Much of north Puget Sound region digging out from snow.


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18 thoughts on “Much of north Puget Sound region digging out from snow.”

  1. Cowatarian says:

    Finally…. THANK YOU !!!

  2. Thomas Morningstar says:

    Where is Inslee? Send out the National Guard with their helicopters loaded up with supplies. Get generators to those gas stations and get them topped off. What are we paying for?

  3. James Omalley says:

    i thank king5 for reporting on this .

  4. Mary Gillard says:

    How about a San Juan County update? On Orcas we still have power, but very deep snow. I understand we’re getting strong winds later today.

  5. Mark Maloney says:

    According to climate alarmists, wasn't snow supposed to be a thing of the past by now? The great global warming hoax is chilling out…

  6. why bother says:

    Nobody in Canada cares lol

  7. Jeff Valliere says:


  8. some body says:

    So glad I dont live on Whidbey island anymore.

  9. The Terminator says:

    Barely snow in Parkland, Tacoma.. -_-

  10. Heiner Ali says:

    Wow…check out that ""global warming "" …ha…ha…ha. !!!

  11. Kimberly Lambert says:

    It's the same situation here in Boise to we just got hammered here with inch of snow yesterday snow blizzard but no power outages

  12. Alan Kropp says:

    I've got 4 ft in my yard mid Port Angeles. Everything is buried

  13. SILVER DRAGON says:

    Idk why people still want to live there. Smh

  14. Nekkar Delta Cygni says:

    Thank you…!

  15. Nicholas Tomcheck says:

    Liberals don't plan for these events even if warned by news agencies.

  16. Jefferson Jeff says:

    There is barely any snow in seattle

  17. TaxiZZtop says:

    Who stole snow in Russia, why is there snow in Canada and there is no snow in Russia? Return the snow in Russia.

  18. John Conners says:

    SNOW in mountains in January to quote Greta "HOW DARE YOU"

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