Nathaniel Rateliff – What A Drag (Official Music Video)


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52 thoughts on “Nathaniel Rateliff – What A Drag (Official Music Video)”

  1. Sheldon C. Messervey says:

    F**ckin' amazing tune Brother…keep doin' what you do.

  2. Cod Fish Knives says:

    Very nice.

  3. Kelby Gassett says:

    Amazing as always, cant wait for the next. Such a groovy sway to the song, and the video goes very well.

  4. Joshua Dover says:

    Me: I can't wait for Valentine's day
    Wife: awe, yeah? Special plans?
    Me: yes!!! Nathaniel rateliff new vinyl!!!!!
    Wife: πŸ˜‘

  5. Dalia Rose ́ says:


  6. Susie B says:

    *on repeat πŸ”

  7. Javier Compagnucci says:

    desde argentina

  8. Ange wallis says:

    Oh yeah Baby,,❀️

  9. Cole Nunn says:

    Has a nice sound

  10. A Cup of Pia says:


  11. Ganton8 says:

    Oh my God it is So fantastic!!

  12. Anders Martin Nordli says:

    Yes! Loving the singles so far. πŸ˜€

  13. bybrezz says:

    I'm so happy you are pulling of a 3rd solo record. I love what you do with The Night Sweats, but Falling Faster Than You Can Run is a masterpiece. Can't wait to hear what you have

  14. Susan Predis says:

    Killing it as alwaysπŸ–€

  15. lottawork631 says:

    I don't care where i have to travel to….. im going to see Nate this year!!!!!!! Looking forward to this album. Well done so far

  16. Levi Pearson says:

    As always amazing vocals. Keep cutting those songs.

  17. Bonnie Maria Wine says:

    This is another remarkable song and video from an exceptional artist…this man can not make a bad song.

    My favorite part of the video is the light-hearted smirk at the end. It's Still Alright…

  18. Tonia Collinske says:

    Fun video. And as usual, the song gets under my skin and snuggles in for the long haul.

  19. Vicky Swalley says:

    Love it, love it! Got me up and dancing!

  20. Genesee Boy says:

    Too creepy. Wish I passed on the video first.

  21. Coco Boss says:

    Where are β€œthe Night Sweats”

  22. Alexandra Winkler says:

    Love your solo stuff and what you do with the Night Sweats – it's a guarantee to always get 2 masterpieces instead of one! ❀️

  23. Caitlin Flood says:

    Ahhh, this made my day!! Can’t wait for the whole album, and March 5th in Milwaukee!! LOVES to you ❀️

  24. Jamie Bartel says:

    Sooo good ❀️ That little smile at the end ❀️ So excited for this one ❀️ Come back to Detroit!

  25. BlackHoleBrew42 says:

    Nathaniel and his Midas touch of songwriting. Good time to have ears, to be alive. Keep em comin'.

  26. Lauren Jeges says:

    Ive been so excited all day to see this! He sent a sneak peak last night on fb of the video. Just gets better and better.

  27. G S says:

    Well done, Danny Clinch.

  28. Santiago Novillo says:

    What a song, and what a video. Thank you Nathaniel, for creating such beautiful things and for giving them to the world. Always a pleasure to listen to everything you do. ❀️

  29. tcntx says:

    killer tune

  30. Jacki Mitchell says:

    Love it! Can't wait to see you live in Minneapolis.

  31. Valerie Parton says:

    Am I wrong for loving like EVERYTHING he does?

  32. Kyle Darnell says:

    Here on release day. <5,000 views. Great tune. Can't wait for new record.

  33. Caleb Flesher says:

    I'm hyped for this new album, both the songs released so far have been amazing songs. Can't wait to hear them live!

  34. Rachel T says:

    Clever and inspiring 🌈🌻🌈 thanks for all the hard work and sharing your sight in song

  35. Jamie Crowe says:

    The music and that beard are always on point! 🐻

  36. Rick Jagger says:

    Can’t wait for the album

  37. AGU says:

    See you in Milwaukee!!!

  38. J. Noble says:

    Can't wait to get this sounds great

  39. Jessy Alvarez says:

    In the night, whiskys glass, your beautil girl and dance over the same foot! Eyy Man amazing song. Hi from Cuba!!

  40. Sara Lynn says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!βœ¨πŸ’›βœ¨πŸ’›

  41. paul karl heinz says:

    Is the new album avalibalm in 33 per Minute

  42. Brooke Stinnett says:


  43. Robert Roberts says:

    Really good song, and great work on that thumbnail.

  44. bucksbabedee says:

    God! Amazing. Like usual! Cant wait to see you on tour!

  45. Ken Brownstone says:

    Gotta do a gospel album

  46. nmokie says:

    Love it.

  47. Laurent Gauthier says:


  48. tmbg1985 says:

    Not feeling it brah. Some other thing sounds just like this.

  49. Martin Mc Coy says:

    Think might revisit mannequin movie ps tune looking forward to your dublin visit😎

  50. Nicholle Christine Edwards says:

    πŸ’™β€πŸ’› Hey…if you need a REAL ColoRADo model babe… πŸ’™β€πŸ’›

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