Marshmello ft. Bastille – Happier (Official Fortnite Music Video) – Fortnite Remake / Parody


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100 thoughts on “Marshmello ft. Bastille – Happier (Official Fortnite Music Video) – Fortnite Remake / Parody”

  1. Marshmello says:

    💛💛💛💛 HAPPIER

  2. Golden Llama says:

    Try doing this again in chapter 2 u got a dog skin now

  3. UncleMuscles9 says:

    I cry every time.

  4. Torin Townsend says:

    Dude if ya want since there’s a dog skin and you can carry people you could like redo the parts where she’s playing with the dog and when they are at the hospital (not saying the acting is bad!)

  5. M4NU-Pr0 says:


  6. GOD OF FIRE! says:

    Extra thicc dog

  7. afm mario says:


  8. gaming with jumjum says:

    If evreyone watched subbed u deserved it bro u are amazing pokimane sucks she underrated you but dont stop u are amazing

  9. tęczowy xd says:

    i cry in waching this wiedo <3

  10. John Cummings says:


  11. Osama JT says:

    really hard work I'd tell

  12. NSD syx says:

    Tragic 😢

  13. Muhammed Gümüs says:

    This song makes me sad 😔 great video 😭👍..

  14. Daniela Astuquipan soto says:


  15. Caio Oliveira Dos Santos says:


  16. Normal Person says:

    again, why the hell is this guy’s videos so well made?

  17. marcus rasping says:

    It’s so sad

  18. Jack Newington says:

    thats what happend to my dog

  19. Evan Sienczyk says:

    I'm crying

  20. BlizSK says:


  21. Wild enchant ART says:

    This is me

  22. Sukifn says:

    I wish I could be happier

  23. Daemion Nunez says:


  24. Damian Villanueva says:

    I like this song

  25. Leah Heys says:


  26. Paweł Szczepanik says:

    Good job

  27. Leon Giessmann says:

    OMG that's so sad when the "dog" die😭😭😭

  28. KimmiRøki ØwØ says:

    That dog though- (A rabbit person) y'all did your best 😛

  29. Ender_Girl says:

    Omg this is sooo sweet 🥺❤️

  30. Asto Park Vlogs says:

    Amazing I love it it really gets to you

  31. COCO POPS says:

    Thank you for making the vid

  32. Malachezzy R says:

    I was going to start this types of vids🤨😭😭😭

  33. Marlin Thirtyacre says:

    3:20 what is that face

  34. hunter farris says:

    my dog also died

  35. Patrick C says:

    Just use the dog skin

  36. GeldGalaxie2976 says:


  37. Isabelita Baquiran says:

    But me I'm still alone😥😥😫😥😥😥 because no one likes me many like marshmello

  38. Shila Treadwell says:

    Love the vid

  39. Juju Playz says:

    Cool video can u give me a shoutout

  40. Billy Skiles says:

    Let’s all just appreciate the fact that Marshmello and Poki have seen the vid. WOW!

  41. Max hacker says:

    Like for real i teared

  42. MICHAEL DAVIS says:

    I love this song but I think soccer skins can go to hell

  43. Rachel Schraven says:

    Best fortnite music video ever!💕

  44. bossify001 says:

    poor bunnybrawler

  45. JussMarc says:

    This is so good😃

  46. WaterCatamount 123 says:

    All pets deserve a home, bit all homes don't deserve pets.

  47. Ender_ zso says:


  48. [• Lil BearBear Twinz•] says:

    Nice video 😊

  49. Eli Monroe says:

    This made me cry 😢

  50. Spooky Tom says:

    100K Congrats My Dude!

  51. TRS M rcreamy 72 says:

    Love this soooo much I got this from pokemane

  52. TheGoatXmiclo 701 says:

    Great fortnite music video keep up the good work I liked all your fortnite music videos💪👍🙏

  53. Abishec Selvarajah says:

    I really love how you give ur attention to every comment

  54. ivo capasso says:

    Que lindoo

  55. Beastgaming122 FR says:

    💛💛💛💛 HAPPIER

  56. vision1x says:


  57. GTA5 and cod God says:

    So sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  58. Thomas Aidzil Pratama says:

    Is it a dog ? Or … ?

  59. Thomas Aidzil Pratama says:

    Am i crazy ?

  60. Kiki S says:

    why the heck am i crying to this what the heck!

  61. SpAghEtThi N mEaTbAllS says:


  62. DEADSHOT4 says:


  63. Nico Swart says:


  64. [• Lil BearBear Twinz•] says:

    I made you fanart 😀 :

  65. arijan panic says:

    That fricking bunny XD

  66. Mr. Green says:

    OMG this amazing mate 😀

  67. Ariel viv says:

    The song wanted us to be happy but the part where here pet died was sad because I know what it's like to lose a pet it's heartbreaking

  68. SkitS_987 march says:

    Pokiman REACTED!!!!

  69. Miquel Claparols says:

    0:22 tho

  70. Tasty0nSwitch Is me says:

    Did you get the vbucks from Ali-?

  71. Devin Emmett says:

    XDogged yo I just found you but dude at the rate your going you will totally get famous

    If you need any help in making those videos hook me up.

  72. 2K Jones says:

    Ha ha you have braces😂😂😂

  73. Joseph and Osmar says:

    Sad and facts

  74. MoneyBallerMike ROBLOX says:

    I was scrolling fast through the comments and xDogged like every comment

  75. PURR NIP says:

    It still made me cry like the real video

  76. Zoe Wake says:

    This should be called sadder

  77. ツVitor Master says:


  78. mitzi liebe Mia says:

    Das lied uns das Video sind soooooo cool und traurig!?

  79. Erickprosad Yt says:

    Made me cry

  80. 50Threatz says:

    I'm a big dog lover and i love this man im so touched by watching this. Keep this up bro and your going places

  81. custommen sk says:


  82. darien Madrid says:

    Nice one

  83. FIreparkergames says:

    He search up Valentino and make a remake of it on fortnite

  84. FIreparkergames says:

    <3 love the content bro

  85. mr raptor raptor says:


  86. Grace Araya Reyes says:


  87. Fourious zubz says:

    Heart my comment

    I dare you

  88. Luis Alicea says:

    I love pets even I don’t have any all of my
    Pet died

  89. FIreparkergames says:

    Sorry I meant to say do a remake of till I colapse

  90. Locho Ramirez says:

    I subscribed and turned post notifications on

  91. Harald Ascherl says:

    Sad😭and cool😉

  92. lethal lynx says:

    Why did you let pokimane do it and not me

  93. 7amody _XD says:


  94. GoblinYT says:


  95. ひろと洸叶フォートナイト says:


  96. Brensgames says:

    This best fornite video happier im very happy to watch this😉👍

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