Promotion Tips for Musicians : Connecting People to Art


If I walk into a room full of guys and I tell
them, guys you are going to have the best presentation you’d seen today, and at the
end of it, I’m going to give you something you all really want. I’m going to give each
one of you, one my little pony t shirt. Who of all those guys do you think is going to
care. Why in the world would they want to listen to me talk to them. They’re probably
going to hurt me, especially because I’m not such a huge and muscular guy because of what
I just tried to offer them. Because they don’t care about what I’m trying to offer them,
if I try to convince them to care. You can’t convince people to care about what you are
offering them. So when you are telling them, hey I’m going to come and perform for you,
I’m going to you know do all this crazy stuff on stage, you better make sure the person
you are trying to sell that performance to really wants what you have to offer. If I’m
going to a school, and I’m telling you I’m going to perform for your school, well I better
do something educational. I better do something that is going to help the teachers and help
the principals that teach the kids more effectively. Because they are the ones in charge of the
money. So if I go into a school, well maybe I’ll do a writing workshop because teachers
always love it when their kids love to write. And I can give them, get them passionate about
writing. I know how to do that. If I can convince them of that, they really care about that,
they really want someone to help them out on doing that. People want to know that you
care about what they care about. If you are marketing yourself offer them something that
they care about. They’ll be much more likely to like you.

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2 thoughts on “Promotion Tips for Musicians : Connecting People to Art”

  1. 0remylucious0 says:

    good job dude, i get what you"re saying and it makes so much sense!!!

  2. georgee895 says:

    I've watched a few of these videos. I don't know who you are but you know your stuff.Thanks for talking sense.

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