Now United – Who Would Think That Love? (Official Music Video) | Reaction


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100 thoughts on “Now United – Who Would Think That Love? (Official Music Video) | Reaction”

  1. LIBᴛᴠ REACTS says:

    Assista ao nosso novo vídeo

  2. Jessi Calisto says:

    React Now United NaNaNa

  3. Anna Clara Hickmann says:

    this music video was recorded in Puebla City, in Mexico.

  4. Larissa Rodrigues says:

    React to All day

  5. Larissa Rodrigues says:


  6. Larissa Rodrigues says:

    React to Sunday Morning

  7. Luana Karine says:

    Eles gostaram muito das larinas

  8. Paola Silva Carvalho says:

    React all day 🇧🇷❤

  9. Sarah says:

    They want to put diferent styles of music in their songs like African and Latin

  10. Sarah says:

    I loved this react,I love them

  11. Lu 274 says:

    Any= Brazil
    Bailey= phillipines
    Diarra =senegal
    Lamar=United kgdom
    Shivani =india

  12. Lu 274 says:

    Please react to all of their songs

  13. Michelle E says:

    This was filmed in Puebla 🙂

  14. Monique Vitoria Resende Hyppolito says:

    9 Girls and 5 boys , React tô Crazy Stupit Silly Love , NOW UNITED

  15. Fam Kg says:

    Love iz-Get Out Baary reaction pleeeass 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Salina Ghosh says:

    Its Mexico n they r 14

  17. Jaiane Rios says:

    this video clip was recorded in Puebla, Guadalajara in Mexico

  18. renata Machado says:

    you could make a series of videos reacting only to now united

  19. Paula Carolayne says:

    React to Dana – live performance
    I love ur reactions ❤

  20. Emily santos says:

    Reagindo a now United? Já amo esse canal kkkk

  21. Giovanna Oliveira says:

    in the group there are 10 people of legal age

  22. Crísley Talita says:

    they are in Puebla in Mexico

  23. Letícia Costa says:

    eles fazendo o passinho do josh kkkkkkkkkkkkkk tudo pra mim

  24. Genilly correia says:

    9 girls and 5 boys

  25. Manuela Paiva says:

    The city is Puebla

  26. Amanda Alves says:

    React DANA DANA

  27. Amanda Alves says:

    React now united-legends

  28. Joana Alice says:

    React what we are waiting for- Now United

  29. b-uniter says:


  30. b-uniter says:


  31. b-uniter says:


  32. b-uniter says:


  33. b-uniter says:


  34. Fatom Gad says:

    “Beautiful life” and “crazy stupid silly love” and” legends” by now united

  35. Fatom Gad says:

    They are 9 girls and 5 boys

  36. 지형Gehyung says:

    React legends, Paraná, Dana, all day crazy stupid silly love pleaseeee!?😢☺️😊💕💕💕 Omg ❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  37. Heloysa Wagner Tomas says:

    React to Summer In The City please, it's their first music video

  38. Manuela Pereira says:

    só eu acho esse garoto de azul com cara de garoto brasileiro que gosta de trap e vive indo pra festa todo final de semana e postando "não quero agonia" ? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  39. Micael Oliveira says:

    it was recorded in Puebla City, Mexico

  40. Stephanie Monteiro says:

    React Summer In The City

  41. Bruna Rabelo says:

    it’s puebla- mexico 🇲🇽

  42. Keren Alves says:

    City México

  43. Bhakat Chandra Rabha says:

    That is Mexico City

  44. Maina woo bin says:

    Lil shiv 😍🤩😍

  45. Guilherme Barbosa says:

    Sunday Morning – Now United

  46. Joana Karla Silva says:

    The City is Puebla

  47. maria clara stivalletti says:

    City is Puebla

  48. paula neuhaus says:


  49. Josi bileki says:

    Reage a mais do now United por favor ❤🇧🇷

  50. Josi bileki says:

    Reagem a legends e lendas (é a versão em português porém ela não tem clipe) o now united lançou a música legends em português e em inglês. Em inglês eles tem o clipe mas em português só tem a música vocês poderiam reagir ao clipe em inglês e a metade da em português por favor♥🇧🇷

  51. Giovanna Melo says:

    Beautiful Life- Now united
    Dana- Now united

  52. Liynaa Duarte Cury de Lacerda says:

    I love this channel

  53. Maria Clara Prado says:

    Summer In The City-Now United. Please, is their firsr song, there all the 14 members.

  54. Gabriel Miranda says:

    Puebla – México

  55. nilzeti rodrigues says:

    No primeiro vídeo que vcs reagiram,realmente foram só 12 membros que apareceram,faltou a Joalin e o Lamar

  56. Luiza Marques says:

    📍Puebla, in México🔥

  57. Isabela :3 says:

    react to what am i – why don't we plzzzz

  58. Isabela :3 says:

    Sabina, not Sabrina 😂❤️

  59. Manoella Cristina says:

    React summer and the city pleaser

  60. Kim Espeleta says:

    That was in Mexico. The home country of Sabina, not Sabrina. 😉

  61. Luiza Tavares says:

    React Paraná, you will like I promess

  62. Bia Santiago says:

    Hi please react to Crazy Stupid silly love and beautiful life

  63. Nícolas Moreira says:

    The video was recorded in Puebla – Mexico

  64. Jemima Alexander says:

    Sabina was literally waving the Mexican flag! U gotta watch closely and get the treats

  65. Ana Carolina Dominguez says:

    In true is 9 girls and 5 boys

  66. nada aymann says:

    React to all day and how we do it now united songs

  67. Kailany Duarte says:

    Tem mais um menino só que por alguns problemas ele não tá participando das atividades do grupo ele é o lamar do Reino Unido
    É vai entrar dois membros novos um da Austrália e outro do Oriente médio
    (São nove meninas e 5 meninos)

  68. Vitor Uniter says:

    I Love Now United ❤🇧🇷. And I loved this reaction.

  69. Vitor Uniter says:

    The city that was recorded this video clip is PLUEBA CITY IN MEXICO

  70. Evelyne Mendes says:

    it really seems easy, but when it comes to putting it into practice, my friend, complicated!
    I love this videooo!

  71. Laís Isaias says:

    Guysss, watch "how we do it" by now united

  72. Marcella Feliciano says:

    Puébla city- México

  73. Josemberg Nascimento says:

    4:15 "moldura porque ela é perfeita". Falou tudooooo, Any perfeita

  74. Josemberg Nascimento says:

    Eu amei vocês curtindo a música, realmente gostaram. Now United é o melhor grupo ever

  75. Josemberg Nascimento says:

    A cidade é PUEBLA

  76. Uma Uniter says:

    Eu so vendo a sabi com a lingua azul kkk

  77. Uma Uniter says:


  78. Alecio ucker Chagas dos santos says:

    The city is: Puebla City – México

  79. Duda Schaurich says:

    More Now United Reacts, Please Brazil Here!!!!!!!

  80. Marcelle Silva says:

    React Crazy Stupid Silly Love

  81. Andryelen Menezes says:

    they're rn 14 members, this year (probably) it's gonna have two more members (Australia and middle east/north africa)

  82. amanda rpp says:


  83. Weslley Felix says:

    Guys this city of of music video is Puebla. Is mexican city

  84. Family now united says:

    they are not so young , they have 17-23 years old

  85. Keth S2 says:

    04:14 "moldura pq ela é perfeita" concordo plenamente com vc, GRITA BRASILLL🇧🇷🥳

  86. صباح المخلفي says:

    Thier are 14 members 5 guys and 8 girls/ the city is Mexico

  87. Uniters Philippines says:

    Afraid of letting go
    how we do it
    all day
    crazy stupid silly love
    sundin ang puso
    what are we waiting for

  88. Schneider's Place says:

    Where are the NOW UNITED videos?

  89. Julia Monsores says:

    React to You Give Me Something and What Are We Waiting For

  90. SaRa ZaArOuR says:

    Your reaction guys is so bad

  91. gabi vieira says:

    The next has to be Crazy Stupid Silly Love, its the best one

  92. clara martins felizola says:

    Reacition beautiful Life

  93. maria gimes says:


  94. maria gimes says:

    React to all day now united pleaseee🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  95. Génesis Rodriguez says:

    It is Puebla, Mexico 🇲🇽

  96. Ana Clara Andrade says:

    React Dana, PLEASEEEE

  97. Adassa Sâmella says:

    They have the bts on their channel😄

  98. Alinne Isabely says:


  99. Blanca Arroyo says:

    Hey guys please react to new song for CNCO
    Call “My boo”

  100. Julia Vencerlau says:

    Beautiful Life – Now United, was recorded in India

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