Mandy Moore – Fifteen (Official Music Video)


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63 thoughts on “Mandy Moore – Fifteen (Official Music Video)”

  1. Kaleb Laird says:

    Wow. I’ve been following Ms Mandy since I was 15 and she was 17. It’s so incredible seeing the woman she’s grown in to. I don’t care if it’s weird, I’m so proud of her.

  2. paula s says:

    Omg her voice and beauty does not change 💖

  3. Asma Elmahdi says:

    all the love and support from libya<3 love you madny xx -asma

  4. JM P. says:

    I am currently watching the Mandy Moore movie "Tangled"

  5. Samadhi CHANDRASENA says:


  6. Luigi Aurora says:

    She has always been a great vocal artist 💝 lovely song.

  7. Rishav Ghosh says:

    She still looks beautiful

  8. Christine Potestas says:

    Like a fine wine. Aaaaahhhh

  9. Adrein Cole says:

    Oh… remembering A walk to remember 😞

  10. Ciclopea2 says:

    Mandy telling us the story about her teen pop star years, the nostalgia is strong, still talented as ever <3

  11. Analyn B Calbitaza says:

    Hello mandy I am listening from Philippines 🇵🇭

  12. Lalmuankima Pachuau says:

    Awww she's si ging her life… Mandy Moore is inspirational… Such a sweet human being…

  13. Icom says:

    wish she re-record Seventeen 😭 my all time fave Mandy song

  14. Emmett says:

    When she was young, so was I ……. i miss being young.

  15. Daniel Peters says:

    Love her she has such true talent!! She has such a beautiful voice ♥️♥️♥️

  16. j j says:

    Was waiting for the word "fifteen" until end of the song.

  17. Redblue 92 says:

    She is cute

  18. Trixy P. says:

    "No regrets, with a few exceptions. Every wrong turn was the right direction. Learning to love all the imperfections, that are still a part of me…"
    Love her! Me encantó 🙌🏼💖

  19. Leo Schultz says:

    Omg, so sweet Mandy. <3

  20. Miguel Hernandez says:

    Im sorry I was late. Love you Mandy! ❤️💜🧡

  21. Miguel Hernandez says:

    Im sorry I was late. Love you Mandy! ❤️💜🧡

  22. Miguel Hernandez says:

    Im sorry I was late. Love you Mandy! ❤️💜🧡

  23. Orangely ASMR says:

    Reminds me of her old song “17”. 😅

  24. Lynsay Ryan Music says:

    Love the feel of this song.

  25. The Ukulele Affair says:

    i love all these reflections ♥ you're amazing, Mandy!

  26. thirtysomething says:

    Seems like Mandy is a great singer in a wrong era.

  27. Steven Wilcox says:

    I think she's gotten prettier…

  28. mr. yoso says:

    who else remembered fifteen by taylor swift?

  29. Mark Wijnands says:

    Just ordered the autographed cd from her site. Can't wait to have it. This looks like her best work yet and i thought she was already amazing.

  30. Mônaco Oliveira says:

    Welcome back to music Mandy. I'm so proud of you my Candy 💜👑

  31. Anne Leigh says:

    She aged beautifully. She looks like Megan Fox now. Both beautiful ladies.

  32. Meriam Eden Fernandez Barreto says:

    Wish I could bring back those days like this where music is for our soul & for real unlike these days

  33. Scott says:

    As someone who has followed Mandy's career since she was 15, this was very beautiful to hear that she has no major regrets in how things happened. Listening to her sing this while viewing a thumbnail for the 'Candy' music video on the recommendation list, was actually really surreal. She has come so far. I continue to wish her the best and if you she rolls through my city, I may end up at one of her shows. It would be so cool to see her sing her old hits in more mature ways. Love you, Mandy.

  34. Scott says:

    Who decided to take a trip back after hearing this amazing song to listen to 'Candy' with a whole new outlook?

  35. BradTYTH says:

    ”On the road with the boy bands singing”
    Yup, seen her performed with EYC and Backstreet Boys at 1999 Millennium show.

  36. Erika Hoffmann says:

    So beautiful! 😍

  37. Will Fudge says:

    love taylors nashville strung acoustic on this

  38. blueberry sky says:

    Wow another fantastic video

  39. Juan Carlos Dena says:

    “So Real, real famous” I see what you did there!!

  40. sugarrey1000 says:

    Thank you Ms. Moore. I missed your music.

  41. Jennifer Hansen says:

    She is sooo gorgeous!

  42. Erica Lauren Horn says:


  43. Stacie Mayer says:

    so happy seeing Mandy making the music she always wanted

  44. Musika WorldMusic says:


  45. Chubi Del Rosario says:

    Mandy Jessica releasing new music after a while.. And also with Christina's latest release.. Just waiting for Britney and it's like late 90s all over again

  46. Michael Cinco says:

    Taylor swift: i got mine!

  47. Tama Smallman says:

    This is very beautiful 👍

  48. Riikean • says:

    The intro sounds like GNR – Don't Cry

  49. Riikean • says:

    The intro sounds like GNR – Don't Cry

  50. Dalia Lin says:

    Mandy Moore has one of the greatest voices ever hope she gives us more music❤

  51. That crazy 00s boy says:

    What an amazing song!!!!!! Loving that she came back after all these years!!!!!!!

  52. Biduh says:

    Te amo ❤️

  53. Comics, Coins, Stamps and Collectables says:

    Loved Candy when it came out. Bought the CD single then. Bought it many times again over the years ( I sacrifice my CDs to heaven a lot ). Bought all your albums on CD over this time. I'm still listening Mandy Moore. Daniel Daly – Canberra, Australia.

  54. jela villareal says:

    Still kept that fierce look.

  55. Joshua Howard says:

    Is that Sara Watkins on violin?

  56. Ryan David says:

    Beautiful song. 😍👏🏽

  57. Big Boomer says:

    Such a beautiful tribute to people suffering from insomnia.. this is sure to help put millions to sleep


  58. Minuka Rodrigo says:

    I remembered Max Martin used Mandy Moore as an attempt to make himself popular, but she is herself now, and we appreciate it more.

  59. S K says:

    Looooove this. <3

  60. Siera (The Chosen One) says:

    Idk why, but she looks alot like Megan Fox in this video, lol

  61. Miss highter says:

    These lyrics are real. 🖤🎧

  62. Maria Rinta-Rahko says:

    This song is so beautiful and so is she🔥. She has such a beautiful, sweet, cute, emotional and angelic voice.

    She's very talented👍. She's an amazing artits and actress💛. We💛you Mandy.

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