Sales | Create the Infolet View That Salespeople See by Default

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[Music] Hello. My name is Jiri. In this tutorial, I’ll show how to focus attention on what’s important to your sales organization by creating filters on infolets. These actionable infolets provide salespeople with the sales information they need, and take actions without having to drill down into individual records. Here are the existing filters for My Opportunities. There are filters you can select to view what’s closing in the near future, but I want salespeople to focus on opportunities in the negotiation stage. So, let’s create a new filter. I start by creating a sandbox… I start by creating a sandbox… And I will be using Page Composer as my tool. I leave the Support Context set to Site because I’m adding the filter for all users. But you can click Edit to create the filter for a specific job role. I click Create and Enter to enter the sandbox. Filters are nothing more than repurposed lists. So, to create a filter for opportunities, I navigate to the Opportunities work area. I open Page Composer. And I’m ready to go. I select Create or Edit Lists. To create my new list, I am going to modify the My Open Opportunities saved search. It shows all of the opportunities the salesperson owns that are closing in the current quarter. I add the Sales Stage field and select the Negotiation sales stage. Because I want to show all the opportunities in the Negotiation stage, I’m going to broaden the search to all quarters. I click Save and give my new saved search a name. If you want to use the saved search as filter, you must select the Run Automatically check box. Now let’s add the new list as a filter. I navigate to the Home page, scroll down to the My Opportunities sales infolet. And I switch to the Expanded View where I see the filters. I click the little Actions icon and select Configure. Now I select the Filters tab and move the filter to where I want it in the Selected column. Here’s the new filter in my list. Click Close to save the changes you made and publish your sandbox. Here’s what one of my salesreps sees. Thank you. [Music] [music]

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