Rock Organ 101 – Piano Lesson (Pianote)


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13 thoughts on “Rock Organ 101 – Piano Lesson (Pianote)”

  1. Bruno Lobato Torres says:

    Thanks man!!

  2. Mr. Muzic says:

    Extremely well explained; even used the proper Hammond Organ terms!!!

  3. Chris Gutierrez says:

    I seriously can't thank you enough man… This is what I've been looking for! You really and I mean REALLY need to make a tutorial as to how to play farfisa, vox continental style organs like in 60s psychedelic rock. I haven't seen anybody make videos like it yet. I own a 1967 farfisa Compact. definitley give it a try

  4. chriscauldermusic says:

    Jordan, this is SO helpful. Can you do more of these?

  5. Andin Briwel says:

    My “rotating Leslie speaker feature” is a rotating Leslie speaker 😉
    Sorry, couldn’t help it. I love the video, and just got a 1961 Hammond A100, so I’m excited to learn some organ techniques. This is a good jump start!

  6. Ron Stephens says:

    your videos are always great. thank you!

  7. Blueberry NeckPain says:

    I just have a crappy 30 dollar organ I bought at the thrift store how should I get a good tone?

  8. flykeys says:

    Very good! Most of keyboard teachers are piano teachers, and nobody specifically teaches how to play organ in rock/pop music.

  9. J C says:

    First off, this is a great video for a rock pianist that wants to get into playing Hammond.

    I do want to point out something. The way you're playing the "Gimme Some Lovin'" riff, there is a noticeable gap between the last C and the last G chords. On the recording, there is no gap. You can get around this by doing finger substitutions. When you get to the last C chord, switch from 1-2-4 to 1-3-5 (while holding down all the notes), then your 2 and your 4 are free to play the last G chord.

    Another way of doing it is to use your left hand to play the low G, but this will modify the fingering dramatically from the way it's done in this video – and you won't have your left hand free to do sick Leslie speed changes. (I will point out, though, that on the recording the Leslie speed change doesn't happen until the chorus. It makes the chorus more dramatic IMHO if you save fast for it)

    I'm not too familiar with the VK-7, but I'm not too impressed with its B3 sounds. I owned a Korg CX-3, and I thought it offered a pretty realistic sound. And if you want to spend $$$, the Nord emulations are great as well. In a band context, this may not matter too much. I saw War a few years back (Cheech and Chong opened for them – great show) and Lonnie Jordan used a VK–7. I don't recall it sounding bad.

  10. antonio menga says:

    Parli troppo

  11. Green River says:

    I really dig the Hammond organ, such a kick ass powerful Rock instrument

  12. Dana Lee says:

    can this be a series? please?

  13. Daniel Gutierrez says:

    Thanks! It would be awesome if you could also explain the whole progression, maybe give some tips 🙏

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