still here just suffer? Harassment That’s your S-tier Mega Man Outfit Quest On (SMACK) (ROAR YOU DIED FARTS There it is. We did it! Vaal Hazak is really here ( WHERE DID SHE APPEAR-) Try to- SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Tutorial delete Another one bites the dust alright I just, I gotta leave, no jon come on we just started come on man we listen listen there’s a lot to see in this life, *lip smack* i’m not wasting it here *Input Konosuba reference here* Seizure time yeah that’s it the cartoons over B I R D U P I N T E N S I F I E S oh god please no plAY Me SOmE OFf tHAT juMpIng MusIC do you guys know how to get the thanos gun? N O Y E L L I N G O N T H E B U S S *100 kids die at once* oh god they’re still alive TEACH ME The prophecy is true hey man, look what i found get that outa here we’re like seven or somethin! man im sorry man *dies* *dies* A H H H H H H H H H H H H H H, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *Dabs* That right there is Geno, let’s talk about Geno, can we talk about Geno, please I’ve been dying to talk to you about Geno all day This is the smash brothers. We’re gonna get Geno and I got a paper trail to prove it We already got all the important to know characters in Sakurai said this is the Smash where he wants to make everyone happy Have a look around the smash forum since melee You know the most requested characters where K.Rool, Ridley, and Geno and we already got one of them (we also got K.Rool) There was an interview in 2016 with Sakurai said he wanted to put you Geno in brawl and smash 4, but it didn’t happen No one knows why I don’t even think God knows why so we’re got a mii costume instead But what’s special about the mii costume is that it got a splash screen Just like a character reveal and it’s the only mii costume to get that and u know who else got a mii costume, inkling I know you’re gonna say consideration isn’t a guarantee but other considerations haven’t made it in and that increases his chances Takamaru and Waluigi, they’re still assist trophies. Remember the old brawl poles Sakurai seems to base his choices off that Sakurai likes Geno and he thinks he’s perfect for smash and he even said so to tell the truth It’s because I wanted Geno to be a playable character He has a gun for a hand and I think he fits in really well with smash People want a lot of characters is smash but none of them compared to the magnitude of popularity a longevity of Ridley Who comes from a neglected franchise and Geno who has only appeared in one game people have wanted them for almost two decades Of course square put Cloud in first but now is the time and there are some other hints as to why this makes sense This is the ultimate version of smash Not just a presentation of the newest games Ganondorf and Zelda both have old designs from the more iconic games Bowser’s final smash is based on Yoshi’s Island Sakurai is taking bits and pieces from all over Nintendo history and Geno represents the very first Mario RPG game he’s gonna be in AS DLC It’s Kirbo Time There’s trouble and planet popstar! King Dedede the soldiers have stolen all the food… Meta Knight is preparing his Armada to invade and conquer dreamland! and the sun and moon are fighting!!! Moon: AAAAAAAAAAAAGH Marx: Kirby you have to do S O M E T H I N G!!! poyo! Hey kirby I’ll- HEAAAHHHHHHHHhhhh… *ded* EAT YOUR VEGGIES da H O R R O R B I R D (Kirbgar) *ded kids* Mama mia, Papa pia, baby got the diaRRREAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ono aeiou Kirby’s here!! He’s headed straight for us! ono *Muffled* Oh my gosh what are we going to do!!! Sir Meta Knight, what shall we do? Soldiers near the deck! Assume combat mode! *warrior scream* AAHHHHHHHH!!! KIRBY’S IN THE ROCKET VALVE!!! Prepare to take off! blow Kirby away (hungry boi) yAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH phew AAAAAH *Mash all the buttons* *World of Light in a Nutshell* Is it over? B I R D U P!! KIrby reached the deck! Remain calm, lets come up with a- THE MAIN CANNON HAS BEEN DESTROYED!!! SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE LEFT WING!!! we are going to lose balance!!! lower the sails, increase right wing power! (Powerful slaps) BOOM MAJOR DAMAGE TO THE RIGHT WING!!! THE REACTOR HAS BEEN DESTROYED!!! WE ARE LOSING POWER, ALL SYSTEMS ARE FAILING, NUMBER 3 AND NUMBER 5 ENGINES ARE GONE!!! *ded* I don’t want to go Mr. Captain *Blue screens* *Swears in something* This is it Kirby, prepare to die>:( ??? listen here you cheeky piece of gum, I will not hesitate to go Mach Tornado *ded* *Smacc 2x* NO! M E M E N O V A A P P E A R S Haaahahahaha F O O L S While you were sucking everything up like a fat boy at a Golden Corral I gathered all the star power in the universe and became G O D *Demonic Laugh* S U P E R S U C C NEEEEEEEEEEEEE *laser* *sins* *glitches* A H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H *Nova dies why AHHHHHH Big oof *sees the disaster that is about to come* *F SMASH* It’s showtime *heart attack* OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! (Rest in himawari, Sunflora) Oof ∞x DISGUSTING! Blastoise Hit em’ baby! I won! Ah! So, the ditto wins, this time Professor, what just happened? That was a simulation to see which Pokemon would win in a battle royale. Based on the pokedex entries you kids have been collecting for me But now that I think of it maybe I shouldn’t have children gather my pokedex data anymore. *braindead* I need to study these stats more. I’ll let my new assistant Lockstin explain the rest Lockstin: Hey I’m Lockstin. Allow me to explain the scientific implications of what you just witnessed in that battle royale… All you gotta do is click right here. ELLO 😀 W A A A A A A A A A D: Y H A H O O O O O O O O O!!!!! (Mario Sounds) No one’s home… now SCRAM! *Evil Laughter* (ooooooffff) Uh. YAHOO- (BLJ time) (Speedrun) WOAH! That was fast. So long gay Bowser! MARIO! Help me. (door noise) *explosion* (moe blj) (Speedrun) NO You’re supposed to collect all the stars! You’r ruining everyt- so long gay- Ą̵̨̣͓̫͙͍̝͎̼̝̺̌̑̍̓̇̓̋̒̿̒̋̂͐̒̕͘͘͠ ̵̡̼̤̯͈̜͉̰̠̈́̊̋̐͐̎̕͝Ā̷̛̫̣̜̲͓̹̦̳̺̰̻̱͉͕͑͆̍̍̅̍̅͒͗͌̈̀͠ ̸̡̛͇͈̟͈̘̳͕̪͒́̂̇̓̔͒͌̇̌̄̃̎̾̂͋̀̚͝͝ͅÄ̴̛̛̞̤̼̦̘̩̪̜́̽́͊̀͆ͅ ̵̢̧̥̤̤̩̟͕̞̭̥̮̩̪̤̇͊̃̎̆͒̓̌̚̕Â̵̡̧̨̧̩͉̺͖̯̺̲͖̝͚̝͙̯͑̒͆̂͊̀̎̓̈́̓͊̚ͅ ̴̹̆͋͆̈́̎͆̉̍͗̂̀̆͋̎̚͘̚͘͝͝͝À̵̢̠̰͉̱̣̬͎̲̯̠̪̲̠̣͔̿͒͋͊̑͛͊̾̾̚ͅͅͅ ̷̝͍̬̣̖͓͚͍͆͌̈͗͒̍̈͑͗̇̕͘͘̕͜͝͝͠Ḁ̸̧̨̨̘̻̗̼̖̊̏̀̄̄͋͛̿͌̀͂̇̇̉͘̚̚͜͠ ̸̧̡̧̛̛̳̖̰͓̱͙̺̩̻͓̹̭̬̤̂̏̒̎̽͑͛́̈́͒͌͊̂͘͘͘͜͝͝͝Ą̶̧̡̨̛̣̜̹͙͚̼̱͈̗͔̳̜̺̭́̋̀̓̚͜͝ͅͅ ̷̧̧̖͍͖̳̤̤̠̼̻̙̣̥͇̅̏̆́̄͋̎̐̈́͌̈́̉̋̕̚A̸̪͗̔͆̈́̏̑̎ ̴͙̙͈̯̦̤̳͙̲̹͕̯̇̑͌̈́͗͊́̌̈́͗̑͗̚̕Ǎ̸̢̯͍̹̝͇̻̼͙̬ͅ ̷̡̟̗͔̣̩̘̪̀̃Á̸̡̡͉̼̯͎̘̦͈̠̬͈̲̱̘̫͆̽̔̒̑͌̎͠ ̸̡̡͈̩̦̿́́̕ͅĄ̴̦͓̯̩͓̻̮̖͉̈́͝ͅ ̸͇̬̠͉̠̻̝̼̘͎̣͓͉͈̫̓̀̓͋͜A̴̡̡̛̘̯̳̗͎̟͗́̋̈̊̉͑͗͌̈́̑̅͘ ̴̢̢̥̥̯̪̰͉̲̮̞̪͍̹̝͒̍̐̽̆́̐̋͘͜ͅĄ̵͍̦̻̜͗͐̔̀̒͌͆̈̽̋̇̓͘̕͜͝͝ ̴̪̮͓͚͈̥̟̹͈̬̼̲̜̖̗̺̺͓̗͕͊̈́́̏̓̽̚ͅA̵̡̹̲͕̗̫̠͇̯̤̼̰̪̤̯̦̮̾̏̄́̊̎͌͊͜ͅ ̵̡̧̨̨̼̯͕̺̻̥͍̲̬̬͓̹͕͍̳̤̋̇͌͑͛̔̄͒̒̓̉̍͂́̇̐̈́͘͘͝͠Ḩ̶̰̮͈͇͕͓̤̳͓͂̏̓͐͐̾͛͊̈́̆͆͘ (bowser be running from the italian) (mario breaking every door and floor) (MoRe BrEaKiNg (surprise oof’s to the walls) (BLJ SOUNDS) (the star room has opened to the evil mario) (oh noe) (sPAMM) (demonic mario noises) *Gasp* I gotta get out of here! (bowser gets scared for a sec from the mario) Y̵̢̧̢̧̡̢̘͔̤̘͉̘̪̼͚̫̞͔̣̝̫̝̭̘͔͙̖̙̫̘̖̩͌̈̇̍̾̈̍̀͑̓̎̌̌̉̌̽̎͗̍͘̕͜͜͝͝͠A̸͕̣̟͉̩̞̲̯͇͉͙̥͍͓̩̓̂͌̎̓̌ ̴̛̲̟̞̹̟̘͍͂̽̽͋̈͗̈́͑́̂̐̈́̐̀̓̓̂͗͗̓̌̉̈́̒͂͗̽̀͊̐̅̅͌̕̕̚̚͠͝͝͝ͅY̷̨̡̱̥̲̫̫̩̗̖̳͔͖̠͕̍̒́̊̈͛́̾̃̽͒̒̋̂͗̈́͋͋̉͐̇͒͋̑̈́̚ͅA̶̢̧̢͔͙̳̋͗̀̅͑̑̐̈́̉̀̽́̍̌͆́̒̚͠ ̵̛̞̠̟͚͌̑̒̽̚͘͝Y̸̨̡̡̨̻̰̠͉̥͚̝͕̭̥̙̪͇̞͕̝̺͎̖̮̩̠̘͇̯̱̲̻̩̞̰̩̥̟̭͋͋̽̑̆̐̏̆́̑̑͘͜͝ͅȂ̷̡̡͇͕̩͕͔̳̼͉̗̘̲͖̞͕̯̹̰̦̻͙͉̙̮̠̘̲̲ͅ ̵̢̡̝̯̬̼͕̤̞̼̼̮̘͓̱͕͉̤̦̻̹̘̇͐͂̃̒͊̃̅̈́̅̇̔̐̿͆̋͊̓̑̈́̈́͑̃͗̂́̔̂̕͘̚͜͝ͅͅÝ̴̨̡̨̡̛͙̠̞͇̰̤͇̹̯̳͉͎͓͙̳͉̥͍̙̠̻̭͇̙̪̼̲̞͑̅̉͒͋̈̇̄͒͂͐͒̽̇̒́͐͌̽̇̎́̅̀͗̂͗́̉̃͊̊̓͝Ȃ̷̧̧̡͈̺̱͉͕͙̻̩̪̠̫̬͖͓̗̥̤͉͍̱̮̬͉̺̱̺̥̮̞͚̬̫̹̞͖͔̗̹̄̆̈́͆̐͐͊͊͒͆̓͌̂̿̓̓͆̎̃̒̈́̽̏͌̋͛̒̄̃̒́̓̀́͜ͅ ̴̢̡̢̨̨̡͔̹̹̼̮̺̭̻͇̪̪̮̗̘̠͙͉̟͕̬̲̬͖̻̟͚͈̲̖̠̺̠̳̘͇̼̒̏̒͗͋̋ͅͅY̶̪͈̤̻̙̤̐̊͛͐̐̂͆̋̃̌͂̆͐͑͗̈́̈̀͋̌̀̕͘͝͝͝A̴͖̍̏͒̈́̀͆͆͛̍̌̈́̈́͛̉̈́͛̅̌̃͝ ̶̢̨̡̡̡̧̡̫̟͕̰͕̞͉͉͎̞̲͇̝̯̼͚͉̫̖̣̼͚̝̼̟̝̞̣̙̱̫̏͆̽́̑̇͂́̾̌͌̓̀͑̽̍̔́̅̄̎͆̐̕̕͠Y̷̛̝̰͇̅̉͋̔̋̉̄̄͗͆̔̽͗͒̓̃͛̆̿͛̑̕̕͝͝Ȃ̸̡̡̢̩͙̝̺̟̩̤̭̦̭̼͎̻̖̦̝̯̈̾̈́͂̌̅͐̒̂̍̂̓̆̏̎͐̿͊̑́͗͆̇̾͜͝͝͝ ̷̡̢̢͚̦̻̹͔̲̣̖͈̲͖̰̰͉̟̹̝̱̎̀͑̏̋̇Ẏ̵̡̢̧̨̦̯͖̥̳̫̠̜͎̠̫͚̳̬̖̠̞̜͍͙̱̖̰̰̭̞͖̳̰̱̞͈̈́̈́̓̒̑̒͐̅̾̃̉̐̄̀̿̽̽͐̉̾̌͆̓̋͒̒̾̾̈́̐̉́̑͑̇̕͘͘̕̚͝͝͠Á̷̡̛̛̛͕̻͙̠̞̥͔̹̲͎̺̬̳̪̺̖̮͙̗͉͓̪̞̔̈́̃̿́́̓̋͑̈́̈̔͊͗̏͗̐͊̽̎̆̀͐̃̍̒̃̇̈́͗͗͒̏̕̕͝͝͝ ̷̧̢̪̗͇͍͈̞̺̙̹̹̖̠̖̥̥̣̫̘͈̥̘͇̘͓̫̣̩͖̀̎̀̏̊̒̍̎͛͆̌̔̍̅̓̑͜͠ͅỲ̸̧̨̢͚͉͍͈̹͍̣̫̣͓̲̟͉̰͖͆̇̑̈́̏̊̓̏̋̂̏͋̇͛̔́̓́͘̚͜A̸̪̻̪̳̠͖̻̒̀̐́͆̑͗̀͘͘͝ ̵̡̢̧̧̧̛̭̗̯͍̪̪͕̜͍̠̲̘̝̤̞͙͚͚̬̖̪̞͇̣͒̈͐͊͒͗̊͗̋́͒̔̆̆̂̆̂̎̑͌͛̒̿͊̾̊͑̉͆̓̊̚͘̚͝͝Ÿ̷̢̨̨̢̛̙͖̱̟̻͉̫͈̜̯̠͎̦̺̹͎̥͓̥̯̞̱̪̱̯̩͓̤̠̣̈́̇͆͗̌̈͗̈̋̎͜͜͜͠͝A̷̬͉̳̘̝̙͈͎̮̖͔̥̯̼̓̍̄̊̈́̆̄̈́̆͐̇͒̎̎̊̊́̉͗̄͆̕ͅ ̷̡̮͕̖̩̩͓̳̘̞͙̝̳͖͍̰̭͎̹́͑̿̔͜͜Ÿ̵̡͓̱̣̪̭͓̤̥͖̬̅̀͗̚͝A̵̛͚͎̬̥̣͕̎̔̀͑̽̈̈̏͌̒̐́̅̎̀͊̿͐͘̕͘͠ ̵͙͖̙̯͇̮̹̯̭̞͇̿͗̂͗̀͐́͆̉̎͛͐̾̍̆̂̀͐̋̈́̈́̊̍͑̈́͆̚͝͠Y̷̻̫̪̞̤̽͑̎͆͋̃̓́̃̔̊̈́͊́̕͜͠͝Ă̵̢̞͔͎͓̻̞̫̩̹̰̹̥͔̭̬͎̱͉͚̗̙̤̖͉͓͉̖͙͚͎̮̲̘̙͉̘̺̺͓͈̇̒͐̑̎̈́͐̀̓̏͛̀͊͐͑͗̆͛́̔̔̕͘̚͜͜͜͝͠ (bowser scared) (BOWSER GET’S SLAPPED LIKE BOWSER JR) S O L O N G G A Y B O W S E R! T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H F O R T O P L A Y I N G M Y G A M E! (now rip star) (mario mad) (oof picture of peach) (mario comes and breaking into the mansion without using the door>:( (omg this is gonna be a fun rideeee) (doors open by luigi) Mario! mamamario? Y A H O O Smacc (crazy laugh) (mario getting thrown in a painting sound) KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MAAAAARIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Prays in tongues* (mario somehow flies to luigi’s hands) Oh yeah! K.O! the end (walking) You’re real pain in the NECK MWHAHAHAHA Ugh Another Belmont, I hate these guys (aggressively walking) ( *f i r e* ) (Pain) (ScReAmInG) (Evil Laugh) (Evil Laugh) (BOOM) AH UGH ARH AH UGH AH ARH UGH (speedrun) *dab* NOOOOOOO (screaming) Hey Belmont number five! I’ve been watching you you know for a human you’ve been doing pretty good! I already filled my soul quota today though … so you can just go hom- (HALLELUJAH) S P E E D B O O S T Well, well, well another Belmont here to… ABLAHBLAHLAH to put me…? *more gibberish* back in the grave? DIE MONSTER!! YOU DON’T BELON- HALLELUJAH The battle has consummated. (Castle Crumbles) (the end) Thank you so much for watching my stuff. AAAAAAAAAA!!! (subscribe now to the channel for more of this amazing content) All right, that’s it I don’t have anything special for–

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    The intergluteal cleft, also known by a number of synonyms including natal cleft, and cluneal cleft is the groove between the buttocks that runs from just below the sacrum to the perineum, so named because it forms the visible border between the external rounded protrusions of the gluteus maximus muscles.

  2. Fredy Ramirez says:


  3. Dragonz R Cool says:

    This is good, but it’s ten times better with captions on.

  4. Dragonz R Cool says:

    “Mama mia, Papa pia, Baby got the diarrhEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA”

  5. Jayk Plays says:

    I feel so dumb because I had to load up super smash just to remember king dedede

  6. Abizaid Baza says:

    Jaajajaj xd tus animaciones. Están bien cool

  7. Tim Wallin says:

    First time I'
    ve seen any of this but I loved it. Headed to season 2 now

  8. Un mec sympa says:


  9. Zayne Meowzner says:

    Sans was put in as a mini fighter so he’s gonna be in smash too

  10. Smurlix says:

    Acid tabs with hair from under your couch

  11. Myself Included says:

    The Battle had consummated

    They did… WHAT

  12. Wiltz111 does stuffz says:


  13. wendy morciglio says:

    u sound like a fire alarm in school all at once

  14. G_the_atomic XD says:

    10:00 >:(

  15. precious clement selwyn s. Fermin says:


  16. Cobos_ 27 says:

    Nice video

  17. Awesometale Blake says:


  18. Stay Spinnin’ says:

    3:13 lugigi

  19. Fred Ronquillo says:

    R.I.P. bowser jr

  20. scaly raptor 1944 says:


  21. Nagato Brazil says:


  22. Nagato Brazil says:

    8:42 bruh ryu doing hadouken

  23. Nagato Brazil says:

    12:38 papyrus skull b r u h

  24. MAXIMO says:

    Me not knowing how to control my charecter in a game: 33:03

  25. Valiente Kidd says:

    13:20 😂

  26. Donavan Richards says:


  27. Nagato Brazil says:

    25:03 the buff pokemon is going full jojo

  28. Nagato Brazil says:

    25:36 bruh what

  29. Nagato Brazil says:

    30:31 those ghosts

  30. Nagato Brazil says:

    luigi:italian things
    demon:ima head out

  31. Nagato Brazil says:

    31:55 what is that woman outside bruh

  32. Nagato Brazil says:

    32:39 lmao the skeleton getting grabbed by the MHW dragon

  33. Sapphire-STARR69 says:

    LOL Ahahahaha That Youtube Screen Thingy got me, Thats funny 😀 I was so glad that It wasn't actually over 😀

  34. Luis Guilherme Schrödinger says:

    I love the fact that Luigi is canonically an exorcist

  35. AlonZmeN says:

    1:14 je préfère PS4 aussi XD

  36. [WUT] Fursey Rain Fidel says:


  37. Harrington Telvcholvich says:

    1:24 Pretty sure that's an IGP scream

  38. GREENWOLF 1337 says:

    I've watched this so much, and just now have I realized that you had a freaking Pokemon pull a Star Platinum

  39. bendyman09 says:

    I don’t want takumaru. I just wanna main waluigi!

  40. PresentDude says:

    Wow, that was a VERY convincing Geno for Smash argument.

  41. WinterwurstHD says:

    30:58 explayens why Mario is a Demon

  42. TRILOCKER says:

    Oh look a jojo reference

  43. Josh Lacey says:

    First question: 34:45

  44. Milesbeast says:

    7:26 song?

  45. JustanTheWolfYT says:

    What about something about subnautica

  46. ObitōĪsKRÆ says:

    better than nanatsu no taizai s3

  47. Barth Man says:

    7:04 what’s that theme called?

  48. The W.D says:

    Um if you look closely to the low right at 23:28 THERE IS UNDYNE

  49. Josiah Tasich says:

    I never read that letter from Peach to Mario before! LOL!

  50. Ainurmusician64 says:

    4:02 Sad Yoshi's Island
    Where's this from? I'm sure it's another one of Vinny's corruptions, but i can't find it.

  51. Ze'tian Rosas says:

    Me encantan sus videos me gustaría que agan algo sobre crash bandicoot

  52. DethSandwich says:

    SAID Geno 10 times

  53. Nate Schofield says:

    B I R D U P

  54. Steve BURCHELL says:

    Jesus that geno conspiracy animation is like a fortune teller

  55. MegaSuperGamingKid YT says:

    2:48, funny kid

  56. DethSandwich says:

    Why did he throw a pebble at rocks? Why not a rock at rocks!!!!

  57. Manisone Pathoummachith says:


  58. Nathan Maldonado says:



  59. Joshuah Vaughn says:

    I’m going to assume that everything happens in the same universe

  60. Childish Murderer says:

    I like Dirk the Yoshi the best.

  61. Godda Booty says:

    6:14 I love that music mix-up <3 I never thought about it like that.

  62. DIOxygen3 says:

    33:38 get Dorime'd

  63. Kintsuta says:

    17:50 And then Sakurai introduced us to Spirits.
    (There has been no DLC fighter created from spirits already in the game. There’s no regular Piranha Plant spirit; Petey Piranha spirit because he only forms a part of the Plant’s moveset, and isn’t his own fighter.)

  64. itsCringeTime says:

    13:13 BITES ZA DUSTO

  65. KuruSeed says:

    11:49 wholesome link

  66. Blazing Productions says:

    deos anyone see paps in 12:38
    u guys should make something about undertale

  67. GachaWolf 1.0 e GachaWolf 2.0 says:

    If you pause at 7:53 u will see Yoshi making a horrifying face

  68. Afrew Spines says:

    If you put ads on this video I'll watch them all, I genuinely do not mind.

  69. Rasulov2 GD says:

    1:00 do you nou da wae

  70. Obligated Orb says:

    Anybody gotta link to that Soulja boy Remix tho?

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