Microsoft | Sound Design as Sensory Design


(thoughtful piano music) (chiming) (static buzzing) (wind blowing) (pounding) (wind blowing and birds chirping) (trumpet music) (horn honking) (water rushing) (thoughtful piano music) (sizzling) (laughing) (crunching) (thoughtful piano music) (swooshing) (splashing) (ringing) (crickets chirping) (thoughtful piano music) (chatting) (email alert chiming) (thoughtful piano music) (waves splashing and birds calling)

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100 thoughts on “Microsoft | Sound Design as Sensory Design”

  1. Anonymous says:

    We need windows XP welcome sound in win10

  2. aphung7 says:

    What song is this? I want to find similar music in a Playlist!

  3. kunal pahuja says:

    Shrooms? Not even once

  4. Ameer Ghazal says:

    WOW !

  5. A. abiyyu says:

    Awsome👍and calm👌

  6. vikas vishwakarma says:

    What is it for???

  7. pinktycoonman says:


  8. Daniel Bello Mellies says:


  9. KEPOIN IT says:

    Microsoft good The best😍😍😱

  10. twk2019 says:

    this might be a teaser for a new sound pack for windows 10, maybe?

  11. JACK MC says:

    for surface headphones?

  12. Amit Sharon says:

    If you ask me, the fact Windows 8 and 10 feel so much more robotic and detached than their predecessors has a lot to do with Microsoft's conservative use of sound on these two OS's.
    Just like Microsoft tease on this video, sound can create strong memories and sensations of empathy. Take the legendary Windows XP startup sound for example, a mere 3 second sound that packs so many memories and has the potential to make every past XP user feel extremely nostalgic about Windows XP and the early 2000s as a whole.
    I really hope this teaser means that sounds are about to make a comeback.

  13. Fransisco Wijaya says:

    Ah you mean ASMR?

  14. Lego Luke Skywalker says:

    They better have the windows xp or 2000 sound or i will jump off the window to linux

  15. Harry Agámez says:

    The "dun durun dun dun dun" XP sound still haunts me.

  16. Ed x says:

    Surface phone?

  17. InfernoVergil says:

    Impress Us Microsoft.. We are eagerly waiting

  18. Musically Viral Videos says:

    microsoft should app sounds on every corner of windows and apps

  19. Peter Schumacher says:

    A little lost at what this was for…

  20. Elkin David Diaz Plata says:


  21. Joshua Rail-070 says:

    i watch this in windows 10 desktop

  22. 505 А.М says:

    Go Заимка

  23. Herobrine Minecraft YT says:

    Kiedy będzie windows 11

  24. Andrew Dream says:

    Очень интересно было прочитать чтатью из описания.

  25. Bc. Dominik Kozmáli says:


  26. One 2 Infinity says:

    What an ad

  27. Jefry Berduo says:

    I liked this design for the next Windows

  28. Jefry Berduo says:

    I liked this design for the next Windows

  29. ebin belji says:

    I wanted to switch to windows phone from Android, but it's not here anymore. When I bought my first phone I wanted it be a windows phone but it was going out of sale then.
    If you bring it out again I will be user ✋

  30. LÝ ANH KHOA says:

    Great… but Microsoft's Music Producer use Apple DAW :))))

  31. GermanGDragon says:

    100% disk usage…. please solve fast or i sent bags of dirt to you.

  32. 200 ok says:

    1:25 buddy that an apple watch

  33. Hokage Killer says:

    Groove music maker ?

  34. Partha Clasher says:


  35. Giri Prasath says:

    On screen ultrasonic underdisplay fingerprint reader

  36. Kenneth Mitchell says:

    You know what people connect with? Phones. Stop pretending to be a consumer product company and just make videos about cloud and office subscriptions.

  37. 宮本ひかる says:

    New Windows 10 sounds? Or else?

  38. Steven Mancera says:

    Sound design is touch

    Says the company that removed the well loved and iconic Windows startup sound and haven't updated the ringtone/sound pack on Windows since Windows 7. GTFO 🙄

  39. AmashiAres says:

    Basically A S M R

  40. Aada Lee says:

    But how?

  41. Son Lee says:

    I miss lumia phones

  42. Dominic Go says:

    Designed by apple in California

  43. Desolo Zantas says:

    Touch Screen tactile feedback vibration, keyboard tactile feedback vibration, and speaker sub feedback vibration

  44. ReaperStriker184 says:

    Why i want to cry ?

  45. Muhammad Zakaria says:

    What font was used in the videos?

  46. Waheed Iqbal says:

    is this ad for any device???

  47. Paper Benni says:

    I read sound is ouch.

  48. Nixon Kosgei says:

    I still miss the login sound from XP

  49. Haseeb Kahn says:

    I am so disappointed that a fan like me did not get a notification for such an awesome video. 😞but still grateful that i did not miss it

  50. Fikri Ardiansyah says:

    0:15, what the f… Was that? Giant nipple :v

  51. Thịnh Hoàng Đình says:

    Has Microsoft turned into Apple?

  52. Abdullatif ishtayeh says:

    Miss this week in windows 😢

  53. Roben Khoury says:

    I dont get it. What does this have to do with Microsoft??

  54. OmegaMusic says:

    How much effort do we put in the video?
    Microsoft: Yes
    How much in actually fixing our OS?
    Microsoft: No

  55. Rohit Gupta says:

    So the windows xp startup sound designed 🤣🤣

  56. Vadym Mykolaichuk says:

    Waiting for new sound pack for Windows 10, less annoying at least.

  57. Darth Jahus says:

    0:16 – A tit! A tit!

  58. mariokorioto says:

    Love it! Great add guys.

  59. EpicRive says:

    Teacher: you can’t hear pictures
    Microsoft ad department:

  60. Xistence Studios says:

    The windows XP sounds gave me nightmares

  61. _crazycrafter says:

    Windows XP intensifies

  62. Valeria says:

    Please don''t end Windows 7 support in 2020

  63. Bishal gurung says:

    Okay, let's just admit it….No one makes better product ad than Apple.
    Touching video ad though loved it.

  64. Expression AO says:

    This made me feel so sad and my heart started to crack in pieces, i love so much how you made this it is breath taking <3 by the way i download Windows 10 Pro 1903, i have a lot fun and awesome experience with it ( ̄︶ ̄*))

  65. moises martin rijo says:

    Capullos hagan actualizaciones que no me jodan el pc

  66. Intro's Gaming says:

    Windows 10 has very much of problems🙁🙁

  67. Zadtoon 2 says:

    Лучше бы сняли как импортировать модель с 3д пейнт в Юнити 3д!

  68. Stephen Cheung says:

    Wow, this BGM is so beautiful and touching… why no one talks about it…

  69. 10leoGames says:

    Create the windows 11

  70. George-Teodor Popescul says:


  71. pinktycoonman says:

    This video is actually amazing

  72. Elijahlover70 says:

    You better remove not responding from all operating systems!!!

  73. QUIT TILL OCTOMBER or maybe Darius says:

    i came here from bing

  74. user host says:

  75. Andy Ballejo says:

    Age of empires 4? Pa cuando

  76. Karl Pouillot says:

    Une pub qui sent la pomme croquée..

  77. Player111 says:

    Hi Windows do you rylly make Windows 11?

  78. the daily dumb says:

    So when are you gonna realise killing windows 7 will be a big mistake

  79. Kornel Pilarski says:

    GodMode in Windows Is Great:

  80. Kornel Pilarski says:

    Easter Eggs is back.

  81. Mikhwan 256 says:

    list of microsoft's best commercials:
    (1) microsoft surface studio
    (2) this video

  82. Ishmael Channel/Junior/Detour/Tooms/LiveAction/News says:

    Enough with Windows 10 already! It's been 4 years!! No drama, please.

  83. Ryan Stanley says:

    Do you know what i like about your channel ? You are not disabled comment section like apple, you let people express themselves and share their idea 😉

  84. GTA PRIMOS 2 says:

    Windows 12?

  85. klarion nor says:

    Separate windows 7 from windows 10 settings and the annoying bug when the blur effect fades away when you click on a another tab

  86. Arbore says:

    All I care for is Age Of Empires 4

  87. Ramzy Gaming says:

    Windows, can you pls fix in win 10 that when you open a properties of a file then checked "always use this app" but you cant restore the previous version of that file

  88. ItzBacksoon says:

    I want to say how thankful I am to have a Windows right now, it's brilliant

  89. 연가광 says:

    Nice video

  90. EPiKladpresents: videogames says:

    When will Windows 12 come out

  91. Adonis Top of Men says:

    great ……

  92. Auracle says:

    Expectation : Video
    Reality : love that bip, ill use it for the closing sound

  93. Shippo Hsu says:

    0:46 is that Tim Apple?

  94. red_ashcroft says:

    Microsoft has finally streamlined it's products properly this time. I am so excited to get their new devices soon!

  95. AJIT SINGH says:

    Sir I am a great fan of Microsoft and I am very excited to tell you that how much I love the sound tunes of your Microsoft surface advertisements and sir I am saying it very honestly that your sound technology is unbeatable by any other commercials either it is Dooby atmos or anything else!!! Thank you sir for great sound experience.

  96. Zachary McKeon says:

    I think it's an update to windows media player.

  97. Brian Conklin says:


  98. Alxasaurus says:

    Oh look it's iZotope Insight. Well that's one way to see sound…

  99. Zachary McKeon says:

    I think theyre gonna put a slightly better speaker in the surface laptops

  100. d2dyno says:

    Deaf people: Am I joke to you?

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