Mōhau: Popular Māori music artists release new compilation album

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Mohau. That’s the name
of a new visual album that features some of Maoridom’s
biggest names in music. As Te Okiwa McLean reports, the likes of Ria Hall, Troy Kingi and Rob Ruha
have created a soulful sound in time for the festive season. A collective of Maori musicians
spreading the good word. It’s filled with love to uplift
our whanau and friends going through hardships. Mohau is a live album
that has brought together Maori musicians
both young and old alike. The real stars in my eyes
are Ka Hao, they united us all together
in every part of this album. And it was launched at Te Puea Marae
– a marae for the people. Te Puea Marae is the embodiment
of hospitality to those who are struggling. No matter what they go through
there’s a place here for them. The album has a total of eight
tracks and all are gospel songs. Some are the artists’
latest singles. There are some
old school bangers too. Others composed specifically
for this album. It was filmed in one take. Youth choir Ka Hao
were a part of this project to help foster the future
of Maori music. But besides that, the core focus of this album
is to uplift everyone as we head into Christmas
and the new year. Whether they’re doing good,
not so good, or struggling, this album is for them
to uplift their spirits. These tracks are also our prayers
to the divine to bless them all. The live album is now available
on YouTube and will be made available
on Spotify and Apple Music at the end of January 2020. Te Okiwa McLean, Te Karere.

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