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Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy. Today we’re going to be discussing how to get rid of mucus off of our vocal cords,
but before we do that, I think it’s really important to ask ourself one big question,
and the question is this: there’s an old saying “You are what you eat.” So the
question is what do you put into your body? I like to think of my body as like an engine of a car. And if I pour sludge into the engine of my car, I can’t expect high performance.
So with that said, nutrition plays such a key and pivotal role in staying healthy. And
if we have mucus on the cords, more times than not, it’s because our body is fighting
off an infection, or something’s just not right. So, for feeding our body cheeseburgers,
and pizza, and popcorn, and potato chips, and cococola and a bunch of crap, please
don’t expect your body’s immune system to perform at full capacity. So, but with
that said, there is a lot of really cool things we can do to countermand that, and to also
have a good immune function, but also some other remedies that can help us to get rid of mucus
off the cords. So, I’m going to start really quickly with some of my Go -To’s.
Now, I’ve toured the world for 30 years, and in the 30 years that I’ve toured, believe
it or not, I’ve only cancelled two shows. That’s right. You heard me, two shows, due
to cold and flu. One was a respiratory thing that I had, and another was a case of pneumonia
that I had. In fact, when I sang one of the videos, “How to sing like Freddie Mercury”
I actually Sang That Video When I HAD PNUEMONIA, believe it or not. You can even hear the congestion,
because I used to have post nasal drip, or sinusitis, and that’s another thing that
can cause mucus on the cords, is post nasal drip. So, maybe if we get time we’ll talk
about that, but first and foremost, what might Go – To’s are, for myself, is: Nutrition.
I really subscribe to a book by a guy named Dr. Fuhrman, it’s called “Eat To Live”.
Now, this book is predominantly focused on people losing weight. I’ll put it on the
screen so you can see it, but it’s really focused on Super Nutrition. So, I don’t
know that you can follow it to the letter of the law, but I’ll tell you what, man,
if you can follow some of what this book has to say, as far as nutrition, you are going
to be in the 80 percentile, or 85 percentile bracket of people that can eat and maintain
good vocal health, and to remove mucus from the cords, and so, and mucus from all over,
sinus infections, and whatever. Now, in addition, then, to that, once we’ve
established good dietary practices, one of the things that I do for colds, now colds
and flu are two different things, but one of the things I do for colds is just simply
take zinc lozenges. You do a zinc lozenge, you can do it every couple hours, five, up
to five times a day, and you can do it up to five, to six days for the week. Now, you
want to stop after that, because it can actually tear down immune function if you do it too
long, but it’s an extraordinary way that the minute you start to feel a cold or flu,
suck on a sink lozenge and chances are you won’t get it at all, and if you do it will
be cut in half, or less than half, and then the total duration of the cold itself will
also be shortened. So instead of having a cold for four or five days or something, you’ll
get it for a day, maybe two at best, at most. Now you’ve seen other things like Emergent-C,
and stuff like that that also has zinc in it, so there’s some cool stuff out there
that’s like that. Something else that I do that is just absolutely awesome: it’s
fairly new. It’s called liposomal vitamin C. This stuff is Rock Star good. And what
it is, it actually has an absorption rate, I think of over 1000 times that of a buffered
or ascorbic acid, and/or, like rosehips or something like that, regular vitamin C, a chewable
vitamin C, over 1000 times absorption rate, because the molecules are a lot smaller so
it can absorb and be retained into the body much better.
Something else that I do, and I love this stuff, it’s called Danielle L’Don’s
grape seed extract spray. It’s called anti-viral fungal fighter. And this stuff is really cool.
You spray it under the tongue, you can also do this every hour, every 20 minutes. I mean, it’s grape seed extract. It’s not going to hurt you. But if it’s bitter, under the tongue,
it lets you know you have an infection. And when it stops being bitter, you’ll start
noticing that your cold or flu has gone away. This stuff is absolutely awesome.
Something else that’s really, really good, ha, ha. it’s kind of a funny name… But this company
here, it’s called Wish Garden… This is a guy who’s very anal about stuff that he
makes, it’s called Kick Ass Biotic, heh, heh. True Story, that’s the name, I’ll
show you on the screen. And he has a great line of products. A product called “Get
Over It” and some other stuff. Anyway, he makes some really great healthy organic stuff
that includes echinacea and goldenseal. If you can’t get this, you can get all this
stuff online. By the way, I have no vested interest in any of this stuff. I don’t own
stock in any of these companies, nothing. It’s just these are things I know for a
fact that work, and have worked well for me to keep me healthy, especially on the road,
you know, with bad sleep, and sometimes bad food, time changes, weather changes, in and
out of cold air conditioning, hot conditions, and so forth… Dryness… But anyway, echinacea
and goldenseal by Zand. This stuff is awesome too, I highly recommend it. So, you can either
go with the kick ass biotic or you can go with this, they’re both really good.
Now I want to talk about biotics because a lot of people have taken a lot of antibiotics,
and I’m going to take a little side note here before I get into flu… But because
of that, we have lost a lot of the lactopro, the cool hairs that grab the good bacteria
from our stomach, and we’re really deficient in being able to retain these good bacteria.
So, with that said, I strongly recommend getting a good probiotic. Try to get the good refrigeratable
ones… And guys, I know some of this stuff, kind of, is a little expensive. I think this
is like about 50 bucks and it’s like a two month’s supply. But how much are you going
to spend on antibiotics at the doctor’s office or going to a hospital visit. I promise
you’ll spend a lot more than that just in synthetic things that actually don’t make
you well, but barely put a Band-Aid on things. So, or prolong situations at best.
Something else I like to do is oil of oregano, this stuff is really good too. Works for colds
and helps clear off some of the mucus on the cords. So getting back to echinacea and goldenseal,
or the kick ass biotic: you spray it in the back of the throat, and you, like elderberry,
and some other things that are in it, you just let it come, just gently go down the
throat and it’s super awesome. Something else that’s excellent. Excellent,
excellent, I’ll put it on the screen is Perio Wash. now, a lot of us have heard of,
you know, gargling with Listerine, for example… That’s like gargling with kerosene. If you
swallow that stuff, it even says it on the jar, it says “rush to the hospital immediately,”
you know, from swallowing this stuff, don’t swallow it.. Perio Wash is 100% natural, all
organic… Exceptional. You can gargle with that, it works so good, it’s so soothing,
especially for sore throats and again, like I said, mucus on the cords or a lot of gack,
a lot of gack in the throat. For flu, something that’s excellent is colloidal
silver. This stuff RULES, and why? Get the 1100 ppm or 1000 ppm, try to get up there.
A whole dropper full, once a day, 3, 4, or 5 days, the minute you start to feel a little
bit of fever, or chills, or something coming on, use this stuff, it will absolutely knock
out flu. Boom. Flat on its back, which is super awesome.
Something else that’s really, really cool: Nature has its own antibiotic: and it’s
just simply called GARLIC. You can take raw garlic and you can chop it up, put it on a
piece of toast, not too much, a clove or two. BOOM. Eat it. Give it the same respect you
would as an antibiotic, and it will absolutely rock your world and help you overcome a cold
and a flu both. It works for both, actually. Something else that’s really cool is just
ginger, man. Cut off a little sprig of ginger. Chop it up in some green tea, or some tea,
and slowly sip this. Ginger is excellent! Very excellent for colds and flu and also
getting rid of inflammation and gack on the cords.
Also guys, it’s helpful to take just a good multivitamin, you know, because we’re not
getting a lot of nutrition in our food and stuff, so, a good multivitamin just once a
day or twice a day, or whatever the prescribed thing is, absolutely awesome.
Speaking of something that we don’t get a lot every day as well, is vitamin D3. This
stuff is also excellent, and almost all of us are deficient in vitamin D three, so I
highly recommend this. And I know it sounds like a lot of stuff, but in the wake of what
I’m talking about it really, really isn’t. Something else that I also highly recommend
is Omega-3. Omega-3 oils. This stuff will help with brain function, and all kinds of good
stuff, and it’s just something that’s an absolute necessity in our diets. I actually
happen to like the cod liver oil, the lemon flavored… I forget what the name… Carlson’s,
I believe it’s called… I’ll put that on the screen too.
And then I’m going to talk about a couple more things, but lastly, about this subject.
This is incredible. This sucker right here is awesome. This company called my PurMist,
I’ll post this on the screen too, has made a humidifier that is literally hospital grade,
and it’s self-cleaning. This thing totally rocks. They even have eucalyptus tabs you
can put here in the humidifier, and you just put it on. They even have it with a strap.
You just do it maybe two minutes, three minutes a day, a couple, three times a day… Totally
clears out the sinuses, totally clears out the crap on the cords. Absolutely awesome,
guys. So with that said, I hope this was helpful
for you. I’m going to post all this stuff on the screen so you can see where to get
it. Go online and just research this stuff, and until next time, thank you for joining
me. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

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    i guess i am unhealthy shit.

  97. Cindy Bonem says:

    Pickled garlic tastes delicious too.

  98. juan guinea says:

    Sorry any body know where does this guy live ?
    In USA?

  99. boncoon says:

    Thank you for all that you have given here. You are kind. May all be well with you and yours! Bonnie

  100. BagznBirdz says:

    Colloidal silver is poisonous as it gathers in the body over time. No health benefits have been proven.

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