Something About MHW Iceborne ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ❄️🐟


what is that sound? its driving the lugias crazy YO WHO CARES LETS HUNT SOME MONSTERS YAAAAAAAAAS Kidnapped, call 911 (fires the floof) she was such a nice young lady – Oh main
characters your handler is dead you can have his what well I’ll be your
temporary handler it’s just a temporary thing don’t get too comfortable it’s
going to be a temporary arrangement temporarily I can’t stress enough how
temporary the same that sound is driving the monsters crazy
hunters find the monster making it no that’s not it is that it no that’s not it static
no that’s not it no that it not daddy no is that it that’s not it no greetings
it is me your friendly neighborhood oh stop that what the I can still hear that song
alright we’ve been tracking the locations of the song these are the
locations in chronological order and this is where my grandson Timmy heard
that devil music he is such a good boy god bless him we have also linked the
song to tremors across the region yes but we already confirmed that those
tremors were caused by your mom amazing looks like her teamwork is paid off the
source of the song is here hunters now’s our chance (SOUNDCLOUD SHARA ISHVALDA) coming down like precipitation I ain’t
never met a limitation so I got it *Desperate screaming* supa star so I gotta shine top dolla be tha bottom line turn your heart rate to a dotted line and
my zodiac prolly dollar sign great (More rapping) hunters you did it sharra cheval de will
never make a mixtape ever again why Why didn’t any of you help us? the world is saved thanks to you Hunters come with me I have something to
show you

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100 thoughts on “Something About MHW Iceborne ANIMATED (Loud Sound Warning) ❄️🐟”

  1. LizTheSmallGirl says:

    I don't think they truly escaped the BIRD DIMENSION.

  2. crimson battler says:

    Thanks for the free shrek tickets

  3. Christian Jordan says:

    The song is actually live

  4. -_ says:

    Granny pot roasthmmmmmm.
    Bars dropped harder than that rocks esteem when it realises it can only kill and that it's a murderer.

  5. William S says:


    Oh god tell me the Bird Up is only a reference

  6. Thomas Johnson says:

    shara ishrapda crystalku

  7. Reinis says:

    Manny Calavera! Noooooo 😀

  8. FizzyFuck says:

    B I R D

  9. Stephen west says:

    Goddam I love these little videos

  10. Mario Pena says:

    Did anyone know that the rap dragon with the rolex has a tattoo of kirby?

  11. MessupStressup says:

    How can something spit so much fire but is covered in ice

  12. PUREcrazyDRAGON says:

    This is absolutely gold, couldn't stop laughing and the rolex rapping isvalda is pure genius

    Every time i'm gonna fight him this will always make me laugh through the fight!

  13. ShennyNerd says:

    I'm glad that I wasn't the only one that caught on to the fact that Glavenus uses MK64 Bowser sounds.

  14. BendyKiller says:

    As amazing as always, also I love that demoman charge reference you did there ;D

  15. Princess Consuela BananaHammock says:

    Having finally gotten iceborne on pc this is a pure joy to watch. Cant wait to beat shara ishvalda's ass with that song playing in the backround

  16. marioman 6444 says:

    i Love

  17. Darkerar says:


  18. Gwither26 says:

    Am I the only one with Caption problems? The subtitles keep getting stuck at "Temporarily I can't strees enough how temporary the same."

  19. Extage says:

    This is not ur first time watching this.

  20. Dariel Garcia says:

    The only thing I need in my life now its a music video with that song

  21. Kelton Orchard says:

    Got this game yesterday 😀

  22. Nothing at its finest says:

    Pls keep the black armorer

  23. Phil Borgen's Social Acc says:

    Master rank smithy forging at incredibe hihg speed

  24. Darthplagueis13 says:

    I'm not sure if this is the best or the worst of all timelines. I mean, on one hand, the handler gets turned into permafrost which is good, but on the other hand, Rolex Ishvalda and Bird.

  25. Elo :3 says:

    Sakurai: Announces Byleth
    Everyone: 3:55

  26. Phil Borgen's Social Acc says:

    Honestly all of the tiny details is what makes this so amazing, i hope you keep your style forever~

  27. So Ma says:

    2:35 – 2:39 Look very close into the ice wall. Khezu, a squirrel and
    Isaac are in there!!

  28. Carlos Alberto says:

    Great vid. What was the song that Velkana was playing?

  29. NextChannelGames says:

    If only the Bird Dimension was evading every gaming world…

    Bird Up!!!

  30. River Falcon says:

    “The world is safe” yet the bird continues to distort reality into it’s chaotic image.

  31. Iky says:

    The frozen khezu in Velkhana's basement at 2:35
    it was such a creepy penis.. I mean pain to hunt

  32. Karlo Petrić says:

    O s#### neck snap

  33. DomSchra 156 says:

    I think about starting to play mhw

  34. Azure Rathalos says:

    I hate the handler.

  35. ninja boy says:

    The god of all birds and dragons bird up

  36. ninja boy says:

    Our lord and savior bird up

  37. Sum1stio says:

    4:21 to 4:26 idk why but this tickles me.

  38. rassel45 says:

    (They don't know that bird is a god of chaos)

  39. Hyanci says:

    Something about kingdom hearts pls

  40. Tsunami Steeldios says:

    1:39 that's adorable

  41. FatherlessOni says:

    “Don’t forget to pet poogie and…”

  42. drangon 200515 says:

    Just want to point out at 1:19 is Leon

  43. x-ray quarter says:

    That song was lowkey fire

  44. eduardo giron says:

    Name of song please 2:32

  45. Ethan Lalog says:

    4:00 Heeeeeey, I just saw a Kirbo tattoo. Very sneaky, Jeremey.

  46. Supreme Seregios says:

    Doctor: Rapping Rolex Dragons Don't Exist, They Can't Hurt You.
    Rapping Rolex Dragons: 3:50

  47. swapertxking says:

    something about safi'jiiva… and while we're at it, meme the guiding lands

  48. ink sans says:

    It’s me, your favorite neighborhood BIRD UP dUn DUn DUN

  49. keith .adams says:

    Ga$ Money though….subbed

  50. Kodi Willis says:

    Do you play monster hunter world?

  51. Justin Quiñones says:

    a rapping shara ishvalda is the last thing I needed to see

  52. Justis Fiduccia says:

    well its no secret he hates Modern rap. Im more of an Eminem guy so I can relate.

  53. Lightbones says:

    3:44 it was dope asfuck

  54. OMG Ahya says:

    “What’s that sound? It’s driving the Lugias crazy.” Hahahahaha I just caught that. This is my third watch through, I have problems. T-T

  55. Donut Boy28 says:

    Season three baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. hypergamer44 says:

    Leon s Kennedy and two tickets to shrek the musical

  57. Yiğit Fethi DURSUN says:

    3:55 where is that scream from?

  58. S/X Boi says:


  59. ruiner nergigante says:

    What's the music heard at 2:33

  60. What is this says:

    yep this was made by a bottom

  61. Mega Man says:

    Haha. Why didn't any of you help us?

  62. John E W. says:

    3:56 where are those screams originally from? They sound so familiar


    1:17 ???

  64. David Hertz says:

    I'm glad that the 🐦⬆️ is back I really missed seeing it on your videos (I'm happy)

  65. The King of Beauty says:

    I wish we could've kept the serious handler because:

    – Her personality involves more than literally just ''i like food''.

    – She doesn't give me delusional bullshit about how '''we'' did it after i solo fought a monster to the death.

    – She doesn't call me ''Pard'' like some texan boomer.

    – She doesn't put herself in danger like a total brainless idiot thus forcing my character to save her.

    If they ever release her as DLC or something then i'll literally throw the money at my screen.

  66. Breezy says:

    Ay bro props for this vid!!!! Super funny 😁

  67. Marron Hak says:

    Hey Terminal, I have a question. When making these videos, do you play the game to know the story or do you do something else?

  68. Ze Blightcaller says:

    3:50 that is some terrifying shoit

  69. in a nutshell says:

    5:46 This is what I live for

  70. WolfyMelon says:

    I think this is my favourite one!

  71. HammerOChariot2020 says:

    Mah brain feels poop-tastic now

  72. Mr. Monocle says:

    Hey man this was amazing, keep up the hilarious work you madlad

  73. 8777 8777 says:

    2:31 tree just casually growing in the backround

  74. Shanthri says:

    Tried to do the dollar sign. I can't use my hands anymore.

  75. Cheese Yourself says:

    ngl that rapping part could legit be a music video

  76. EyelessWorld says:

    In conclusion: What a wonderful ga- BIRD UP!

  77. TheAipon13 says:

    Yo where my bird ups at!?!

  78. Jesse Davis says:

    No!!!! God no!!!!!!

  79. YBPaladin says:

    Okay, you all finally did it… you finally got a laugh out of me

    3:50 lmao

  80. BNGamesReviews says:

    There you go getting me back into MH

  81. Galgamos says:

    Wait… Shrek the musical…?

  82. C O O says:

    Ayo Full Song

  83. That one Chu says:

    Shara Ishvalda, Team Skull variant.

  84. Toasty GRIN says:

    Closed Caption: “SoundCloud Shara Ishvala”

  85. Nico says:

    when he proposed to the serious handler and threw the other to die i felt that

  86. SlyZeke101 says:

    4:00 When Shara Ishvalda started spitting fire, I was dying 😂😂😂

  87. Cynical Raven says:

    Shara having 0 emotion dropping a sick rap is 10/10

  88. justin says:

    You should do something about Super Metroid, that'd be a great classic. You could probably even make a joke about how walljumps are abused in that game.

  89. Shadow Blaze Doge says:

    Icebjorne, ready for work!

  90. PurgaB says:

    Wait is Gordon Ramsey, Gran Gran Cat Stand?

  91. Amanda Brown says:

    Something about Ocarina of time PLZ!!!

  92. Lightning Point says:

    "We Master Rank now!"

  93. Amanda Brown says:

    1:05 OMG That thing just peed itself!!!

  94. Cor Soeters says:

    Did i saw the Ice King skin?

  95. LastWolfPack says:

    Monster Hunter in a nutshell

  96. TheFloodDude says:

    Remember the boy who told you to get out of his room while he was playing Minecraft

    2:15 this is him now, feel old yet?

  97. godly virus says:

    I just love the fact that its not even a minute in and this dude is like who cares lets fight some monsters

  98. Marco Solis says:

    Please do metroid prime next

  99. jomega gaming says:

    Dead space

  100. Holograma Bugado says:

    Auguem br

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