[PREVIEW #1] I Got No Time – Jupiter Maroon remix (fnaf song)


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15 thoughts on “[PREVIEW #1] I Got No Time – Jupiter Maroon remix (fnaf song)”

  1. XboxGamerK says:

    I hope that effects with glitching isn't too strong, if it is – please, do tell me so I can understand if it is too much. Sorry if the preview is too short, I've done most of it today and I was rushing to render it. I've literally started this project on Thursday instead of Monday, like I always do. (I've got my PC on Tuesday and the next 2 days I was setting it up and recovering my files, so I really couldn't do much)

    So this story follows my FAN MADE story about "Afton Family" and yes… it's a continuation of "A Familiar Face" and this is Fredbear, not a Golden Freddy (I even made the bow tie and hat much more purple)

    I will finish Behind The Mask, I am still waiting for some material for this project-

  2. Dayna Allmon says:

    Fred bears thoughts through all of this at the beginning what guys you let him get away what's the matter with y'all ok what do y'all want oh dear God y'all turned purple flash back scene oh look it's my death man that's sad wait I'm I crying blood discusting wait why did I teleport to the exact moment my head was getting crushed him sitting on the steps later that night oh my gosh I've been in this flash back for two hours when will this end turns to fnaf 4 bedroom oh come on not again

  3. STUDIO Baka-chan says:

    xbox gamer por favor.. você consegue fazer um tutorial mostrando como transporta mapa e modelo pro source filmmaker??

  4. Kian Merioles says:

    You finaly put it to purple


  5. Funtime freddy gamer And roblox gamer says:

    Xboxgamerk it’s really good

  6. PR& P says:


  7. Chocolatebit Animates says:

    This , this is the type of stuff I want to create in the future on my own SFM channel

  8. Venni Veccy says:


  9. Lucario says:

    How are you still a virgin?

    (Wait, were you married?)

  10. Клара Шайхашева says:

    Можно я буду тваем

  11. SB-TION says:

    I am animator

  12. Affan Gamerz A.G says:



  13. LegoGabiMovie tobby Wilkinson says:

    0:02 purple animatronics

  14. Plush Productions says:

    Dang This..It Blew My Mind.Kepp Up The Great Work,I have to say past 0:09 you did great.

  15. Jr Guide says:

    Im subscribed on your channel becuase of this previw im love your fnaf songs remix

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