ONLINE DATE – La La LIFE (Music Video)


I’m sitting in a restaurant alone Waiting for a lady I met I was looking in an app on my phone When she flew in from the left She looked pretty good to me Smart, sexy, and attractive too I hope she has lots of money And a massive pair of eyes How I love those sexy eyes Any minute now I gonna turn my head Gonna see the lady of my dreams I gonna turn my head and sitting there Oh there, she will be Hello! I’m here for a date I’m sorry, I was running so late! You don’t look anything like your picture And you smell like a block of cheese Your body looks like it could be The home for a big family of fleas And your eyes are of different sizes And I can’t tell if you’re looking at me You have a face of a chameleon With a body of a manatee I regret this online date I regret this online date I think, we should order some wine I brought some spaghetti from home Why did you bring food to a restaurant? I’ve got a really weird syndrome I’m allergic to most foods They bring me out in rash Did you have an allergic reaction? Is that why you look like trash? Ok, Ok, so you look bad But maybe, you’re a beautiful soul? I gonna list a few of my interests How do you feel about rock’n’roll? Never heard of it You’ve never heard of rock’n’roll? It’s like the most popular style of music in the past 100 years I don’t listen to music I have no taste I have no job We regret this online date Will you pay for my lobster? We regret this online date I have a pet earthworm named Steven We regret this online date I have a question Will you marry me? We regret this online date I think that she’s got something with that waiter Does he think he’s better than me? I can’t believe she likes him Do I feel a bit of jealousy? Maybe, I’ll give her another chance? Maybe, I was out of my mind? She may not have any taste But how could I be so blind? Now I feel like I’m in love with her But it seems like it’s too late! All I have to do now is go home and master The art of fine painting So I can send her some arts And maybe she’ll have me back And we can go on a date again I don’t regret that online date I don’t regret that online date I think I met my soulmate I don’t regret that online date I don’t regret that online date I don’t regret that online date I think I met my soulmate I don’t regret that online date Oh yeah Sexy Here’ s another painting for you Stop sending me these weird paintings I’m with Dave now You’ve missed your chance Beautiful girls like me don’t just fall from the sky

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    Great ?

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    Wow! Nice ?

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    WOW, that was beautiful! The best clip of this year!

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    Шикарно снято!

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    Its amazing, wow!

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    Not bad

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    Лайк Подписка!

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    Cuando esta comenzando que bulgar

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    I like this video!

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