Playing the Shakuhachi Flute : Shakuhachi Flute Music


This is a piece of Japanese music. This is
the kind of music that I studied with my teacher. His name was Hodo Yamaguchi Sensei. I met
him when he was 79 and he passed away when he was 89, and he taught me how to read this
music. This is the kind of music that we sat and played together. Japanese music, obviously,
does not look like anything near American music and you start on this end over here.
Right over here is all words, and the music begins right here, this is the first note.
Each one of these symbols is a note. This is an octave symbol here, and these are all
notes. The lines down the center designates certain speeds. Where there’s a double line,
like here, the music, it goes from note to note faster than here where there’s a single
line. These lines here tell you when to take a breath. So, you start here and play down
this way. And then, when you reach the bottom, you go up to the top and play down this way.
This is Japanese writing and down here is where the music actually begins. This symbol
here is an octave symbol. This is an actual note, this first symbol that’s leading into
another note. All of these are notes. The bars in the middle designate the speed with
which the notes are played. So, there’s two notes here, one, two, and then there’s another
two notes here, right here, one, two, both played at the same speed. And, this line here
designates breath. So the music tells you when to breathe, what to play, and at what
speed. When there’s a single line through here, it means that it’s a slower speed. And
right here, once again, there’s a breath signal. It reads from here, where the music starts,
and you play down this way. Then when you reach the bottom, you go back to the top and
you play all the way down. Here we see three lines so the music is going faster here, because
there’s three lines. Then it slows up, then you take a breath, you can see there’s a break.
Then you play two notes quickly, there’s an accent, another note quickly, then it slows
up a little, then you play all the way down and you go back to the top. And then you go
all the way across.

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6 thoughts on “Playing the Shakuhachi Flute : Shakuhachi Flute Music”

  1. Mal says:

    they are just note indicators they are called either tozan ryu or kinko-ryu i cant tell which it is because they look similar and i don't remember

  2. Sunikkke says:

    I'm greatful for "western" musical sheets ^_^" but it looks soo cool .. 😕

  3. RadiantBeauty says:

    man, just play sum music!!

  4. Krymore says:

    > America produces music

  5. SpressLoves WonderGirls says:

    Informative, but this could have been edited to remove the section you repeated, and to correct the camera shots.

  6. Rman dG says:

    american music?

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