Official Teaser : Our Music, Our Environment


I am Khothatso. My surname is Ranoosi. I live here in Malealea. My name is Reekelitsoe Molapo. My name means “we’ve been increased.” And my surname means a “river.” “Cry me a river.” My name is Pitso Rah Makhula Pitso means “to assemble” My name is Setla-Bocha I’m 12 years old. We as musicians, we don’t just – we don’t have to just think of singing. We have to think of what can help the people who are listening to music. I’m most excited about the song compositions and the singing, really. Because what this project has done for me, it has really awakened a hidden talent – a gift in me that I had decided to just, like, bury. But it awakened it, and this time around I felt like this is for a good cause And I thought, like, yeah, it’s time to free the voice and free the song. So music is the best tool that can be used to reach people. It’s a universal language. I could be singing here and an alien with a spaceship could be there and I could be tracking the middle of this song and if they know better, and they can read language and I have my thing right, I could stop them or I could have a conversation with them, I believe, with a song. We wanted to really just generalize. Talk about this climate thing and approaching it from all angles, possibly, where we could. Because I realized that we are in danger. You know, it’s really affecting all of us. The conscious, the aware, the literate and illiterate. And it’s high time for us as people who are aware to add or instill this knowledge on the lesser privileged people in terms of awareness. So as a musician I’m propelled to use music as a tool to reach a larger audience, my people! I think music is something that can educate people.

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  1. Jason Evans says:

    I'm blown away by the musicianship represented here as well as the message. Thanks guys!

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