Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video)


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100 thoughts on “Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Official Music Video)”

  1. iKendo Nightcore says:

    Bring this to 1 Billion

  2. Mico Q says:

    Who are here before 1Billion views

  3. Bung Rick says:

    My GranPa' love this song… 😑

  4. assassin 241 says:

    R.I.P Kurt Cobain

  5. liG Nyan says:

    I was listening this song from 13 million, and i was 14 years old.

  6. Данила Кожин says:

    0:57 класс песня

  7. Berat Aysel says:

    | | | |コ / Λ | | Λ

    | | | | γ / | | /

  8. Guraspa says:

    Whos here before 1b?

  9. antiXsocial says:

    Everyone at my school where niarva shirts but only a few of us (And me) actually now what the band is :`(

  10. Joanne Bond says:

    Boo all band suicide Curt d best

  11. Arc says:

    holy potato 20 million more views to 1 billion

  12. mochamad gigih says:


  13. The Joker says:

    I hope every single one of the 173k people who downvoted this classic is taking a nap one day when an over excited kitty jumps on their lap and 'kneeds dough' thus causing them some minor pain and discomfort!
    And I'm not even joking.

  14. generasi slot says:

    muantepe puoooollll

  15. Richie Singh says:

    I Always end up on this song wen I listen to the Foo Fighters.

  16. marcos pepe says:

    | / | | | ) –|–
    | |___| | |

  17. Mr. ENGlishJELLo says:

    Smells like Nirvana!

  18. Катерина Воронина says:

    Радио тапок?

  19. Pat Craft says:

    nirvana kills pop

  20. Александр Кривенцов says:

    980 лямов просмотров офигеть

  21. Sergey says:

    Заебиссссьььььь!!! 💪💪💪

  22. Kemal says:

    Smeells Like Team Spirit! Green Dragon let's go!

  23. mama mo says:

    before a billion

  24. Ramon Krainz says:

    Den Song hab ich schon mit 6 Jahren gehört

  25. Izzy says:

    There is so many boomers in this comment section it's unreal😩

  26. PoKon mc says:

    Alguien que hable español por aquí?

  27. Jaco Vermeulen says:

    Long love Kurt Cobain

  28. Leo says:

    "Love everybody like yourself"
    ~Kurt Cobain

  29. Neto Mendes says:

    13/11. Nostalgia de respeito. 2009-2019. Cadê os Brasileiros de plantão?☺🎶🎧🤔🇧🇷😍🤗😚👏

  30. ЛЮТЫЕ ПСЫ THE END says:


  31. Franco DL says:

    Let's get this to 1 billion

  32. Gonzaga3456 says:

    Não há pão quente, vinho verdee

  33. Dreamscape Johnny says:

    Still 20M or so short of 1B people, let’s get it done.

  34. JP W says:


  35. Rollin Rocker says:

    November Rain has more views.

  36. Thiago Caceres says:

    De la ptm!!

  37. AnRaz Arts says:

    the drummer kind of looks like dan grohl shaved his beard

  38. Денислав Йорданов says:

    it is a pyti but death seels

  39. **MaksimKA _777** says:

    1 Like = 10 dollars in your purse

  40. Oto Simpson says:

    Justin bieber es mas grande que kurt

  41. 1.000 subs 0 videos? says:

    Like wine, it gets better over the years.

  42. lilith spellman says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeee nirvana yeah!!!!!!!!!

  43. Elisabete Tavares says:

    Tryeysus udjdhdujdf

  44. Jordano Vidal says:

    blues clues.

  45. piss off says:

    980,498,203 was me 🙂

  46. Thiago Bueno says:

    is Shaggy ok?

  47. Franz Schubert says:

    NIRVANA 💙💙💙💙

  48. Your Local Weeb says:

    Came from the loli cover

  49. Beatriz Andrade says:

    BR? 2019 curtindo um som bom?

  50. Maxim Monte says:

    Og commend

  51. Dchazz says:

    My dad: look it’s nirvana
    Me: wow great

    Me: look it’s nirvana
    My son : wow great

    In 6789

    Look …

  52. Pedro Pedrosa says:

    Nirvana 🙂

  53. Amanda Miguez says:

    Cadê os brasileiros que eu tanto amo?😍😍

  54. Hyâcînth Dårk says:


  55. gnaarlyaali says:

    what i listen to when the homies aint here (or when they are idgaf)

  56. Hector Estrada says:

    I like the song it's the best I wish you guy can teach us

  57. AntiCitizenOne says:

    20 mil more views to go till 1B

  58. Jerry Charlie says:

    Road to 1b

  59. Austin A Snider says:

    Anyone else notice how 10 seconds of the song are missing in the beginning?

  60. Alanay Serter says:

    Back when teenagers dressed like teenagers

  61. armageddon dragons says:

    This band is amazing

  62. Damian Wolf says:

    This is the song that plays in my head every time I hear music on the charts. I have always disliked things that a lot of people like, things that are popular, they just annoy me.

  63. Mark Kelley says:

    Load up on drugs, kill your friends

  64. Trippy Kyze says:

    Get this song to 1b before gucci gang

  65. Wrinkled Towel says:

    Only 20 million more views and we get 1 billion
    Can We play this songs 20 million time more before the end of the year

  66. Luiz vinicius Alves says:

    Melhor Música do mundo

  67. Sliced hams H says:

    Before 1 billion lol

  68. Sliced hams H says:

    The dislikes are boomers

  69. frisk blue says:

    Curti (-3-)

  70. Rayan Silveira says:

    Lendas nunca morrem eterno kurt

  71. Elijah Playz says:

    Lyrics for Nirvana’s
    “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

    just click read more on the video, stop commenting lyrics

  72. LJRay says:

    The Best Rock, Frat Party, Beer Sloshin, Crank it as loud as it goes song of all time. Hands down.

  73. Zenni bot says:

    Get this video to 1b views

  74. Whitney Stratton says:

    2:46 ,that whole part of the song makes me want to cry because its so good,and this whole song just brings back so many memories. Too bad I didn't exist by the time they were big,I really would've loved to follow their music career

  75. Iara Ferreira says:

    nirvana em 2019🔴😰❤❤❤

  76. มาป่ะอ๊ะฮ๊ะ สดชื่นอีหลี says:


  77. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce says:

    Tec 9 y sg 553 r3ady…

  78. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce says:


  79. Jnice12 says:

    Who can say they were in that video… probably best ever; you are my age now but that was unreal if you were a part of!

  80. Zhavorsa Asrovazh says:

    louder with crowder😂

  81. Elias Gonzalez says:

    Smells like boomer now😂

  82. Nancy Irashema Barrios Cabrales says:


  83. Foo Pac says:

    My girlfriend said it’s either me or nirvana I miss her sometimes

  84. angel love kurt says:

    ate o fim do ano a gente consegue

  85. Hexada Mixes says:

    1 Billion views in 10 9 8 7 ….

  86. Kenneth Chafloque says:

    Joe rogan & nirvana


    Casi llegamos al 1b está canción se lo merece todo por Kurt


    So this is like born the heavy metal madafakers fuckings milenias

  89. Shrekislit445 says:

    Man this music video was way ahead of their time

  90. Могатор Сработала says:


  91. Алексей Миронец says:

    Пусть земля пухом!Слава Курту и его группе👍👍👍

  92. Bang YT says:

    Gw kesini gra gra mak mak nyayi di kondangan :v

  93. hirotaka nifuji says:

    20M until 1B

  94. Josh M says:


  95. Narso charles Breezy says:

    Listen to Chris Brown "we on"

  96. ILOSOY TV says:

    Sweet Nirvana, Pantera, Paramore, men they are all the best

  97. ILOSOY TV says:

    I LOVE NIRVANA MEN this is music to my ears

  98. Não é o shinji says:

    | | |
    | | |

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