Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: Parisian Summer (2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music)


Title: Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: Parisian Summer (2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music)

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100 thoughts on “Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: Parisian Summer (2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music)”

  1. LewisLuong Relaxation Cafe says:

    Hi friends, please watch the Paris edition and SUBSCRIBE to my NEW channel here:
    And a beautiful French collection here:

    Thank you.

  2. Patience Reeder says:

    Makes for a sunny day — thanks; so peppy and relaxing at the same time.

  3. chihuahua thatderpdog says:

    it made my living room fancier 😂😂 amazing album.

  4. zachary says:


  5. Jordan Kwon says:

    playing solitaire with this music played behind. good.

  6. Joe Myk says:


  7. Agung Rizki says:

    Track 1: Oh Françoise (starts at 00:00)
    Track 2: Some sunny day (starts at 3:41)
    Track 3: Bal au Moulin Rouge (starts at 9:52)
    Track 4: Velvet night (starts at 13:33)
    Track 5: Sweet dreams (starts at 18:17)
    Track 6: Memories of Champs-Elysées (starts at 24:50)
    Track 7: Moonlight by my side (starts at 55:00)
    Track 8: Café de la Paix (starts at 1:05:22)
    Track 9: Chloé (starts at 1:09:27)
    Track 10: Beyond Seine (starts at 1:14:11)
    Track 11: Parisian summer (starts at 1:20:25)
    Track 12: Sweet as macaron (starts at 1:27:04)
    END – 2:05:05

  8. Daniel Porras says:

    Lewis, you should collaborate with Flowkey, they are in need of good jazz compositions and I believe it can be a good platform to continue expanding your great music!!!!

  9. nodnops says:

    Just sitting back in my favourite armchair and taking it easy……………….

  10. Alberto Emilio Soto says:


  11. john yeh says:


  12. taemin jung says:

    이런 재즈곡들 아주좋아!

  13. Alexander Guitz says:


  14. Gabriel Regalado says:


  15. Alan Vinicius says:

    olá .. ótimo som, ótimas musicas. qualidade excelente .

  16. scottski51 says:

    Be nice if all recordings were at the same volume level.   Just sayin' .

  17. 호비희망뀨 says:

    It's sounds awesome!

  18. wangliang guan says:


  19. Jerry Duglass says:

    Love This Style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. D. Dorough says:

    Wonderful album. Pure perfection any day of the week.

  21. TJ Tampa says:

    Enjoying the soothing music while staring down Hurricane Irma, here in Tampa, Florida. Thank you! 💙

  22. Alvis Zhao says:

    How can we find this kind of trio sheet music?

  23. Victor Zhang says:

    Playing this with my tenor saxophone feela great after a hard day!!

  24. Jerry Duglass says:

    I listen to this 2 hours a day!!!!

  25. Jeff Webb says:

    What better to have around the dinner hour? This or TV news? We'll stick with the jazz in our house.

  26. Max Schank says:

    i like this music but i don't want to subscribe

  27. Maria says:

    Descubrí este sitio de jazz y…me encanta…no me canso de escucharlo, me encantaaaaaa…hoy disfruto esta música con el maravilloso paisaje de mi casa en Yapeyú, provincia de Corrientes, Argentina, un verdadero placer para los sentidos….

  28. Mangrofus Hahha says:

    I have 5 years of piano experience and jazz is still amazing to me…

  29. 6sluggsmafia says:

    very nice video
    yall subscribe like and share to my channel

  30. Ramón Mata Febrer says:

    Disfrutadlo . Gracias !!!

  31. Dirk says:

    This is a good one. Subscribing

  32. Greg Jones says:

    very Nice Jazz Music.

  33. Greg Jones says:

    Well I Like Alternative Rock Music.
    I Had A brack from It. And I Got In To Jazz. because I Think It's
    Nice. I Like Bebop And Piano.

  34. Greg Jones says:

    Thank you I Relly Appreciate It.

  35. Greg Jones says:


  36. Greg Jones says:

    I Like Alternative Rock Music. It's My Favourite Genre. But I Know Jazz Is Nice. I'll Listen to jazz For
    a Chill out.

  37. Greg Jones says:

    Winter Jazz Session.

  38. Greg Jones says:


  39. 김채운 says:

    곡이 좋아서 6번은 더 들었네 ㄱㅅㄱㅅ

  40. William Sulbaran says:


  41. eliass Berihunn says:

    wow …. wow … woooow

  42. CARCASA WEB says:

    great session. congrats

  43. SiamXVlogs says:

    Whoever disliked can die in hell or better yet the earths core

  44. AMY SEO says:

    너무 좋아하는 스탈 딱 이런풍

  45. Usu#たくみ says:

    聞いてる人で、日本人いらっしゃいますか?このJAZZ最高⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝

  46. 비둘기999호 says:

    good ~!

  47. Sound Box Studio says:

    We play this for our son during nap time… he LOVES it

  48. Omar Colocolo says:


  49. 平井学 says:

    so good!

  50. Dya'ah says:

    Very good!!! :3

  51. Yasmine R. says:


  52. 정이진 says:

    excelent music thanks😀❤🎹

  53. TestOurPremade - LoL says:

    So perfect for an afternoon with friends 😊

  54. Rasputin says:

    Beautiful! Awesome! My favourite style!!

  55. Eden Atenas says:

    Early evening on our "rancho" in Costa Rica; cocktails, with friends, and these perfectly matched sounds. Ahhh, muy bien.

  56. CascadeRecords says:

    the vibe is so dope

  57. Hugo R. Salazar, Sr says:

    Well… this is what I'm talking about, period

  58. 20WestC Unknown says:

    I never knew how much I would like this. I normally listen to metal bands like Slipknot. But I looked this up and I love how much it lets me relax and focus.

  59. ちょこ says:


  60. Magesso Felitiano says:

    so smooth i can almost smell the rain and coffee in the air

  61. Jaume Castello says:


  62. ThunderHawk 7 says:

    how can you not like this jazz ?? its a much needed sedative, in this mad weird world xx

  63. Aiden Shadow says:

    relax and enjoy

  64. hideharu Ishimaru says:


  65. Lyle Gerard says:

    Perfect rainy morning music!

  66. TV청 says:

    노래가 너무 좋아요

  67. Luis Cabral says:

    Gracias mi hermano!

  68. Christian Alejandro Zeballos Rodriguez says:

    This helps a lot with my tinnitus, thank you

  69. snoopy says:

    Interesting how this music give you big motive for life!

  70. Aridane Alamo says:

    I love jazz videos comments.

  71. 차온 says:

    넘 힐링 ,,

  72. Maria says:

    Y yo sigo escuchando una y otra vez esta maravillosa música, me encanta el tema "Memories of Champas Elyseés", ya no sé cuántas veces la escuché….

  73. Ralph Garrett says:

    You have a blessed video!!!

  74. Oğuzhan Arabacı says:

    chocolate and coffee

  75. starrybluesky * says:

    This reminds me how jazz is just honestly so beautiful, and very vivacious type of music. We can't let it die.

  76. offonoff says:

    You find my lost night.

  77. Andrew Walle Johansen says:

    When a pop, film music, game music, instrumental, impro pianist listen to this. Suddently became

    Pop, film music, game music, insgrumental, improv and JAZZ Pianist!
    Much love for the pianoman

  78. RTA WAS HERE says:

    This is it chief.

  79. Ralph Garrett says:

    Wowww this a blessed video! God bless you!

  80. 김채운 says:


  81. Melson Gallery says:

    Great music…. Love it

  82. saku yuki says:


  83. Carla Sledge says:


  84. John Shitwalker says:

    Very cool and nice work on block chords, I appreciate !

  85. Malachi Jackson says:

    Love jazz music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🥁🎹🎷🎶🎵🎼🎺🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹

  86. 岡本晴之 says:


  87. ひらけごま says:

    It good!!

  88. freddy7700 says:

    👍 👍 👍

  89. Rod L. says:

    I prefer piano, cello and a drums. The ubiquitous saxophone often dominates too much and I get a bit over it. I know sax and jazz are endemic but just not my sound if it's too much. I've heard others express that it gets a bit too much. This is cool. Sorry saxophone players.

  90. 松岡敏文 says:


  91. jungae sek says:

    정말 좋네요

  92. Stevn Reed says:

    Makes me get my Sax out

  93. はやぶさ says:


  94. Usu#たくみ says:


  95. Adriel Da Costa Mendonça says:

    7:05 I love….

  96. Its Klip says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaat wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  97. Relax Music Julie says:

    따뜻한 영상과 음악 감사합니다 💕

  98. 和田卓也 says:


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