“Playing Along with a Smartphone” Roland GO:PIANO #05


Playing Along with a Smartphone Connecting a Smartphone via Bluetooth Audio Here we explain settings for playing along while listening to sound from your iPhone. In settings, select “BT PAIRING” and press [PLAY/STOP]. When you play back a music playback app, or play back video from the web, the sound is heard from GO:PIANO. Adjust the volume on the iPhone to set the balance with the volume of GO:PIANO. This completes preparations. Now you can enjoy playing along. Roland Sessions: Jordan West & Chastity Ashley “Circles” Transpose If the video content that you want to play is in a key that’s difficult for you to play, use the Transpose function to transpose. In settings, select “TRANSPOSE” and use [-][+] to transpose. In this example, we lower the key by a semitone to play in a position (Am) that’s one semitone higher than the original (A♭m). By transposing to Am (or C major) in this way, you can play using only the white keys.

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4 thoughts on ““Playing Along with a Smartphone” Roland GO:PIANO #05”

  1. Linux Tuxfriend says:

    It would be even better if you could pair it directly with a bluetooth speaker. 😉

  2. Cyber Ninja24 says:

    Why wont it connect with an Android device with the Roland Piano Partner 2 app..?

  3. Maafa 1619 says:

    I have one of these things. The action is garbage. It's non-weighed and springy like a cheap synth. This is NOT a piano in any way shape or form. I only bought it to practice during my lunch hour at work. It stays in my truck. I wouldn't bring this piece of crap in my house.

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