I can’t play in tune. This piano is out of tune. Ugh, percussionists have no notes to learn. Violinists have to learn so many notes. It’s not fair. Haha, you’re funny. I’m a genius. I hope they let me take this on board. Is there a practice room for piano? Does anyone have a piano around here? They should invent like Uber Eats, but for piano. Like, Uber Piano, jeez.

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100 thoughts on “PIANO VS VIOLIN”

  1. Callum Whitby says:

    Brett: Ugh, I can’t play in tune 😪

    Eddy: Hmm 🤔, this piano’s out of tune.

  2. Thiago Lopes says:

    I Win in travelling with my flute kkkkkk

  3. Anton Lundsgaard says:

    Being both this was a lot of fun.

  4. bubs says:

    It’s so much harder to read music for piano . My friend tried teaching me once and reading more than one line of music at once almost broke my brain

  5. xUniversalxMidnightx says:

    When you are a Pianist and Violinist/Viola-ist!?

  6. Ruth Gentes says:

    I’ve tried it and wiggling ur finger on piano is very effective 🙂

  7. juvie lasado says:

    Pianist here🙋‍♀️ im attacked

  8. Ethan Smith says:

    This is why you learn both Instruments. Both build different musical skills.

  9. The Muffin Man says:

    j a z z

  10. Misses Witch says:

    "Twinkle.. Twinkle.. Little.. Star.." I'm a genius. Hahahaha!

  11. Anonymous Network Service says:

    0:40 Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Theme

  12. Gulan Channel says:

    where my violins at??

  13. Hot_u says:

    pianos are cool

  14. Gonçalo Duarte says:

    classical guitar?
    not easy

  15. Beethoven Arellano says:

    Flipped my head on the vibrato

  16. WhySeeF says:

    "I'm a genius!"
    Exactly me 😂 😂 😂

  17. Jep 516 says:

    At least were not violas

  18. Ameya Saju says:

    I'm hurt.

  19. Silje Sidong says:

    Violin vs trumpet

  20. 梨子 says:

    Hahahha I learn violin and this is so #relatable man😂😂😂

  21. martinwettig says:

    Ling Ling vs Lang Lang…

  22. Jeenat Anowar Misty says:

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
    How I wonder what am I,
    Up above the humankind,
    Like a diamond in the sky,

  23. Jeenat Anowar Misty says:

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
    I'm a genius HAHAHAHA,
    Up above the human kind,
    like a sacrilegious pilot in the sky,

  24. jaksa 5253 says:

    The most retarder VS battle i have ever seen and heard who agrees like🙄😣

  25. Phas Reca says:

    I thought it will be La Campanella battle

  26. lel lel says:

    88 notes for pianos and 144 for violin. Hmmmm

  27. JYOTHI UNNI says:

    "The struggle is real"-brett

  28. Addison Cagan says:

    Number 12 hahaha

  29. Roberta Maxim says:

    I laughed so much at this you 2 are AMAZING ❤❤😂😂😎

  30. Hans Mathieu Esmabe says:

    Guys in my experience,
    Piano is the easier to begin but yhe hardest to master.
    Violin is so hard to begin but when you learn it, so fast as a lightning.
    I am playing piano for years but I am still struggling with it.

  31. A Finnish girl says:

    Of course you can't do crescendo with piano to a long note, but try to do it for excample to a scale!!😉😉😉😀

  32. Thắng Đỗ Xuân says:

    This is a shameful, lame video with overreacting and exaggerating performances

  33. Rithik Radhan says:

    Hey try octaves on the violin

  34. Lynette Carter says:

    Percussionists dont have any notes to learn..

    Hold my piano keys

  35. Epsilon says:

    Twoset: you can't do tremolo on piano

    Liszt: hold my hungarian rapsody

  36. XxStayAliveXx says:

    2:31 * cries in ridiculously small ass hands *

  37. Rachel Fung says:

    As a pianist and violist, I know the feeling of playing “vibrato “on the piano lolz

  38. Otávio B Santos says:

    when you play Hungary Rhapsody in violin, we talk 😉

  39. Fran Hurtado says:

    I’m a pianist and a violinist.

    I don’t know how I am supposed to feel right now

  40. Gavril Yaselle, the Young Fiddler says:

    2:34 FYI piano is a percussion instrument according to my music theory teacher because when you hit the keys in a piano a little hammer strikes the string to produce a sound, sometimes the violin, cello, viola, and bass is also considered as a percussion instrument because there is a bow technique called colegno in which the musician strikes the string with the wood of the bow. just saying haha

  41. Angel Games says:

    Now, you make the same video with vinheteiro xdxd

  42. Samuel Azevedo says:

    First thing I thought was chords and octaves 😂

  43. 🌈아무것도🌳 says:

    Brings a kazoo

  44. John Charles says:

    Can someone explain the jokes. I get some but not not all of them.

  45. † LΩñâLfídā Gløwmøōñ † says:


  46. Αγγελινα Μυλωνα says:

    🎻 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. rodrigo buarque says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmy por piano..

  48. Ms Wick says:

    I played violin for 4 years and played piano for 7 (I stopped violin) and I am 12 now so since I was young, I was trying to use violin techniques on the piano and successfully failed. Now I know that I am not alone. And when I went to Singapore, I used the piano at the gardens by the bay. And in Sri Lanka, I used my great-uncle's piano, which was, well, very out of tune.

  49. Manju Roy says:

    But vibrato is beautiful

  50. Manju Roy says:

    The joy at 3:10

  51. Plainrock124 says:

    You know you can have a to-go piano, like a toy piano!

  52. Hongle Dai says:

    I’m e Violinist 🎻😁

  53. Noëlle de R. says:

    Travelling with an instrument is the worst thing ever. Most airlines allow violins as handluggage and you can buy an extra seat for a cello. A guitar however… I moved to England a couple of months back and obviously had to take my guitar with me. It had to go with checked luggage! Luckily the baggage lady was nice enough to allow me to carry it to the gate myself, but in the short 1 hour flight the guitar case came back scratched! For that entire hour I was panicking about my guitar and hoping it was alright!

  54. Paulina Rossana Pedraza Santoro says:

    En los comienzos es verdad. Llevaba como seis años de violín cuando tomé un taller de piano y me dije: Creo que elegí el instrumento equivocado. Piano se me hacía tan fácil jajaja.

  55. Cac Nguyen says:

    Plzzzz dont make memes on us

  56. JSLGamer221 21 says:

    1:53 S M I L E

  57. Hasnah Salsabilah says:


  58. Vannexe says:

    0:44 use a RoLi

  59. Kristen Williams says:

    The decay of the notes though
    cries in pianist

  60. 69,696 Subscribers with no videos says:


  61. 1919helio1919 says:

    But can you play 5 notes at once?


    People:Piano is boring

    Weeb:Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru

  63. Merve Özbey says:

    Lizst and rachmaninoff: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!!!!

  64. Kiana A says:

    Look BOTH are great instruments so dont be a pro VIO or pro PIANO group its pointless,

    cause everyone knows piano is better at (almost) any domain

  65. A.R.M.Y says:

    Ееее я cкрипачка 😂👌

  66. Mária Lukačovičová says:

    Piano is the best

  67. Luis Valdez says:

    Violin vs guitar

  68. Анастасия Моцарт says:


  69. Gabrielly Suzam says:

    Engraçado 😂😂😂

  70. Aha Cadabra says:

    You practice octaves with an elastic? What a genius idea

  71. Andrey Didenko says:

    Thats not how you do crescendo on piano dip shit 🤣🤣.
    Not how you do trempolo on piano uhh

  72. SplitTheFox says:

    2:42 I may be wrong but…. Isn't a piano also a strings instument? Not a percussion one?

  73. The Iron Swede says:

    Two musicians compare different instruments and find that they're different. More on this story at 8, stay tuned.

  74. Mafalda Viana says:

    "Like Uber Eats but for piano. Uber Piano."
    ~Eddy, 2019

  75. Λουκάς Δεμονς says:


  76. some thing says:

    Virtual piano is awesome

  77. diana rosa says:

    Okay, but bro, you’re kinda offending pianists:’)

  78. Howl ssfs says:

    As for all of you people out there commenting, come on! They all have their specialties! If you want to play a solo without an orchestra, pianos are amazing! They have a fuller sound since you can play the accompaniment with one of your hands, so that’s a good thing about pianos. I play violin and piano, so I get what it feels like to be both! So don’t be like, “Oh, piano is harder, it’s better and you can play more notes,” and for the violinists “Violin is super hard! And that video is really true!” STOP IT. Please! It’s not a big deal! Both are amazing!

  79. Played by a Beginner says:

    0:42 Come on! Everyone know you have to wobble your hand from side to side, not back and forth. Common knowladge.

  80. Cüneyt says:

    3:00 I'm Genius 😂😂😂 RIP🖤😂🖤😂

  81. aztek01 says:

    I play both so I don’t really care

  82. GuillermoGalindo says:

    De puro usar simply piano

  83. Miscellaneous 18 says:


  84. Tomioka Giyuu says:

    Vibrato on piano XD

  85. Kevin gratton says:

    At 0:22 the real one knows were that amazing comm from

  86. thiago barbosa says:

    Quem é do brasil😃

  87. Owllover191 says:

    Well, there’s a lesson to be learned here. The channel is called TwoSetViolin for a reason.

  88. Ilias Th. says:

    The pain.

  89. JAZZZ says:

    You can play vibrato on clavichord

  90. Manasi S says:

    uber piano. someone make this happen please.

  91. TheKnudie says:

    #uberpiano make it happen!

  92. EJ -Games and More says:

    Pianos dont need to vibrate when it already sounds better than a violin

  93. Soryane Mendy says:

    team piano

  94. Valtteri Vuolanto says:

    Hands down best part was vibrato on piano.

  95. Bartek Wasilenko says:

    Piano is so much better

  96. Eva Zheng says:

    Me, as a harpist: haha

  97. Iris Gita Pompe says:

    1:23 – the proud face of the pianist
    0:59 – the funny face of the violinist

  98. David Far says:

    Love u both

  99. Zombie Guitar says:

    Try to make vibrato with a "seaboard"

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