Music & The Spoken Word – Live Stream January 12, 2020


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9 thoughts on “Music & The Spoken Word – Live Stream January 12, 2020”

  1. Cute German shepherd says:

    God bless you take care God bless you I'm Christmas country Pakistan name nasir God bless you I Like you

  2. Gladys Velazquez says:

    Thank you for comforting my soul

  3. Marisol Echeverri says:

    Beautiful!!!! my savior Jesús

  4. Sandra Mara says:

    God bless forever for The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square,thank you ,beauty true your words, I believe together , a perception and motivation with faith is light on way , each new action is opportinity of create ,renew , a life is learn all day , I believe that a manners of see one happen ,one idea ,one fato ,with eyes love and faith ,made all positive differ , a kind ,,a wise , a courage a humilty ,a simplicity renew us life, one 2020 blessing,all day is good time of learn ,hear and search reality the best in all etapa of way .

  5. Fred Kelbert says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that the organist can play an arrangement by memory, without sheet music!

  6. 1784 subs with no videos says:

    Last time a song will be performed in salt lake Temple before renovations 😭😭

  7. Mary Wilson says:


  8. Rodrigo Lopez says:

    the best moment in the week

  9. LIBER LACASSA says:

    Gracias! Mi Coro Querido porque invitas a qué el Espíritu Santo es con nosotros Siempre Gracias por existir [email protected] Muchas Bendiciones!! Mis Hermanos 🙏😍😘

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