Raizer II. The video illustrates how product sound can be an intuitive, nonverbal product guide.

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Designed sound has become a necessity in the use of today’s products The companies Lift Up and Soundbranding have collaborated on the development and implementation of sound design in the new version of the Raizer II lifting chair, which you see here. In the process of developing a second generation of Raizer, our lifting chair, where we had done a lot of feedback and user analyzes Where it turned out that the use of the product itself was not as intuitive as we had imagined, we needed to have a third dimension – the sound, in order to get the user more guided into how to use the product. In the process, the development team and sound designers encountered several challenges related to the design and implementation of sound design in Raizer II. The first challenge was to get these sounds designed. We quickly found out, as engineers, that it was not just easy. It should be intuitive, it should not just be some beep sound. In the old version we had some sounds but it was more like Morse sound as I call them and then it was something that then it could beep one, two or three times, but no one could figure it out, we needed sounds that you associate, that when you hear this sound, you will know what happens. and in doing so, we contacted Soundbranding to design the sounds. Well, I think it was interesting too, we had some challenges. In the beginning it was a closed plastic box where the sound was to break through from an acoustic perspective. we discussed back and forth to make it function. and in relation to the sounds to work intuitively and work in all languages so to speak, we had many considerations for that purpose on noise norms, how do you perceive noise and sound, what is alarming and what is pleasant sound. We had many considerations of that nature. After all, it should be the case that Lift Up in the end has eliminated some competitors because you get a better user experience of the product because the sounds are customized and originally designed. Following the launch of Raiser II, Lift Up has conducted a number of user surveys and the results of these have been positive. We have of course done a follow-up user survey after introducing these sounds on the new product and there have been only positive feedback, the feedback they have generally been that these sounds they are really good at guiding and helping

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