Sight reading! Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew! Do you guys know what sight reading is? In case, you’re not a musician… You can get our merch and be like a musician. All the knowledge will download. – Yes.
– Cause geniuses are on All right. So today’s sight reading challenge theme… Is for you piano gang peeps out there. We will be sight reading piano music. Not only is this going to be very interesting because… There is two staves and a bass clef. You pick whatever line looks like it’s the melody and you play it. Because pianists play too much notes. We violinists only play the melody. Unless you’re second violin. Scissors, paper, rock! Pa, pa, pa, pa, paw! Alright! Schumann – Album for the Young. Because I’m young at heart. Oh, that’s not fair! – That looks alright.
– That’s not fair! I got the easy looking one. No! – This is both treble clef.
– I need the easier one. Oh bro, everyone knows this song. Ooh! Ooo… Ooh!! – Switching lines!
– Flexing! Ooh! Dude that was like – Ooo! Ooh! Nice! – Mmm!
– That was a nice melody. Good job Schumann. Mmm. I actually don’t know this piece. You don’t know it? – No.
– It’s really – It’s really popular. – Alright. Well – Well there’s one here so it’s called –
– All the piano gang people will just… “You don’t know this piece?” Beethoven Sonata Pathetique! Are you serious? – Adagio Cantabile
– Oh but it’s adagio – Bro that looks messed up… How… Bass clef! There’s four flats. – Dude…
– You gotta transpose it up. Wait, you’re playing this right? – Oh, I am playing that one.
– That’s the melody. That’s not the melody. Oh no! I was looking at the bottom one. – You’re playing the bass part.
– Dude, that’s – Dude, that’s so slow! There’s four flats. No! That’s an E flat! *beep* Dude, bass clef is already a level three. Like… Changing clefs. Yeah. Ooo! Oh. Oh no. Nice. I’m so nervous. Nah, it’s bass clef now. I don’t know why this is level one. This – But you did a lot – I love how you… Like did three times faster for treble than bass. Yeah. I took so long. – Your bass clef was so slow.
– I was like… B flat… Next note… Next note… I was trying to look at the intervals. That’s a third, that’s a fourth. In this key it’s gotta be this note. Level 2! Oh, that was funny. Haydn Sonata in F major. Hob XV 1. Alright. Nice. Scherzo… Oh, it looks so much easier. Oh, but it’s Scherzo. Ooo. Oh man. Oh! Ah! You didn’t mess up… – It was fine.
– Played a E flat. Oh, I thought it was just an out of tune E natural. Yeah, my – My left hand twitched. I will do it again. Wait, I want to play the bottom part cause it’s treble. Okay, okay, here we go. – Oooh!
– Ooh! Two is better than one! You gotta mess up once. And then you can do it again. Remember? – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– You gotta mess up once and you’ll never mess up again. – That’s right.
– That’s why you guys should always perform. Okay. Next one. The next one should be Mozart piano sonata. Oh, Mozart piano sonata… – Oh, man…
– Maestoso. Allegro maestoso. Okay… Wa – wa – wait. You can mess up once. New rule! Ooh!! What is that? Pianists… Pianists, when there is double stops, it’s like… – So much harder on the violin.
– It’s just like… Yeah. Playing two notes at the same time on the violin – This would have been like a level… Five or six… – On the violin.
– On the violin, right? Yeah. – And we are not even playing the left hand.
– Yeah. All my tone and intonation went out the window. – Yeah, that’s funny, hey.
– I was trying to focus on those… – Notes.
– It’s funny when you are signtreading everything just disappears. – Yeah.
– Rhythm, tone, everything’s just gone. Bach! Ooo! Well Tempered Clavier. The first note that skid. – Ohh! No, no, no, no, no.
– Wow. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. I was – I felt it though. I – I – When I look – You know when you’re reading along the third bar freaked me out a bit. I was like “Ooo”. Like my brain wasn’t – Just don’t compute it. Yeah. It wasn’t ready for the third bar. It’s alright. We can have one mess up right? – Okay, yeah. One mess up.
– Yeah. No! – Oh! Ooh!
– Ahh!!! You were worrying about the A flat, then you forgot the B. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah. Yeah, that’s what – Yeah. Alright, next one. – Alright.
– For me is… – Debussy Arabesque.
– Oh, I love that piece. Fu**. – You gotta mess up once.
– I’ll do a bit slower. Can I do that? Yeah. Nice. Ooh! Then he encountered the bass clef. – Bass clef.
– Dude, that was actually legit. – You got it all.
– Dude, it’s scary. – Alright.
– That’s true. Ooo. Brahms or Chopin. – Cho – Ugh.
– Ahahahaha. Chopin Nocturne in G. Oh, my shoulder rest. Piano gang, right? Okay… Dude… Look at that double stops. You gotta turn the black keys into white keys. And then you gotta… Turn the melodic into harmonic. Woah… Wow! Okay. This is going to be hard. Ooh! I can’t even tell if you ‘re playing the right notes. – I don’t even know.
– I don’t know either. – I can’t tell.
– I went on autopilot. I was like come on. Come on. – Okay.
– I think that was the right notes. I think it was an E flat. – It’s E flat – It is! It was a –
– It is. You got it right! It is an E flat. I was like – Brahms Rhapsody in G minor. Like, actually, seriously. Are you ready? Brahms Rhapsody. Nah. Screw that. Nah. So hard. I feel like it’s too easy by just playing the melody. – But then if I play the triplets, it’s way too hard.
– It’s too hard. Woah. To be fair like… It’s very hard for violin because it’s not written for violin, first of all. And also it doesn’t really suit the hand patterns of violin. So a lot of things don’t even make sense instinctively. And we are just not used to reading four notes and having to pick one. Yeah, I know. Excuses, excuses. Last level. Last level. Woo! – You go first.
– Alright. You get to end the video. Oh… I got the Rach. Which means you get the Liszt. Oh… Why! Oh man… Dude… How do you read that? Oh! I know this piece. – You know this one?
– Oh! I know. *hums music* Dude, it’s… Alright. It doesn’t sound like it. Wait. Oh, it is E flat. Oh, okay. We can mess up once. A bit slower. Dude, that’s too low for the violin. Dun~ Dun, dun, dun. Bass clef. That was level 5 because it was literally too low to play on the violin. It’s not meant to be played. It’s like impossible. That’s why it’s level five. Alright. Well, of course the last one for me is the… Liszt. Transcendental Etude. No. 8… Good luck man. Good luck. Don’t worry, you can change the melodic to harmonic. I won’t blame you for that. If you play one wrong note… In the ninth last measure. Dude, how do I read this? I don’t even know the rhythm. Dude, it’s so ridiculous. It’s just not written for the violin. So it sounds really lame but it’s actually really hard. Can you actually do these chords? It’s actually so funny. Presto furioso. Oh, I’ll give you that one. Well, there you go. Piano gang. We’re sorry pianists out there. We know… You watch our channel. We love you too. Thank you for all the times when we play sonatas together. Thank you so much for the hard – All the many notes you play to make the harmony sound good. Conservatory life. Finding a pianist has always been difficult. But thank you for being there. In times of need… When we need accompaniment. And we need a collaborative pianist. Alright, I think that’s it guys. We hope you enjoyed our shred. Please like and subscribe and we’ll see you guys sometime.

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  1. IGitzDiz Music says:

    On Haydn, they sounded great!

  2. 짭나무 says:

    handsome guys


  3. Alex Vanopulos says:

    0:52 hahaha

  4. Gaming, music and jokes! *and a bit of cooking* says:

    Whenever the Adagio Cantabile sheet music is on screen: Pathetique sonata is being sightread (Mov 2, which is not the pathetique of the pathetique sonata). Plot twist (no offence here): Warning: Pathetique violin playing ahead.

  5. chae says:

    oh wow i can't believe they sight read and played a piece they had never seen before. The commonor is easily amused.

  6. 白空 says:

    I actually expected them to play it as a duet, one violin for each hand. I mean, a lot of it would be too low for the violin, but Brett still has his viola and I'd like to hear at least the first piece lile that… 😉

  7. Bubble tea & me says:


  8. IGitzDiz Music says:

    Eddy: Pianists play too much notes
    Organist: Let me introduce myself.

  9. Kris Marcotte says:

    Ok but now I want the well tempered clavier on violin in my spotify playlist. Damn it.

  10. Kyler kemp says:

    I was wondering how long it would take both of them to Play together 🤦🏼

  11. Pixel Wolf says:

    0:30 my favorite Rachmaninoff piece prelude In g minor

  12. Sophie Tao says:

    person: "piano isn't hard"
    me: *laughs in liszt and george crumb*

  13. Σωτήρης Αναγνωστόπουλος says:

    the prelude is actualy playable on the violin its monophonic throughout so you can probably play it you would just have to play half lead and half bass to get the melody

  14. Salute says:

    7:42 I felt that. And I don't even play violin, or any string instrument in fact.

  15. UnknownDarkDragon says:

    tbh, it's better to memorize than to sight read. let's say you only learned how to sight read, but didn't have it all memorized and you don't have the music sheet. what are you gonna do then? pretty much nothing

  16. UnknownDarkDragon says:

    as a guitarist, i'd sight read and memorize at least some of this. they got the guitar finger numbers down below and above the notes.

  17. apollojakenwill says:

    Brett always has this astonished face when it gets complicated “is this really happening?” Lol

  18. GiraffeRobot3000 says:

    most musicians: 1 note at a time, no gosh darn base clef

    me: cries in pianist

  19. sergio Felipe Jr says:

    You guys need to use a brazilian meme when somebody fails….
    Its very popular and funny here in Brazil.

  20. Duolingo OwO says:

    With the piano you can sight read any instrument sheet music

  21. Duolingo OwO says:

    “Pianists play to many notes”

    Of course you think that you can’t properly play a song with the bass and treble clef by yourself because your instrument is w e a k

  22. Poowawa TV says:

    Sooo….we can read your music easily, but you cannot read ours…interesting…

  23. David Heffernan says:

    These are the only YouTube videos I actually laugh out loud to.

  24. Pennsylvania Railroadrailfan says:

    P I A N O

  25. Cat Feldman says:

    if you can sight read slowly you can sight read quickly – how about no

  26. joey yin says:

    twoset: gets tormented by Paginini everyday

    also twoset: now that we"re going to piano territory…….lets kill 'em with Rachmaninoff

    *sinister laughter of twoset

  27. joey yin says:

    pianists: sweating on Beethoven sonata Pathétique at ARCT

    TwoSet: sights reads it

    pianists: now that's some serious bullsh**

  28. Alexandra Lin says:

    finally you suffered our pain

  29. Joanne Lam says:

    Eddie: nO-
    Ad: Herbie Hancock playing a piece

  30. Nathan Genesee says:

    Why am I listening to this monstrosity casually in the background?

  31. Mr.Cloudinator says:

    Level 1
    Level 2
    Level 3
    Level 4
    Level 5
    Level Liszt

  32. Kittikat4124 says:

    Them: Bach Well Tempered Clavier
    Me, a pianist: gross

    Tbf though, I don’t like Bach

  33. x Agent says:

    SIGHTREADING PIANO MUSIC… , not written for violin …

  34. Johnnie and Amy Music says:

    Eddy: (picks up bow)

    Eddy: (puts it down)

  35. Leo179 says:


  36. Abraham Pulido says:

    What’s the piece in the first couple seconds of the video?

  37. sararehman says:

    As soon as I saw the word Prelude, I immediately felt sorry for eddy

  38. sararehman says:

    And as soon as I saw Liszt, I also immediately felt sorry for brett

  39. Deroviara says:

    ~“When you’re sightreading everything’s just gone – rhythm, tone, everything.”

    Yes. I wish my band teacher thought the same way xD (not that she’s not great or inconsiderate or anything, but…)

  40. Sofia Gatti says:

    0:44 ling ling: AND THAT’S A FACT

  41. Medusa Gorgon says:

    I'm an ex violinist, and i'm new to the piano. I can understand SO MUCH your frustratuon😂

  42. YouTube N’ Things says:

    Right as Brett messed up on level 3……..

    My iPad hit 10 percent.

  43. Jasmine Heynderickx says:

    When Brahms rgapsody in G minor is one of your fav piano pieces ☺️

  44. manai says:

    Anyone knows of good pianist youtubers out there?

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