MIPOW VASO Essential Oil Diffuser🌺AROMATHERAPY Nature Sound Machine COOL MIST REVIEW 👈


I have a unique award-winning aroma
diffusor to look at today it’s the Mipow Vaso and it allows you to add water
without lifting the cover or disassembling anything this is the Mipow Vaso aromatherapy
diffusor as a few cool features that make it quite unique it is the first
aroma diffusor that allows you to add water without taking off the cover or
disassembling the unit it also has a built in song machine that allows you to
have the option of hearing nature sounds another feature worth noting is that I
can function as a mini bass this product test won the 2018 AF and red dot design
award this unit holds 150 milliliters of work you just use the included measuring
cup right here and pour the water into the top you can add sensual oils in
there too since this can also be used as a
diffuser with the misting function we’re going to take a look at the controls alright so here’s a better look at the
controls as you can tell there are two buttons mist and sound there are two
mist modes steady mist and intermittent lists it has an auto shutoff when the
water runs out which is great so you don’t hear this humming noise or it
breaks or something like that it can last up to 16 hours when filled and used
in intermittent mode it offers five relaxing sounds as well which I will
toggle through so the five relaxing sounds on you all you have to do is
press this button I will show you those in a little in a little bit this has an
elegant clean design it will look good on almost any table or shelf it would be
perfect to use with meditation Tai Chi or yoga now I’m going to put some water
in and we can take a look at this a little bit better now what makes that so much different
from any other diffuser I’ve used is that was extremely easy I did not have
to take off the cap I didn’t have to fumble it around everything all I had to
do is fill up the container and put the water in alright so I’m going to add a
couple drops of essential oil before we turn this on alright I’ve got some
honeysuckle since it’s nice and spraying right now alright so I’m going to turn
it on now and all he do is hold the Miss button for that to turn on it does start
off with your first nature sound when you do this all right the next one underneath the next one and the last is to turn it off there’s a
total of five sounds that you can’t all go through and pick your favorite so
another cool function of this device is to be able to use it as a vase
now I’m gonna you can place your desired plant with where you are in where you
had placed your water and your essential oil and it’s very simple elegant and
multifunctional I’ve never seen it as user before that can also take a flower
a plant or whatever you would like to accent your piece basically as you can tell this is a very simple
elegant design that would fit any type of home decor maybe even office decor if
you were to be able to take one there already with the honeysuckle and
everything the mist it smells great and this is my favorite diffuser so far I
like this a lot you can also interchange your flowers
it’s very very very simple changed it to a nice white flower also what comes with
your diffuser package is the diffuser itself the u.s. plug in us plug charger
the measuring cup to fill up the diffuser the user manual and a hundred
percent satisfaction guarantee for a full refund or replacement within 30
days of issues there’s also a 12 month warranty with a friendly customer
service there’s also what I understand astiz that there is a nice little amber
light on the front that would probably help to know if it’s turned on or maybe
even a hint of the night light something like that it’s very it’s nice and small
it’s it’s elegant it’s very simple and it’s a very modern modern design that’d
be great for any type of home alright so that is all we have today on the Mipow
Vaso please check the description section below for more information
thanks for watching you

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6 thoughts on “MIPOW VASO Essential Oil Diffuser🌺AROMATHERAPY Nature Sound Machine COOL MIST REVIEW 👈”

  1. Top Market says:

    okay pretty good

  2. Dora Winn says:

    Gotta get one of these – I am too lazy to fool with unplugging my diffuser and taking it apart to fill it – here's the solution!

  3. You Know Now says:


  4. Wandering News says:

    I like it!

  5. bigpain97 says:

    Yay Hokies!

  6. Calvin's Tribe says:

    Another diffuser…just what the world needs 🙂 Actually – it looks like a good one.

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